Single-stage snow throwers are easy to operate and navigate. Still they manage to generate high power to work efficicently.

They come in three different types including electric, battery-powered and gas snow blowers. All of them have nearly equal performance levels since they all work with one auger. They are ideal for snow up to 13inches with clearing width suitable for small and mid-sized walkways and driveways.

If you are currently looking to own a single stage snow blower, the market will prove hard to pick the best. We have carefully picked the models on this list, bearing in mind the needs of the average homeowner. These units perform with efficiency and achieve high ratings among many users.

Comparing the Top Single Stage Snow Blowers

Single-Stage Snow BlowerPriceClearing WidthClearing HeightEngine CapacityWeight
Snow Joe iON 18SB Brushless Ion Single Stage Cordless Snow Blower18-inches8-inches-28.9 pounds
Poulan Pro 136cc 961820015 Single Stage Snow Thrower21-inches13-inches136cc85lbs
Husqvarna 208cc 961830003 Single Stage Snow Thrower21-inch13.5-inches208 cc95lbs
Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc 2100 4-Cycle Single Stage Snow Throwerr21-inches13-inches208cc97lbs
Briggs and Stratton 1696509 Electric Start Single Stage Snow Thrower22-Inch12.5-inches163cc91lbs

Finding the Best Single Stage Snow Blower Reviews

1. Snow Joe iON 18SB Brushless Ion Single Stage Cordless Snow Blower

If your home is not vast to use a heavy duty snow blower, you’ll benefit from a lightweight single stage snow blower. The Snow Joe iON Cordless blower brings you effortless working around the home. It comes in a solid design and a long run time up to 50 minutes.

You’ll be able to clear around all the tight spots since it does not confine you to the area it can cover. It is best suitable for light and shallow snow on decks, driveways, and walkways.

Large Clearing Capability with Simple Functions

This machine comes with one powerful Lithium Ion battery. It is impressive to see the power it produces can clear 18-inches in width and has a cutting height of 8-inches. This means it’s perfect for relatively light snow enabling you to work swiftly when you want to clear a path for your car.

The beauty of it is that it has an electric start just with a touch of a button, so you’ll not be caught up in the cold trying to pull a cord. Especially when the temperatures run to the negatives, it’s crucial that you get your tool running fast enough.

Working with the iON is quite simple. With a chute that rotates up to 1800, direct it to the position you’d like with the joystick.

This level of control is only experienced with the iON because the location of the control panel is between the handles. It has a large throwing capacity of 450 pounds of snow per minute. If you want to work fast on your small to mid-sized yard, then this is the machine you should consider.

Low Noise Level

For you that loves quiet running of your tool, then this one boasts whisper sound levels. It is so quiet no one will notice you were ever on your lawn. Your neighbors who dislike noisy machines will only see a clean driveway.

You’ll appreciate the rubber blades which work up to the surface, making them ideal to work on delicate surfaces like wooden decks. It also comes with a headlight to help you work through low visibility times like early in the morning or way into the night.


  • Long battery life
  • Quiet running
  • Easy to operate
  • Large plowing capacity


  • It requires lots effort to remove wet snow


The Snow Joe iON could not have come at a better time. The structure showcases that of a powerful machine even when it is cordless. It runs for long than typical battery-powered blowers and is best for average snowfalls.

One would expect that it will cost a fortune, but it is very affordable. The design enhances its performance, and as a homeowner, you’ll work with it for several seasons.

2. Poulan Pro 136cc 961820015 21-Inch Single Stage Snow Thrower

If you are tired of shoveling snow your best bet for painless snow blowing is the Poulan Pro brand. It comes bearing distinct features for the homeowner with average sized compounds.

If your area is lucky to receive just a few inches of snow, investing in the Poulan Pro means you are out of the back-breaking snow tasks and on to smooth easy cleaning. With an intake height of 13-inches, you can make a clear path with just one pass.

Efficiency and functional Operations

This unit means work, and it comes with just the right energy as it is gas powered. It can withstand heavy usage since all you need is a full tank. For you who have four cars, a wide sidewalk or even the swimming pool deck you can work on all those spaces in one standing. It carries 7.11 foot-pounds torque to drive out snow at high speeds.

When you can’t stand a slow machine, then this one will give you a run for your time. With an engine displacement of 136cc, it carries the power to sweep and cut with high-performance level.

The Poulan Pro snow thrower does not disappoint when it comes to the functional operations. One, the cute can rotate over 1800 meaning you can point it in the direction you have not cleared. It also carries a deflector that manages the height level of the throw.

This versatility ensures you work with efficiency. While you work quickly with the controls, the handles are short to ensure you exert the force you want to maneuver the area. Not forgetting that it is lightweight and it carries 7-inchs wheels. You should expect fast navigation with lesser effort particularly through the sticky snow.

