Winter is considered winter with a few inches of snow on the ground. During this time however, clearing snow off your deck, sidewalk, driveway, stairs, or parking space may just be the most difficult task you will have to undertake, worse because of the biting cold.

However, with the best snow shovel, you should be able to clear off your space faster with few passes, less effort, and quite comfortably. On the plus side, shoveling is a great workout activity and the right choice of tools will let you enjoy every moment of it.

Snow blowers are also handy snow clearing tools but sometimes all you need is a simple, lightweight compact tool rather than a bulky unit. Here is where the electric snow shovel comes in.

It is a light convenient fumeless tool loaded with convenience features for easy and effortless use. However, others might find its power cord a bit limiting and so opt for the cordless snow shovels which are powered mostly by a rechargeable battery.

On the other hand, those needing powerful, heavy duty, commercial snow shovels may well settle for the gas powered units. All these types of snow shovels have their advantages and downsides yet at the end of the day it is what meets your specific needs that counts.

With the different types of snow shovels and the myriad brands in the market today, selecting the right one for your needs may be a time-wasting task if not downright frustrating.

This is why we have gone out of our way and taken time to test and review only the best units in the market and included a buyer’s guide to help you make the best selection.

Our summary table below gives you a brief of these top units, otherwise scroll down to individual analyses for a more detailed review.

Snow ShovelPriceTypePowerCut width / depthSnow throw distanceWeightClearance capacity
Green Works 26022Electric10 Amp Motor16/625 feet26 lbs600 lbs/min
Snow Joe 323EElectric10 Amp Motor13/6 in20 feet14.7 lbs400 lbs/min
Green Works 26012Cordless electric80 v Li-Ion Battery12/6 in-15 lbs-
Snow Joe iON13SSCordless electric500w brushless motor13/6 in25 feet12 lbs300 lbs/min
AAA 4004 Sport UtilityManualManualManualN/A1.3 lbsN/A
Suncast SC3250ManualManualManualN/A4 lbsN/A
True Temper 1613400ManualManualManualN/A14.5 lbsN/A
Suncast SC1350ManualManualManualN/AN/A

Best Electric Snow Shovels

1. GreenWorks 26022 10 Amp 16-Inch Corded Snow Shovel

Another of Greenworks snow shovel with greater power is the 10-Amp 26022 within the same series of snow shovels. The 26022 is designed to clear 16 inches wide and 6 inches deep, of snow in your space and discharge it 25 ft away in a single pass. It comes as an ideal for those  seeking for a higher capacity snow shovel in the same line.

10-Amp power and Great Performance

The 26022 is powered by 10-Amp motor to deliver up to 600 lbs/min of snow with a 16-inch width and 6-inch depth. again , its plastic impeller will discharge snow up to 25 feet away which is quite remarkable thanks to its power.

Ease of Operation

This unit comes with an adjustable handle for utmost comfort and less strain to its user while at work.

In addition it is designed with 6-inch radius wheels for easy mobility and a cord lock to prevent accidental disconnection of the cord. It also has a zero carbon footprint because it is electrically powered. This way you will be sure you are working safely and efficiently.


As we have already mentioned, this unit’s handle can be adjusted to three set positions. Comfort is further enhanced by the rubber grip handle which is soft on the palm and firm too. At only 26 lbs, this unit is lightweight, easy to handle and is backed by 4 years warranty covering normal home use.


  • Powerful and efficient with 10 amps of motor power and 600 lbs / min clearance capacity
  • 4-years warranty which is like twice the industry standard
  • Quiet and zero-carbon emission


  • Wheels are great for mobility yet from time to time you will have to stop to remove clogged snow
  • 6-inch depth is quite a bit shallow for a shovel this powerful


The Greenworks 26022 electric snow shovel is ideal but for people living in areas with little snowfall because it only clears 6 inches deep of snow. On the overall, it is a sturdy unit that should give you years of service so long as you use it within its defined capacity.


2. Snow Joe 323E 13-Inch 10-Amp Electric Snow Shovel

The Snow Joe 323E is yet another residential electric snow shovel designed to tackle loads of snow on your deck, sidewalk, and driveway within a short time with less effort and more comfort and convenience on your part. It comes with some amazing features that we will look at in detail.

10-AMP Motor Power and Performance

The 323E electric snow shovel by Snow Joe features a powerful 10-amp motor which enables it to shift up to 400lbs of snow per minute and toss it 20 feet away from your deck.

