Most of us want a small chainsaw. This applies in particular to homeowners who need a subtle machine. A small chainsaw is by no means powerful enough to fell huge trees. Instead, it carries a short bar, around 14 inches or less.

It is destined for light duty jobs like wood cutting, and other small tasks like clearing branches after a storm. These call for a small budget, are lightweight and provide more comfort than their heavy-duty cousins.

These features do not indicate less versatility. As long as they keep to the type of work they can handle, you’ll marvel at how much you can accomplish.

Here, we look into some of the best small chainsaws the market has to offer. They rank high among users who have had the privilege to work with them. We, therefore, recommend them as the best small chainsaws which will serve you well.

Features Comparison Table

Small ChainsawPriceBar LengthPowerWeightCutting DiameterRating
Black& Decker Alligator Looper6-Inches4.5Amp6½ pounds4-Inches4.7/5
Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw14-Inches8Amp6.5pounds8-Inches4.1/5
Black& Decker 40V LCS1240 Chainsaw12-Inches40V Lithium Ion Battery10.4pounds11-Inches4.5/5
Poulan 14-Inch P3314 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw14-Inches2-Cycle Gas Powere/6 ind Engine16pounds28-Inches3.5/5
GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw12-Inches40V Battery7.1 pounds10-Inches4.2/5
Tanaka Top Handle 32.2cc Pure Fire Engine Chainsaw14-Inches2-Stroke Gas Engine12.4pounds-4.4/5

Best Chainsaw for Light Cleanup

1. Black & Decker Alligator Looper LP1000 4.5Amp Electric Chainsaw

From a manufacturer that has been around for over a century now, we consider this brand a pioneer in the chainsaw industry. This product is no ordinary chainsaw as it goes by the name Looper.

It combines two jaws to provide the safest operations with a tool that has little to no learning curve. Its exceptional design allows you to cut through 4-inches of wood in diameter. Some users have even gone to indicate further that it can cut up to 5-inches.

Key Features

The handling of the Black & Decker is fast and easy, since you only need to clamp the branch you need to cut, and the machine does the rest of the work. It is a lightweight unit with only 6½ pounds to its frame.

This means you can work without fear of exhaustion after working for hours on end. As you’ll notice the handles are also another excellent feature as they have the least vibrations. They keep you from straining and worse still developing the vibrating hand syndrome.

Reliable Performance

You’ll like that it uses electric power so that you won’t be dealing with gas refills. Also, it runs as quietly as you would expect with a 4.5amp motor. This feature indicates you can keep up a conversation when working while passing on wearing some earmuffs when using it.

It carries an extension cord, so you’ll have to do the job near the plug. We always recommend investing in an industrial grade power strip to extend your reach with the Looper.

Durable Design and Simple Maintenance

This chainsaw has a long lifespan, thanks to the sturdy construction. It can withstand constant usage without losing the ability of the chain. It comes with the accessories like the oil bottle and wrench.

This means that care and maintenance is straightforward as it only needs some oiling and checkup of the chain. It is the ideal go to when you want to prune branches and cutting wood into a manageable size.


  • Uses an innovative scissor cutting style
  • Tool jaws are covered to protect the user when working
  • Rugged construction for added longevity
  • Lightweight with anti-vibration handles


  • One is confined to the length of the cord.


Black& Decker lives up to our expectations when it comes to this Looper chainsaw. Everyone in the household can use it. The weight is by no means a hindrance to anyone who wants to carry out quick jobs. It has secure operations adding to the fact that it is very light in weight.


Best Chainsaw for Excellent Versatility

2. Remington RM1425 8Amp Limb N Trim 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw<

When it comes to purchasing a chainsaw, you can’t take home just any brand. Some of them are upscale and heavy duty which might not be the exact fit of a small chainsaw.

The Remington Limb N Trim is the exact match for small to medium limbing and trimming tasks around the home. With a 14-inch bar length, you can tell it’s up for major work in its class range. It is perfect for beginners as it is for the seasoned chainsaw users.

Simple Operating Procedures

When it comes to the real operations, you’ll be pleased to find that the chain has a small kickback. It benefits from the external chain tensioning system providing you with the best service time ever.

Also, it comes with a self-oiling system whereby a button push, the machine can re-oil in a minute. It lets you work through both cold and hot, windy weather while it still retains its real functionality.

High Power plus Great Performance

8Amperes power the electric motor; hence it can handle everyday light usage. Daily use will work provided you let the machine cool down to increase the runtime.

You can keep up with the operations such as the oil level since it has a translucent oil reservoir which is easy to view. Seeing that it has a knob handle, it can cut in a vertical or horizontal position.

Comfort and Safety

For peace of mind, this product has a right-hand guard. This is an added safety feature plus the anti- vibration handles. You’ll always have a firm grip as it allows the hand to go through the handle when you have on gloves.

It starts fast by clutching the trigger button. What’s more, the Remington Limb N Trim comes fully assembled so you can start work immediately after receiving the unit.