Smooth Working Parts

The efficiency of this tool is further enhanced by the auger which aims at affording quick sweeps. It has rubber tipped blades that make working to the floor viable. It runs consistently since with such blades it does not jam as it resists collecting of large debris on hard pavements.

However, it’s important that you clear objects like door mats or plastics and papers to avoid incidences of clogging the auger.


  • Can handle significantly heavy snowfalls
  • Sturdy plastic construction to improve the longevity
  • Provides easy method of directing snow
  • Excellent engine performance


  • It does not have an electric start


Poulan Pro is not only reliable but it also perfect for moderate snow. It is straightforward to use so anyone can use it. One is however restricted for use on gravel floors, and although it resists jamming, stones may decrease the life of the machine. Overall, you’ll appreciate the durability, power and easy maintenance

3. Husqvarna 208cc 21-inch 961830003 Single Stage Snow Thrower

As much as snow brings some special spark to everyday life, it is deemed to block most of the access areas around your home. Choose Husqvarna 961830003 to get prepared for next winter.

It has many reasons to want it, including the highest engine power that produces fast speeds for most snow clearing jobs. The exterior design speaks volumes about its durability since it is made from robust material. It does not also restrict on movement and access areas.

Quick Operating System
If long hours of work with less maintenance is what you are looking for, then this brand is the right match for you. You’ll like the 4-cycle engine which lets you input the oil and fuel on different compartments. This eliminates the need to balance the correct ratio for combustion. As such the engine sees better performance and its life is prolonged.  The electric start also comes in handy to save you from countless cord pulls in the freezing winter weather.

This product issues a large clearing path of 21-inches to help you complete clearance in less time. It carries a manual chute and deflector for managing the throw. With the allowance of using one hand operations, the machine comes through for user-friendly services.

It comes with large tires which carry deep treads. The width allows balance while the treads keep the machine going in the wet snow. You’ll then be relieved of the full effort of pushing when it reaches its full cutting height.

Comfort Level

The comfort of working with this unit is on the handles which are large for use with gloves. They are also good with small hands for sustaining proper control. It comes with a clutch for safety measures when you want to break the speed.  

If you find y to work at night, the LED headlight will come in handy. It’s useful when the flaky snow brings your visibility to unmanageable levels. You’ll also enjoy caring for your tool because it only needs some snow wiping and you are ready for the next time you use it.


  • It has enhanced engine performance
  • Operations are straightforward
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Wide tires make navigation simple


  • The weight makes it hard to lift when transporting


Husqvarna is one of the best models on the market. The making of this specific thrower understands the needs of the average homeowner.

The performance is right for varied types of snow on both soft and hard surfaces. It works well with the manual chute and deflector plus the semi propulsion experienced with the wheels. You’ll love the attractive design to serve you many winters to come.

4. Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc 2100 4-Cycle Single Stage Snow Thrower

Do you want to leave the hassle of working for long before you can get your car out of the garage? Well, with the Troy-Bilt it is possible to work in minutes just in time before you get late to work. The unit has a perfect design for quick throws using just one auger.

Better still it generates the highest power for blowers in its class. The design means serious repeatable work with an engine that manages to keep its good condition. You will skip the daunting mixing of gas, and by this, the machine does indeed work for you.

Design and Engine Performance

You’ll notice it roars to life with a press of a button and working with it is simple with a control panel. It features the great OHV engine that is preferred for its ability to correct the combustion levels keeping machines in new working capacity.

Every function is quickly accessible as you shall see it doesn’t present interlocking moving parts. It has the gull wing handle that serves to sustain the control of the machine. This feature means you can have a firm grip especially when you have thick gloves.

This machine has a sturdy construction that makes it impact-resistant. It comes with a 21-inch clearing path suitable for medium walkways and driveways. Don’t worry too much if it snows throughout the night because it can cut as deep as 13-inches.

You can even use the drift cutters to properly tilt the unit forward when you have to reach the floor. Since the blades have rubber tips, you can go as far as cleaning every inch of it from your yard. With the wavy traction on the tires, it makes steering on the uneven surfaces comfortable.

High Convenience Levels

The flexibility of the Troy-Bilt Squall comes with the 1900 rotating chute. You’ll not have to manually control it since as such you can conveniently throw the snow to the area which suits you at the moment.

The auger does not easily clog with light, fresh snow such that you can make consecutive swift passes with the unit. The wheels are versatile, and they make moving it without the engine on simple still. The 4–cycle engine runs efficiently with fewer emissions and is not as loud as other models.