Together with an instant start push button, starting and operating this unit shouldn’t be beyond your head. For safety’s sake, this unit is designed with a safety button whose function is to prevent accidental starts.

Its cutting dimensions at 13-inch wide and 6-inch deep thanks to the 2-blade auger, makes it possible to clear your deck off snow in the shortest time possible.

Ergonomic Design

The 323E is designed with a secondary front grip on the handle and a patented back saving curve for easier handling and to ease strain on your back, shoulders, and joints while at work.

The handle is adjustable to the user’s comfortable length. It is also one of the few silent units that will let you work in a quiet environment.

Compact and Lightweight

This unit measures 14.5 x 13.5 x 46 inches and at only 14.7 lbs, is one of the lightest yet powerful units you will come across.


  • Compact and lightweight hence easy to handle
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable handles for optimum user comfort
  • Great clearance capacity at 400 lbs/min compared to others in the same category


  • May not throw heavy wet snow the full distance
  • How far it can operate is limited by the length of its power cord
  • It is limited to throwing snow only in the forward direction


The 323E by Snow Joe is a high end tool designed with remarkable clearance capacity and remarkably wide and deep cutting capability. It is recommended strictly for the small scale residential user.

Like every other power tool, it comes with some cons most of which relates to throwing snow, but this is applicable to individual users who may overlook this because of its good clearance capacity. Most of its limitations are not a sign of sub-standard design but point to its designated task.

Best Cordless Snow Shovels

3. GreenWorks Pro 2600602 80V 12-Inch Cordless Snow Shovel, 2Ah Battery and Charger Included

Behind the Greenworks Pro 2600602 great performance is 80v of 2Ah battery power that will deliver up to 45 minutes of runtime. This unit is lightweight making its operation easy and convenient. Here are features that place the 2600602 ahead of others.

Lithium Ion Battery Power

The 80v lithium ion battery power which takes just 30 minutes to fully charge will run uninterrupted for 45 minutes to clear 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep of snow in one pass in your driveway.

Comfort and convenience Features

This unit comes equipped with LED lights to enhance visibility especially during bad weather. It is also a quiet unit. At only 15 lbs, you can work through your driveway, sidewalk or deck the entire time without the slightest effects of fatigue.


  • The battery takes a relatively short time to fully charge


  • Ideal for light fluffy snow and not wet heavy.
  • Most of its parts are made of plastic hence it is not a sturdy unit.
  • Some users reported that it doesn’t clear all snow off the ground


With an extra pair of batteries, this unit will just perform as well as an electric unit. Its lightweight and compactness makes it one of those extra tools you would prefer to have for lighter snowfalls.

4. Snow Joe iON13SS 40-volt Cordless Snow Shovel with Rechargeable Ecosharp

iON13SS cordless snow shovel by Snow Joe is agreeably a great shovel considering the cutting edge features integrated in its design like the EcoSharp® Battery Technology, brushless motor system and the dual-blade paddle auger to boost its efficiency. Here is a look at its features in detail.

Lithium-ion Battery, 13-Inch

The Snow Joe iON13SS is an innovative cordless snow shovel designed for the grab-and-go users who need the advantage of a mechanically powered unit and the portability of a manual unit.

EcoSharp® Battery Technology

The EcoSharp® battery technology incorporated in this snow shovel uses a 40-volt 4.0 Ah rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that takes a short time to fully charge and deliver over 50 minutes of uninterrupted runtime. Along with a simple push-of-a-button start, this unit is relatively easy to operate.

Brushless Motor System

The iON13SS is also designed with 500w brushless motor that powers the unit to deliver an amazing clearance capacity of 300 lbs/ minute while at the same time boosting battery power.

Another remarkable advantage of the brushless system is that it is silent and produces less vibration so you can rest assured that you will have a peaceful working environment through your shovelling session. Less vibration also reduces the wear and tear of the motor making it more durable.

2-Blade Paddle Auger

This unit will toss off snow up to 25 feet away and cut through 6 inches of depth and 13 inches of width in a single pass thanks to its heavy duty 2-blade paddle auger. Furthermore, it is designed with a durable scarper right at the end of the blade so you are sure you will not be leaving any snow on the ground.

Ergonomic Design

This unit is designed with the patented back-saving handle to minimize any strain you may experience on your back, shoulders or joints as a result of heavy snow shovelling.

