When you want to add an appeal of your home, a neat lawn is a must have. The sight of an even and well-maintained yard reflects the beauty of that home, and to landscapers, this aspect is even more emphasized. Having the highest quality of equipment to maintain your lawn makes the difference between a tidy garden and just a yard with cut grass.

Riding lawn mowers save us from breaking a sweat when pushing heavy mowers. They are convenient for everyone who loves keeping their yard clean without hiring expensive professionals. Here, we discuss the Best Riding Lawn Mower for the Money. These mowers have received many positive reviews and rank high among other riding mowers.

Comparing the Best Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding Lawn MowerPriceCutting DeckEngineGround SpeedRating
Troy-Bilt Powermore OHV 382cc30-inches382cc Auto Choke OHV engine4.25mph4.2/5
Raven Hybrid MPV7100 Riding Lawn Mower46-inches420cc gasoline generator17mph4.2/5
Husqvarna YTA18542 96043021142-inchesBriggs& Stratton7mph4.4/5
Poulan Pro PB24VA54 96042017454-inchesv-twin Kohler Engine5.5mph3.7/5

Best Riding Lawn Mower for The Money – Reviews

    1. Troy-Bilt Powermore OHV 382cc Premium Neighborhood 30-Inch Riding Lawn Mower **BEST CHOICE**

    If you want excellence and performance on one machine, then you’ll be hard pressed to pass the Troy-Bilt Powermore 382cc Riding Lawn Mower. It will help you cut the grass and eliminate the bore that comes with mowing large areas. If you have a grass garden, you’ll want to see it flourish without weed ingrowth. With the Troy-Bilt make, you will feel pushed to be on the field fulfilling your lawn mowing requirements.


    Working Power

    Never tire starting your engine again because, with Troy-Bilt, their machine is powered by the Powermore 382cc Auto Choke OHV engine. It is that type where the startup time is significantly reduced, and the air flow is automatically restricted so that the fuel-air combustion is maintained at the correct ratio.

    This way the engine performs efficiently and the fuel usage reduces. With such a function on the Troy-Bilt, this machine gives excellent power to tackle rough patches and cut grass with the required height.

    It comes with a 30-inch cutting deck to give a large working area. It’s important when you want to cover large areas in a short time than you would with a push mower. The cutting deck has five adjustable settings with a speed of 4.25mph. Designed to cover relatively even terrain, this machine can help one achieve so much more. With six variable speeds, engage your gear to cover most areas since it is compact.

    Mowing Ability

    Working with this machine comes easy. It has an 18-inch radius and to reverse and take contours around trees, flowerbeds, and even bushes. The front wheels measure 13×5 inches while the rear wheels 16×6.5 inches. They are all extremely rugged and give the machine the benefit of lasting long. It can handle some bumps, and with the comfortable seat, you can exert total control over it.


    • Large fuel tank capacity
    • Compact and easy to store
    • Few parts to assemble
    • It has a hitch mount plate so one can attach a cart or sweeper


    • There have been complaints about the slippery foot rest, but users indicate giving it a non-skid applique restores the anti-slip surface


    In a nutshell, Troy-Bilt has successfully given us the best riding mower for the money. It is a high-end product, but the pricing is very attractive. At Around $1000 the features it showcases are way above other expensive models. The durability is assured, and you’ll have a fun ride with this machine.

    2.Raven Hybrid MPV7100 Riding Lawn Mower Utility Vehicle and Power Generator

    The Raven Hybrid Riding Mower is a great investment in lawn maintenance. This equipment gives you a reason to mow as working with it is even more pleasure. It is a 3-in-1 machine that switches from a mower to a generator and even a yard work vehicle in a couple of minutes. As a medium sized riding lawn mower, it can handle average sized properties with some level of rough terrain and tough, thick grass.


    Functional Capability

    This machine is completely versatile. It utilizes a 7100-watt generator to power the blades, outlets and charge the batteries. The other thing is that it can use gasoline to power the engine when riding. This means with such power; it can handle the roughest patches of thick grass thrown at it. It exudes consistency and excellent performance each time you mow. With it, your grass can be cut at the correct height so that it can grow healthy without weed invasions.