  • Does not need mixing of fuel
  • Quick pushing with less fatigue
  • Excellent auger design
  • Wide directional chute rotation


  • Hard to maneuver above its required capacity of over 13-inches deep


As much as it cannot handle heavy snowfalls, you will receive the real money value for the product. The engine is fuel efficient to help reach full economy where the highest speed yields the largest cleaning capacity. Working with it is simple through the ergonomic handles and exerting control works well with gloves because of the rugged wheels. It requires minimum caring to fulfill all it tasks.

5. Briggs and Stratton 1696509 163cc 22-Inch Electric Start Single Stage Snow Thrower

When we refer to a machine from one of the biggest names in power tools industry we recognize a unit like the Briggs and Stratton.

They produce highly sought products, and this is just one of them. With it, you’ll be able to accomplish most of the snow clearing work before it gets too deep and you can’t access your car or when your pet is stuck on the porch. Its essence is to establish a comfortable working space for you where the machine adheres to the input commands to make steering painless.

Suitability and Performance

This tool best suits you when you have small spaces because it clears 22-inches in the swath. Not so small but it indicates the capacity to reach to those areas you need like the storage shed or the upstairs deck. It has an access height of 12.5 inches, complemented by a wide chute which rotates conveniently in 200-degree turns.

With the power to throw up to 30 feet, the machine makes it possible to work quickly eliminating chances of you freezing out in the cold for hours. The chute and deflector can be remotely controlled on the panel to assist in reducing both hand operations so that the other works to maintain the speed in rough areas.

The 4-cycle engine is like no other because it generates 7.5-foot pounds of torque and has a displacement of 163cc. It is unlike other models where the power does not make the acceleration possible. The Briggs and Stratton model comes with an electric start that can run well up to-200F.

Working in a whim is possible since you don’t have to prepare for cord yanking each snowfall.  The engine can handle harsh snow storms since with the robust construction it keeps it together when going through all the rough areas of your yard.

All-Around Working Parts

When you use this unit on paved surfaces, you are sure of receiving excellent service. It carries a steel auger which is also serrated.

You’ll find that the serration is ideal for making it through the relatively hard and crusty snow. It also makes a good effort with wet snow where you can manage it with a few passes.

It shows there’s no real necessity in investing in a large industrial grade snow blower when the snow doesn’t reach to unwarranted heights.


  • Compact for easy storage
  • Quick electric start
  • Robust auger can manage sticky and wet snow
  • 163cc generates power for extensive snow coverage


  • Some users indicate issues of control with the handles


The Briggs and Stratton model presents and impressive design. It boasts high power for handling harsh snow. It brings along smooth controls and reliable auger to help with fast working. The beauty of it comes with the fair pricing where now many users gravitate towards. You can never go wrong with a unit produced by iconic manufacturers.

The Best Single Stage Snow Blower

The Snow Joe iON presents a capable machine and wins when it comes to silent working. Many people are now moving to the cleaner forms of energy. It is the lightest in weight to suit the seniors and individuals with hand-vibrating challenges. It is for medium sized homes, offers a long runtime and produces the power to make clearing easy and smooth.

If you are keen on a gas-powered single stage machine, we feel the Troy-Bilt Squall will squash your worries when you want to work continuously. It is highly maneuverable where the wheels are rugged and tread through heavy snow easily. They are also semi-propelled to afford you less fatigue. It has high power with the great potential to last long in proper condition.


Selecting the Best Single Stage Snow Blower: A Buyer’s Guide

  • Do you require an electric or gas powered single stage snow thrower?
  • What size best suits your home area?
  • Is the snow blower versatile?

Choosing between the electric and gas-powered snow blower will probably be the first decision you make. Your decision should be based on your demands like if you want a machine that works an electric blower suits you quietly. But if you don’t mind the noise levels on gas-powered models you can make a choice from a wide variety of designs.

What size best suits your home area?

Measuring the smallest parts of your home should indicate the need you want to fulfill. This is because you’ll want complete access and not a machine that will complicate clearing when you want to access some of the important areas.

Is the snow blower versatile?

Versatility here seeks to answer the question whether the unit can safely adapt to the changing winter conditions. The snow blower you choose should at least make it through relatively thick snow whether by navigation or throw capacity.

Frequent Customer Questions

Does the unit carry a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine?

Except for the Snow Joe iON that is battery-powered, all the other units come with a 4–cycle engine. They store the fuel and oil in different chambers. Thus, they eliminate the need for constant maintaining making it work with full efficiency.

Does the Snow Thrower require assembly?

These models come preassembled you will only be required to install the handles and the throwers. You’ll not need help, and the tools are easily accessible.

Final words

With unpredictable weather patterns; getting ready for winter is crucial. You don’t want to be caught with inches of snow and only a shovel to take you through clearing.

The list above establishes the best single stage blowers to narrow down your choices. We hope you’ll find it informative in that you can point out what the ideal single stage snow blower showcases.

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