In addition it rated a lightweight at just 14.5 lbs and compactness makes it easy for you to store or move around with it and as rated by users the best ergonomic snow shovel.

This unit is ETL approved, Energy Star certified and comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • Longer runtime compared to others in the same category
  • Lightweight


  • Not a great performer on wet snow or ice
  • Plastic auger easily gets damaged compared to metal augers in other units


The iON13SS comes as a great recommendation for people needing freedom from the limiting power cords. However, if you’re considering larger heavy duty tasks like clearing heavy ice or snow, this may not be the best shovel. On the other hand, it is an exceptional performer if you will use it for the job it is intended for and well maintained.  

Best Manual Snow Shovels

5. AAA 4004 Red Aluminium Sport Utility Shovel

A durable yet lightweight shovel that’s slightly smaller in size compared to the standard snow shovel. It is made with aluminum for those out for a portable unit. Again, it is compacted by dismantling the parts meaning you can easily store it, fit it in your car trunk and move with it around without any trouble.

Tough and Durable Construction

The AAA 4004 sport utility shovel is an all-aluminum construction. Aluminum is known to be tough and durable yet light in weight at just 1.3 lbs and this is quite a great advantage especially for the sportsperson. Furthermore, aluminum is rust-free so you can count on this unit for just any kind of weather.

Compact and Adjustable

This unit comes in three parts joined into one with a quick assembling and dismantling process. Therefore, while it may be small enough to fit into your car trunk or backpack, it will adjust to lengths between 25 inches and 32 inches and comes as great recommendation for just any human height. This makes it a popular emergency shovel especially if you find yourself in a situation where you have to drive through a snowstorm.

Three Colour Options

The 4004 snow shovel by AAA comes with three colour options; red, gold, and blue for users to select their favourite. These colours have been carefully selected because they are bright and easy to spot even with poor visibility. This is one feature that has been overlooked in most other snow shovels which sets the 4004 apart as a customer preference-focused unit.


  • Portable
  • Adjustable to fit different human heights


  • Storage bag is not included in the package however
  • It is not ideal for heavy duty applications


The sports utility shovel by AAA is a great choice especially if you are looking for the best lightweight snow shovel and a tough one at that for your emergency kit. At only 1.3 lbs, its functionality cuts across all ages.

6. Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Ergonomic Shaped Handle and Wear Strip

Unlike the AAA 4004, SC3250 by Suncast is built for heavy duty tasks. It features steel construction and an ergonomic bent handle for comfort and safety while carrying out heavy tasks.

Tough Steel construction

The SC3250 is built to last. With a ribbed steel core handle and a replaceable wear strip right at the bottom, you can count on this unit to take you some several years of lifting heavy snow without collapsing at the weight.

Ergonomic Bent handle

Because it is built for heavy duty tasks, an ergonomic handle was a well thought out design feature. The SC3250 features an s-shape or quite simply bent handle measuring 40.5 inches to reduce the strain on your hands when lifting heavy snow.

The length of the handle makes this unit ideal for the average human height so there is no worrying about it being too long or too short. In addition, the handle, at 1 1/8 inches diameter is built with a steel tube for durability and a ribbed grip to offer a firm grasp in wet conditions.

Versatile: shovel / pusher combo

This unit combines the functions of a snow shovel and a snow pusher which is a great advantage to the user as it will save you the bucks you would have used to acquire a snow pusher separately yet still increasing its functionality.

Wide blade

18 x 12 inches for a blade is considered wide compared to others in the same league hence this unit is not only ideal for heavy duty tasks but also for bigger capacity tasks. The poly-constructed blade is also quite tough.

With a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer, you can rest assured that the Suncast SC3250 will not just last you some significant years, but is also designed to quality.


  • Tough construction ideal for heavy duty tasks
  • Ergonomic bent handle to ease strain on the hands
  • Two-in-one shovel and pusher


  • At 4 lbs, it is a little heavy for some users
  • Some users felt that the shovel is too long and not ideal for shorter people  


If you are looking for a tough shovel for your fluffy or heavy iced snow, then Suncast SC3250 makes a good choice. It is built with toughness and ergonomics to keep you safe as you clear snow of your space. Its handle is designed to accommodate thick gloves for extra comfort while working and its large capacity definitely makes your buy worthwhile.

