In addition to mowing your lawn or backyard, the next task you need to consider carrying out is trimming off unwanted hanging branches off your trees because they are without doubt an ugly sight. Trimming hard-to-reach branches off trees can be a difficult task unless you have the best pole saw for the task.

A pole saw is the best tool for cutting overhead branches. It has been considered a smaller and definitely more convenient version of the chain saw for the home user, and still comes as a better tool for overhanging branches compared to the hand pruner.

If you intend to acquire a pole saw, we have taken our time to put together some valuable resource to help you make an informed selection. Starting with a quick comparison table, in-depth pole saw reviews of top pole saws in the market, along with an informative buyer’s guide, you should be well equipped to make the best choice.

Pole Saws Comparison Table

Pole SawPriceTypeBar LengthExtendable LengthMax Cutting DiameterWeight
Remington RM1025SPS RangerElectric10 in15 in9 in11.9 lb
Sun Joe SWJ800EElectric8 in15 in7.5 in7 lb
Remington RM2599 MaverickGas8 in12 ft4 in17.5 lb
TrimmerPlus PS720Gas8 in12 ft6 in7 lb
BLACK&DECKER LPP120Cordless Battery8 in14 ft6 in6.3 lb
GreenWorks 22342Cordless Battery-6.5 in5/8 in9.5 lb
Fiskars Garden 7-12 ft ManualManual7 ft12 ft1 in4.3 lb
Gilmour Commercial #20-18Manual16 inch--9.2 lb

Best Pole Saw Reviews in 2017

Best Electric Pole Saws

  1. 1.Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch 8-Amp Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo

    A 2-in-1 saw certainly makes a great addition to a homeowner’s toolset and the RM1025SPS Ranger pole saw by Remington is this and much more.

    It comes designed with great adjustability and versatility as it takes a quick simple tool-less conversion to turn it from a pole saw into a chain saw. Let’s check out some other interesting features that make this a top pole saw and a best seller at that.



    The RM1025SPS Ranger comes equipped with a quick-start 8-Amp motor that’s just powerful enough to slit through branches up to 9 inches in diameter.

    Telescoping Shaft

    This saw comes with two durable aluminium shaft that will extend the 10-inch, low kick back bar to 15 inches allowing you to trim the hard to reach branches with no need to lift yourself off the ground on a ladder. Perhaps a unique feature is that this unit is extendable on both this makes it conveniently possible to adjust height while using it.

    Ease of Use with Great Safety Detail

    Conversion from a pole saw to a chain saw is as quick and simple as ever and requires no tools, which is an advantage for those looking for simply designed, non-technical tools. Simply loosen the flip and lock clamps and detach the chain from the pole to further chop the limbs you have just trimmed off the tree.

    These clamps are also secure enough when locked, and this gives you the guarantee to work safely without it coming apart.  An anti-rotation mechanism on the pole gives the entire unit great stability while in use.

    This Remington pole saw is designed with a non-slip grip that’s easy on your hands so you can work on an on without grazing your palm or straining your muscles.

    What you’ll Love

    • Quite economical as it doesn’t have a huge oil capacity
    • Easily converts from pole to chain saw and back
    • Adjustable on both ends

    What’s not so good

    • At 11.9 lb, the Ranger is a little too heavy for a multi-use tool


    For the homeowner in need of a multi-functional yet simply constructed, non-technical tool, the Remington RM1025SPS Ranger makes a great option. It is fairly priced, safe and easy to use, which is what most users consider. In addition, it is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

  2. 2. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System

    With slightly lower capacity than the Remington RM1025SPS, the Sun Joe is an amazing pole saw that’s quite effective functionally and pocket friendly too if you are on a tight budget.

    Its automatic chain lubrication system is a feature that places it ahead of the pack among the best electric pole saws in terms of ease of operation. Here are more features that will charm you with this unit.


    Powerful motor

    A 6.5 Amp plug and start motor is just what tough and stubborn 7.5 inch thick tree limbs need to slit off the tree in a matter of seconds.

    Telescoping Pole advantage and Ease of Use

    Its 8-inch pole extends to 15 inches allowing you to reach overhead limbs without lifting your feet off the ground. What’s more, the Oregon telescoping bar and chain come integrated with an automatic chain lubrication system so you won’t have to stop in the middle of your task to oil. Furthermore, the oil reservoir comes with a translucent window to give you a quick view of the oil level. With a simple turn of a screw, you will tighten the chain for quality cuts and enhanced safety.

    Safe to use; lightweight

    At only 7 lb, this unit is one of the lightest electric pole saw which will let you work over a long period without putting much strain on your muscles. It also features a pole-lock to keep your pole saw secure at your desired height.

    A CSA approval is perhaps the most vital safety and quality detail that any user would be concerned about.

