Are you a savvy shopper looking to get the best deals on Patio Furniture? Well, read on to know everything about the best time to buy patio furniture.

Summer is the best time of year, you get to enjoy the hot sun, get all and about outdoors and the most significant times are spent with friends and family.

What better way to warm into their hearts if not investing in the most impressive and outstanding patio chat seats, wicker sofas, and the magical hammock. Trust me; they’ll give daily living a new meaning. But these items are real life investments so you must be looking around to get the highest discount.

Most sellers of patio furniture love to clear out seasonal items before the next season’s inventory comes in. You’ll notice that prices skyrocket in the spring and summer months so if you don’t purchase your furniture before then, you’ll have to cough out more money if you want to enjoy that particular piece. It’s quite tricky when you must maximize on space such that you have to be specific on the furniture you are looking to acquire.

Purchase Patio Furniture in August-October

The best indications point at the months of August through October as the best time to buy patio furniture. Stores will be dishing out their selections from small discounts at around 25%, going all the way to 75% towards the end of summer.

The best pieces with discounted prices drop early like in August, and as more people acquire their pieces, the prices continue to fall. If you want something fancy and particular, this is your time. But if you are not looking to purchase a precise item, waiting a bit longer should get you an excellent piece at a very attractive price.

Other Factors to Consider when Purchasing Patio Furniture

Watch the Weather

If there are no hiccups in the onset of summer, that is, the sun is out at the expected times, then more people are willing to pay the full price to get great pieces. What this means to you is that stores will take longer before they start issuing their products at a discount.

State of the Local Stores

How do they wish to finish the old stock before summer ends? You can ask the salespersons for information regarding the progressing prices. A quick method, however, is to check these prices at online stores. They can give a clear indication of the developing prices, so you’ll be in time to catch the deal you’ve been waiting for.

Inspect your Calendar

Remember important days like the following day after tax day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. You may score some good patio furniture after stores have submitted their tax returns.

Also, Labor Day presents a huge opening as new stocks come are intended for the next season.  Stores are willing to clear out old stock, so they’ll be dishing the items at discounted prices.

Another significant time to buy patio furniture is the Thanksgiving holiday. Where this holiday falls, it marks the onset of big sales, therefore big deals.

Why is spring such a bad time to buy Patio Furniture?

Like most people, you are probably in a rush to purchase outdoor furniture. This rush creates the challenge of fulfilling these orders; hence stores have to order in.

Woe unto you if your order doesn’t get filled in the first batch. You’ll have to wait for a few months before you receive your precious items. Here, you are dealing with many logistic challenges faced by stores selling outdoor products each year.

Wrapping Up

Modern furniture for summer have taken the world by storm, taking a special place in our hearts each year. These revolutionizing has seen the development of great items that can only be celebrated in very few months. To get patio furniture at the best deal, then you’ll have to keep up with the weather, the calendar and the willingness by stores to clear old stock.