7. True Temper 20-Inch Aluminium Combo Ergonomic Snow Shovel – 1613400

The 20-inch aluminum combo snow shovel by True Temper is one of the wide blade snow shovels that is effective for those who need a large capacity shovel for faster shoveling or pushing of snow. It comes with remarkable features making one of the best rated units.

Versatile Functionality

The True Temper 20-inch aluminum shovel is both a snow shovel and pusher. Its 18-inch wide aluminum blade with a steel wear strip that can be replaced to extend the life of the shovel is designed to tackle both tasks quite well.

Ergonomic handle

The handle of this shovel is constructed using aluminum material and is ergonomically designed for utmost comfort and safety especially during those long hours of work. It reduces too much bending which is a major cause for strain and back pains. On the handle, is an oversized poly D-Grip that you can comfortably grasp with gloves on.

This shovel weighs 5.5 lbs.


  • The D-grip handle that accommodates gloved hands
  • Versatile with both snow shoveling and pushing capabilities
  • Wide inch blade for faster shoveling


  • The shovel doesn’t work very well on tough ice


The True Temper 1613400 snow shovel is a great tool to add to your toolset. It is a combo tool designed to offer both snow pushing and snow shoveling functionalities. However, it will only perform well on light snow.

8. Suncast SC1350 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Wear Strip, Gree

The 51-inch Suncast SC1350 snow shovel is designed with a rich green colour that will charm you at a glance. Beyond the aesthetics, it is built with toughness and durability in mind so it will stand the test of both light and heavy tasks.

Sturdy Poly Blade

Like other Suncast snow shovels, this one too comes with a tough poly blade with a H-Deep design to withstand heavy duty snow shovelling and pushing tasks. The blade is lined with a replaceable galvanized steel wear strip at its end to extend its useful life.

Ribbed Steel Core Handle

The 1 1/8-inch diameter steel core handle comes as a tough unit. It is designed with a ribbed grip for utmost comfort especially during long hours of snow shovelling. With 39 inches of length, this unit eliminates unnecessary bending or stooping while at work.

Snow Shovel / Pusher Combo

This is yet another versatile unit that combines the benefits of both snow pushing and shovelling saving you the cost of a separate snow-pusher.


  • Great on heavy or iced snow as it is tough
  • Replaceable galvanized steel strip to extend its life


  • At 18-inches, its blade is not large enough to collect much snow


Suncast SC1350 is definitely a toughbuilt tool, however its design and dimensions suit small scale residential use.

Our Top Pick

The Snow Joe 323E electric snow shovel is our top pick. It comes with a remarkable clearance capacity of 400 lbs/min and will clear snow 13 inches wide and 6 inches deep in one pass. Again, it happens to be a light compact unit at only 14.7 lbs and is ergonomically designed to take care of your safety.

Compared to others in the same league, it delivers greater power for more hence it is more effective. At such a reasonable price tag, this tool is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Snow Shovel Buyer’s Guide

We all hate shoveling due to the chilling, finger biting, back aching experiences associated with this task. However, with the right tool, snow shoveling shouldn’t be a task that will send chills down your spine. The best ergonomic snow shovel will make it easy to clear walkways   with little effort and take care of your joints.

You certainly need a snow shovel and the right one, to enjoy clearing the slippery ice and snow from your driveway and pedestrian paths. This buyer’s guide will help you get the best snow shovel for your specific needs.

Types of Snow Shovels

The shovels you are likely to find in the local store vary in size and shape. For example, while there are light shovels weighing about seven pounds there are also astoundingly large shovels weighing up to 45 pounds. You may consider having a combination of lighter and electric snow shovels, as they are useful for accomplishing different tasks.

The different types of snow shovels are:

1. Electric snow shovel:  These shovels operate like mini snow blowers by throwing the snow to clear the pathway. The electric snow shovels are lighter than most snow blowers making them easy to maneuver.

  • Gas Powered Snow Shovels
  1. Cordless Snow Shovels
  2. Manual Snow Shovels
  3. 18-25 inch shovels: Shovels under this category are the best when it comes to shoveling and scooping snow on the pedestrian strip or the driveway.  You will easily lift this shovel due to its few inches and hence you are not likely to suffer back pain. However, they are slower compared to the larger sized shovel which can scoop larger amounts of snow.
  4. 25 to 35 inch shovels: These are large shovels designed for collecting and pushing large quantities of snow at a faster pace.
  5. Collapsible snow shovels:  These are the right shovels to have in your car. They are not only light but easy to carry around.