    This machine has a load capacity of 550lbs. With a hitch, you can tow any other yard equipment like carts with gardening, soil, sprayers, leaf sweep and even heavy rollers.

    It also comes with a storage bed to place other working tools that you need when working in your flower bed and trees around your home. This machine can easily maneuver tight areas as it has a small 14” turning radius. It makes navigation around the house feel more like a fun ride to the places you love.

    With a 46-inch deck, Raven Hybrid is built for comprehensive, vacuum mulching and discharging job. The all-purpose blades perform excellently as compared to regular just cutting blades so you can engage yourself in much more than just cutting grass. The machine has a 17mph speed, the highest among riding mowers. It can take some degree of the slope without cause to bring you down. This is surely the all-around machine you’ve looking to have.


    • Heavy-duty design
    • Can handle some steep slopes
    • Utilizes both gas and electricity for energy
    • Has the highest ground speed


    • The wheels come off as a bit small for such a heavyweight machine


    Finding a machine that can handle nearly all types of yard work is a relief. For Raven hybrid, the price is a true match for what you get from the machine.

    You will have an entirely fun time operating this machine and even storing since it does not take up that much space. It has the capacity for towing machines and thereby reducing time to work on yards tremendously.

    3. Husqvarna YTA18542 960430211 18.5HP Pedal Tractor Mower with Fast Continuously Variable Transmission 42-Inch

    If you are shopping for a machine that gets the job done on a budget, then you’ll want to consider the Husqvarna YTA18542 Riding Tractor Mower.

    It is for you who has over 3acres or just a few yards of grass. The design is compact but powerful to work effortlessly and reduce the time you’d usually take to mow. It takes the lead as one of the best riding lawn mowers for the money.


    Working Power

    Engineered to give automatic transmission, you get to have total control of the pedal and speed. This model has a rear wheel drive to tackle slight slopes and bumps. It is capable of up to a 15-degree slope. The manufacturer knows the jolts one often encounters while mowing and they take care of such occurrence. With air induction mowing technology, airflow within the deck improves significantly to give a consistent cut.

    This model can clear grass from vast areas in a shorter time than you would with a push mower. The cutting deck measures 42-inches, ideal for a few acres, say 3acres. Convenience comes with the spring assisted deck that makes changing the height simple and fast. The deck is also fender enhanced on the frame, to maintain its stability even when the machine is set at the highest speed of 7mph.

    Care and Maintenance

    After all the mowing and taking contours, your machine must be looking all dusty, muddy and with grass clippings stuck on the underside. But you should not worry about how to get it all cleaned up. It carries a deck wash port to attach a hose pipe to connect the underside of the deck. This way, washing is simplified, and it takes very little time. The wheels and every other part are easily accessible so that you’ll have an easy time working with this machine.


    • It has high power to afford even cuts
    • The auto transmission keeps controlling in check
    • Robust chassis construction
    • Ample space between the seat and steering wheel


    • It does not have a cruise control


    We’ve always loved the engineering by Husqvarna on their machines. This model is easy to steer and control when riding on a straight line or in reverse. The turning radius is quite small, and it makes for a very quick method of making corners. The design is user-friendly for new and seasoned users. You’ll love the attractive rice above all. For approx.$1800, this machine can grace your lawn this summer.

    4. Poulan Pro PB24VA54 960420174 Kohler 24HP V-Twin Riding Mower

    If you are tired of pushing a mower, Poulan Pro will save you such hassle. It comes with all aspects to support your small to midsized home with complicated lawn requirements.

    If your grass garden is uneven, then this is the riding lawn mower you should consider. The mowing performance remains consistent because of the high-performance engine and the ability to maintain a balance between the wheels and the cutting deck.


    This machine is a real workhorse. It utilizes the v-twin Kohler engine technique with a combination of 24 horsepower. This type of engine is efficient in giving a smooth and quieter operation than other mowers. It produces an automatic drive transmission helping you control the machine on the foot pad and the steering wheel. The fuel tank has a 2.5-gallon capacity. This is a consideration to make when you want to clear vast areas without having to refill it.