  • It is self-oiling for continuous working
  • Lightweight with high power for household jobs
  • It carries a safety hand guard
  • Low Maintenance procedures


  • Some users have expressed challenges in tensioning the unit


As one of the most inexpensive products, you can still expect it to give you the real value on the time you are going to be using this chainsaw. It has a design for light tasks that fall under the category of limbing, trimming and pruning. The operations are quite easy to master so most people can use. What’s more, it is lightweight to ease down on the fatigue associated with vibrating handles.

Best Chainsaw for Residential Use

3. Black & Decker 40V LCS1240 Max Lithium Ion 12-Inch Chainsaw

Once again Black & Decker shines when it comes to delivering dependable products. This chainsaw is another of their unique designs owing to their vast experience in this industry.

You’ll fall for this particular chainsaw, mostly because it utilizes a 40V battery to run. This element eliminates high vibrations that would be the case with typical gas chainsaws.

Flexibility and Dependability

As you can see, it is meant to serve you well for chopping firewood and small branches. As Lithium-Ion battery powers it, you are not tied down to any particular distance. No hassling with cords, gas and it lets you access all the tight spots around the home.

You can never go wrong with this Black& Decker model as it keeps the charge to around 18months without losing the charge memory. This means it’s always ready to work on demand.

Lightweight Design and Simple Tensioning System

This tool is light with simple operation procedures. One, the tensioning system is a two-step process without tools. You first adjust the black locking knob which allows you to access the orange tensioning knob to access the chain system. It allows up to 60 cuts per charge, and since has an automatic oiling system; the chainsaw can deliver smooth continuous cuts.

Comfort Level

You get to have comfortable working thanks to the full wrap allowance by the handle. It reduces significantly the stress of working around the clock especially after storms.

It has the power to cut both live logs and dry logs under 10-inches in diameter. With it, you have the freedom of choosing what to work on since it is flexible to small and large diameter logs.


  • It explores a tool-less chain tensioning system
  • It uses a brushed motor to provide high acceleration
  • Can cut a variety of wood
  • An electric cord does not confine one on the working distance


  • The battery charge time is considered long; you have a spare battery when you need to work after the charge dies


This machine ticks when it comes to all the relevant features when buying a chainsaw. It provides high-performance, high power and has a safe design. Most people can manage the weight, and since it has low kickback running system, you don’t need to spend days learning to use the tool.

Best Gas-Powered Chainsaw for the Money

4. Poulan 14-Inch P3314 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

Poulan carries all the necessary features to qualify this chainsaw as a small but effective outdoor machine. When you have a gas chainsaw, you should expect it to be stronger than electric chainsaws.

For one, gas provides high torque, and the construction is remedied against constant vibration. You should expect to get good use of this brand owing to the great parts it has in its design.

High-Quality Features

This chainsaw generates 33cc of displacing to afford power which can run down large logs and small branches the same. It operates with a 2-cycle engine where you mix the fuel and oil to input in one chamber. It runs smoothly to provide quick, precise cuts when you are using it to complete some of the DIY projects.

This one provides for fast and efficient cutting with an effective diameter of up to 28 inches. It puts you up for the most complicated homes tasks like cutting through tree stumps.

Simple Upkeep Procedures

As a gas-powered chain saw, you must take proper care of the parts to keep them running smoothly for a long time. The Poulan brand assists with caring for it with the automatic oiling, plus the air filter which keeps the fumes to a minimum.

This way, it does not collect a lot of carbon extracts to require cleaning after every use. Also, the Oiler allows for the collection of debris separately by the side to ease the upkeep procedures. Besides, it comes fully assembled, eliminating the installment process.

Safety Qualities

This model does not apply anti-vibration handling; we, therefore, recommend investing in quality ant-vibration handles. However, you will have a pleasant time working with it; it bears a standard primer to release gas into the combustion chamber.

This means you won’t spend lots of time pulling at the start cord. Besides, it is inertia activated to prevent kickbacks. An important factor about the instant braking is that it preserves the life of the cutting jaws and chain in general.


  • Carries a capable 33cc gas engine
  • It comes fully assembled
  • Light and easy to navigate
  • Suitable for home use in medium-duty jobs


  • It does not have anti-vibration handles


The Poulan chainsaw falls under the category of the most reliable small chainsaws. It has a durable construction, easy to maneuver designed for cutting large and small logs. It takes little maintenance processes for a gas chainsaw. We can safely say, you are in for real logging but expect it to have loud working sounds. As such, it is not CARB compliant.

Best Chainsaw for Pruning and Cutting Small Branches

5. GreenWorks 12-Inch 40V Battery, Cordless Chainsaw

A battery-powered chainsaw is always part of the picture when looking for a small unit. The GreenWorks 40V Battery chainsaw is one such product that proves useful when it comes to light cutting tasks.

This one showcases excellence in the construction, being thoughtful to the user. First, it is best for handling trees that have 10-inches in diameter. But this provision does not stop it from handling large trees up to 26-inches in diameter.

Quiet Running with a Brushless Motor

Secondly, it benefits from a brushless motor. This means that few parts are moving, hence reducing the wear and tear that comes with friction. This feature gives it the advantage of durability.