Some Top Shovel Brands

  • True Temper

Over the years, True Temper has won the trust of many snow shovel users thanks to their innovatively designed shovels. While they have diversified their shovels by using different materials, the D-Grip handle is a common feature in all of them. True Temper is one of the few brands that have opted to develop a product line just for kids and this is quite remarkable.

  • Suncast

Suncast has earned a big name in the gardening tools space. Its snow shovels feature a comfortable grip and mostly graphite, no-stick blade. The Suncast brand has maintained high quality in terms of design and functionality in its tools.

Another outstanding feature about these units is the durability detail on both the handle and the blade. Suncast shovels are known to be sharp and with an angled handle something whose convenience is debatable among different users.

  • Snow Joe

This snow shovel is another has been optimized to remove all the snow mechanically and hence you do not have to lift anything.  With Snow Wolf SWO310, you can scope up to two feet of snow at a time. In addition, the Wolf SW0310 Wheeled Snow Shovel is not only a silent machine but also does not require power for wheel rotation.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Snow Shovel

It is a fact that snow shoveling is a tedious process, having the right equipment can make the job less taxing. The rule of the thumb when selecting snow shovel is to go for one that provides users with efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Application:  for example, an aluminum shovel with long handle and large scoop can be useful for removing lots of snow and digging the sledge. On the other hand, there are lightweight shovels that are suitable if you are travelling light, like going skiing.
  • Ergonomic shaft:  you may think about having a shovel that is bent to redirect stress from your back. These shaft are less likely to put a strain on your back, shoulders, arms, and joints.
  • Grip: Always look out for a snow shovel with a good grip as this makes it easier and comfortable to use. Among the three grips used by shovel manufacturers are the D-grip which is a bit heavy and bulky and is ideal for use with snow gloves on. The L-grip is comparatively lightweight while the T-grip is lightweight and can be griped between your fingers.
  • Size in term of Scoop volume: if you prefer large capacity shovels, you may consider the Ortovox grizzly that also has a long handle. Although these may be a bit bulky, this is the snow shovel mostly used by rescue workers and mountain guides. On the other hand, the smaller scoop shovels are mostly used for doing light work at home and they are quite comfortable too.
  • Shovel blade: it may interest you to you to know that while wider blades are designed to push snow with ease, the skinner blades are more comfortable for throwing the snow.
  • Consider the length of handle. Shovels with long handle are recommended since they straining of your back. You may want to consider selecting a shovel among the many that can be adjusted for optimal length.  For example, the best Snow Shovel will come with an adjustable hence effective in clearing ice from a small area.
  • The material shovel is made of: most snow shovels are made of tough plastics and aluminum. While the aluminum shovels are stronger and useful for cutting most forms of snows, the shovels with plastic blades also differ in terms of strength. However, you may want to go for a shovel with plastic handles.
  • Power – manual shovels can be quite taxing to use. Electric shovels come as a great convenience as they do not require much effort to operate and are also fumeless. On the other hand, their power code can limit how far you can shovel. Cordless shovels are good too because they give you the freedom of working anywhere you want. The only limiting factor with these shovels is the battery runtime.
  • Clearance capacity – this is determined by the depth, width and the how much snow the shovel can clear in a minute and these factors only apply to the mechanically powered shovels. A greater depth and wider width will determine the clearance capacity along with the power input.
  • Weight: Heavy shovels will obviously require much effort to operate. If you have to go for one, look for one that it integrated with mobility features like wheels to make it easy for you to operate. Light ones are good especially for the homeowner but their capacity may not be as large.

Snow shovel operation and maintenance tips

  • Clear clogged snow or ice using a stick because the motor can be too dangerous to be handled by your fingers.
  • Clear your path of any visible objects before you start clearing the snow.
  • Push rather than lift snow when clearing using the manual shovels. This way, you will strain your muscles less.
  • Always clean debris off your shovel once you are done using it. You may coat the blade with some oil to keep it from rusting if your shovel has a metallic blade.


Whether you opt for an electric, cordless, gas powered or manual snow shovel, it is important that you get the best snow shovel for your space your specific needs. Clearing snow is not exactly the most enjoyable task plus it will put your health at risk if your are not well protected. Therefore you need a shovel with good ergonomic and safety detail.

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