    Working Capacity

    Maneuvering through your lawn is manageable with the robust wheels and small turning radius. The rear tires measure 20 inches and the front measure 15inches.

    \They offer a steady grip on uneven terrain, and they are the reason you can manage steep slopes with this machine. With the automatic hydrostatic system, speed control is fast, so navigation is easy.

    This machine has a huge cutting deck. The 54-inch deck is what you get to work with on your property. If you are a landscaper, the need to maintain a spick and span lawn is high because you want to please you property buyers.

    If you want to sell it big, keep the grass trimmed at the correct height. The blades on this one can still engage in reverse, and the operations and the lever engagement is effortless. Poulan Pro has a sturdy steel construction so as you handle rugged terrain; the parts will always remain intact.


    • It has a 10-year warranty
    • Large cutting deck
    • It can handle steep slopes and uneven grounds
    • It can engage the blades in reverse


    • Some users have relayed concerns about difficulties in getting repairs


    The Poulan Pro PB24VA54 is one massive machine with great ability. It portrays a reliable design with a steel construction and heavy-duty tires to take on difficult mowing tasks. It is consistent and requires less energy to give a professional look still. With the price coming at around $2700, the quality is excellent in all its dimensions.

    What’s the best lawn mower for the money?

    As yard work enthusiasts, we’d love if you brought home the best make ideal for your unique needs. The above models all come with attractive features which make it hard to tell apart which make is better.

    But for the pricing purpose, we go with the Troy-Bilt model. It comes out on top mainly because it has passed many evaluations and many users have been satisfied with the power and smooth rides it affords. The construction displays smooth operations, and newbies in lawn mowing will still have an easy time riding it.

    Tips to Guide your Purchase

    As we have seen, the best buy should check on some crucial features which keep them on a parallel competing ground with other models. But what specific considerations will help you cut the buying hassle?

    What is your preferred Cutting Deck Size?

    The size of the area you are mowing will help you make this decision. If you are not mowing a vast area, a smaller cutting deck will be ideal. Your deck size preference will also guide you on storing the machine. Some very large machines may give you challenges getting into tight spaces.

    What’s your Terrain like?

    When you have an uneven lawn full of bumps and steep terrains, it’s best if you examined a machine which can handle where you’ll be mowing. Look at the manufacturer’s claims, plus the tires and speed control system.

    Which is the Best Transmission?

    You’ll encounter riding mowers with three types of transmissions; manual, automatic, and hydrostatic transmission; they will influence the speed control and the way you handle terrains.

    Should the tires influence your decision?

    Yes, they do. The more rugged the tires are, the better they are in keeping the balance. Check if the rear tires are large enough to take reverse in tight areas with ease. This way, you won’t get stuck in muddy areas or when making sharp contours.


    Will your machine handle ground tow machines?

    Each of the models above comes with a hitch plate for attaching other lawn equipment. The Raven Hybrid can pull the highest load, while the Troy-Bilt and Poulan Pro can take on mid-sized machines. With the Raven Hybrid, it is a real powerhouse with the ability to switch from the mower into a yard work vehicle. If you want a machine that can significantly assist your yard work to choose one of these models.

    Does the riding mower come fully assembled?

    These Raven Hybrid and Troy-Bilt need some slight assembling. They need to install the seat, back receiver and steering wheel. The Poulan Pro comes ready to use so stand by to mow as soon as it sets on your gate. All the machines come with detailed instructions to take you through the assembling and handling the parts correctly.

    How well can your machine cut steep hills?

    The Poulan Pro is the best rated for cutting steep hills. The rear wheels are large and keep balance with the cutting deck. It uses an automatic hydrostatic system so controlling the speed is simples. The other two models are useful on relatively even grounds.

    Does your machine come with the cover?

    No, when purchasing your machine, you may want to order the accompanying cover from other reliable manufacturers on Amazon.

    Final Words;

    Cut the bargaining hassle on great riding mowers with one of the models above. All exhibit unique strength and what’s left is for you to make the choice that makes your lawn professional and beautiful at the same time. Remember the best riding lawn mower for the money is the one that lives up to its value for a decent period.

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