It is also efficient in smooth running without hiccups. It is also capable of running without producing lots of noise, therefore giving the peace you need to concentrate on a tasking job. With few moving parts, it means less weight for easy handling.

High Performance Features

This chainsaw is built to high standards, seeing that it has a 12-inch bar with a genuine Oregon chain. It also features an automatic oiling system to keep the bar and chain lubricated at all time.

This improves the performance of the unit as it can cut faster and more precisely. More so, lubrication protects the bar and chain from corrosion, thus prolonging its life.

Lightweight for Better Navigation

Other benefits of this chainsaw are that it is lightweight and maneuverable such that you can hold it for extended hours. It assists in accessing all the areas you’d like without worrying about twisting a cord with your feet or by a branch.

It provides quick chain tensioning with the press of a button. Also, it carries cushioned hand molds for comfortable working. In addition, it has a rear lock-off switch and hand guards. These features protect you from unintended switching on and kickback injuries.


  • Brushless motor improves performance
  • Cushioned add to safe working
  • Oil window enables predictable refills
  • Does not require tools to tension the chain


  • It’s not suitable for everyday heavy-duty tasks


The GreenWorks chainsaw makes work all easier thanks to the small weight and brushless motor. This product will outlive its intended use as the design indicates a heavy duty design, though it is meant for light duty jobs. With that, you can be sure to rely on this tool for most chainsaw needs at home.

Best Chainsaw for Working on Elevated Positions

6. Tanaka Top Handle 14-Inch 32.2cc Pure Fire Engine Chainsaw TCS33EDPTP/14

To facilitate comfortable working at your home; whether you are pruning small branches, cutting wood on a platform to just trimming the overgrown branches, you need a powerful chainsaw.

Tanaka is a unique model which provides us with exceptional quality for most of your household needs. The system is easy to use, generating high power for most tasking tree cutting jobs.

Low Kickback System

It’s impressive how well it covers usage for the whole family including the newbies in this industry. It offers the least chances of a kickback since it utilizes a spring assisted chain. This means it follows the vibration of the bar which breaks the chain movement if it tries to start up when you are still holding the unit. It is designed to work from an elevated position as is indicated by the top handle.

Great Navigation

This chainsaw offers excellent mobility. It utilizes a 2-stroke engine which means it is not tied down by any cord. With it, you can work for countless hours as long you have an engine filled with the proper ratio of oil and water.

The pure fire engine is a remedy to get sufficient cuts so that you can accomplish your home pruning or trimming in the least time. As it indicates, it generates 32.2cc displacement, meaning it has high power over large branches.

Quick Startup with Smooth Running

This model offers professional quality. It carries a purge primer bulb plus half throttle for quick start up. Also included, is the superior anti-vibration handles which minimize fatigue and protect you from developing a vibrating hand.

You’ll like that it has a side tensioning system for quick chain adjustments. This way, you don’t have to fumble with tools when the chain becomes too loose or too tight. With the streamlined design, it is what you need for productivity and added comfort.


  • Wide variety of applications including woodwork
  • Lightweight and compact for working in awkward positions
  • Has a pure fire engine to provide consistent and precise cuts
  • Uses superior anti-vibration handles


  • It cannot work from ground position


Tanaka may sound like a new name to some, but this brand has been around for over a century. The design reflects a reliable product. As it is intended for working from raised positions, it is lightweight to minimize exhaustion. One can expect to work with professionalism as the streamlined body allows accurate cuts.

Best Small Chainsaw

Black& Decker Alligator Looper LP1000 4.5Amp Electric Chainsaw

The Looper proves to be the best small chainsaw. Reasons being it exhibits a compact size and no learning needed. It does not need high power to operate, yet it can cut through 4-inches of branches.

One can use it for a wide variety of jobs including cleaning up of fallen branches. The unit is built to last, is comfortable to work with, and is easy to maintain.

Tip on Buying the Best Small Chainsaw

Many questions arise before you settle on a small chainsaw. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before the purchase of a small chainsaw.

What is your experience level?

As much as these units appear small and easy to use, some of them require learning to use a chainsaw. This is a consideration for the sake of safety. You’ll want to invest in that chainsaw which has the least operation procedures and with the highest safety standards. Look for a machine that has a low kickback chain and anti-vibration handles.

How will you be using your chainsaw?

Some chainsaws are designed to work from the ground level, while others work best from an elevated position. Regarding the type of usage, invest in the chainsaw that meets your specific demands.

How much power do you need on a chainsaw?

Even small chainsaws have varied power levels. The type of work you intend to put your chainsaw through should guide you on the power requirements.

Gas chainsaws generate the highest working power followed by battery and electric powered chainsaws. However, more power means more weight, leading to question; how much weight can you handle?

Which is the Ideal Bar Length?

The bar length indicates the cutting capacity. A long bar shows it can cut through a large diameter. You should always go for the length that is longer than the thickest tree you intend to cut.

Wrapping up

We have discussed the best small chainsaws, falling under different categories. These models have the highest working capacity in their class, and will, therefore, suit most of the small household jobs. The price dictates the quality to a great degree in this industry, but being small, you should go for the version with the best price.

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