    What you’ll Love

    • Automatic chain lubrication mechanism coupled with a translucent oil reservoir window for easy monitoring
    • Lightweight
    • Fairly priced

    What’s not so good           

    • The pole saw is not detachable
    • This unit tends to heat up with extended use which weakens the bar and chain rather fast


    This is a very functional quality built unit that comes in handy for the less frequent small scale user. It is also quite affordable but a 2-year full warranty is perhaps the greatest quality guarantee. Apart from a few snags that can obviously be fixed, the Sun Joe SWJ800E makes a great option.

    Best Gas Pole Saw

  3. 3. Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw

    Remington has obviously made strides in producing some of the best pole saws and the RM2599 Maverick is certainly one of the best gas pole saws. It is powered by a 25 cc 2-cycle gas engine and features an 8 inch bar and chain attached to a detachable 7-foot extension pole that takes its height to 12 ft.

    A good offering is that this unit is compatible with several different attachments making it one of the most versatile pole saw you’ll come across.


    2cycle QuickStart Engine

    The 2-cycle engine in essence requires a mix of oil and gas in the ratio of 1:50 for optimum functioning, the most recommended gas being non-ethanol blended high octane gas. With a simple pull, the engine will start and keep going. The only downturn with gas pole saws is the fact that they are noisy and a little heavier because of the gas reservoir attachment.  

    The advantage is that this engine is powerful enough for up to 6-inch diameter limbs.

    Extended Versatility

    This 8-inch bar and chain extends to 12 ft when attached to the detachable 7 ft extension pole that comes with it. This makes it easy to trim unwanted branches without coming off the ground. The chain features an auto oiler to keep it always lubricated and in good condition.

    Perhaps the greatest advantage is that it is compatible with many other accessories or other pole sizes to convert it to a garden cultivator, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, brush cutter and many others. This has given it the most versatile functionality and a great value for your bucks.


    At 17.5 lb, the Remington RM2599 Maverick comes as one of the lightest in its categories which makes it quite easy to work with.

    What you’ll love

    • The Remington is quite conservative with gas
    • For safety, the blade is positioned further from your body.
    • Automatic chain lubrication

    What’s not so good

    • The pole connectors get loose rather easily upon impact. Fixing them is a cumbersome process as you will have to lose the connecting screw, then using a vise clamp the joint then secure the screw.
    • Because of its weight, you will have to rest at intervals


    If you are looking for a tool for personal applications that is effective, easy to assemble, easy to use and affordable, the Remington RM2599 Maverick it is. Only take care not to put it into frequent heavy use; it will give in.

  4. 4. TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and Chain

    The TrimmerPlus PS720 is a great tool for low hanging trees however; it can be extended to trim high-up unwanted branches. With an 8-inch bar and chain, the PS720 can be extended to 12 ft by attaching it to the 11 ft pole. You’ll certainly appreciate the advantage that comes with its compatibility to several other attachments.


    Versatile Compatibility

    The TrimmerPlus can be attached to several trimmer brands specifically those with split boom capabilities such as Remington, Troy Bilt, Craftsman, Ryobbi, and John Deere to deliver great chain power to cut up to 6 in thick limbs without a hassle.   

    Perhaps an interesting feature is that the TrimmerPlus is designed with two separate parts on the pole on which you can attach extension poles. This makes it quite a handy tool for handle a variety of pruning tasks like trimming back bushes, shrubs, hedges

    Ease of Use and Maintenance

    The TrimmerPlus pole saw, as most users have rated it, is rather easy to install and operate. Simply position the coupler of the pole and lock the knob and you will be good to go. Agreeably, the locking knob is secure enough so you will not have to worry about it coming out loose with extended use.

    Like others in the same league, it also includes an automatic chain lubrication system therefore your task will be making sure the oil reservoir doesn’t run out which is partly also a maintenance process.

    Cutting Power

    As the TrimmerPlus is merely an attachment, it has been designed to work with TB514CS, TB525, and TB575 all with powerful 4-cycle 29cc gas engines. Additionally, its blade is one of the most solidly constructed and can easily and effortlessly cut through 6 in thick branches. The blade is adjustable to a max depth of 2.5 in.

    What you’ll Love

    • When attached to a Troy Bilt 29cc 4-cycle engine, it will deliver a powerful cut.
    • Easy to install, use, and maintain
    • Compatible with several other Trimmer Brands making it very flexible

    What’s not so good

    • It is expensive to purchase if you don’t already have a Troy Bilt Gas Powered tool to attach it to.


    This add-on trimmer pole saw with bar and chain makes an exceptional addition to your toolset if you already have a gas powered compatible tool. Its compatibility with most trimmers with split boom capabilities orients it for a wide variety of pruning tasks. Therefore given its price and solid construction, this tool will be a worthwhile addition no wonder it features in most gas powered pole saw reviews.

    Best Cordless Pole Saws

  5. 5. BLACK & DECKER LPP120 20V Lithium Ion Pole Saw, 8″

    Cordless pole saws are rated slightly lower than gas pole saws in cutting power. Black + Decker has stood out as the greatest innovators of power tools for more than 100 years and they certainly lived up to this with the LPP120 pole saw.


    This unit is designed with an amazing power despite the fact that it is powered by 20V Lithium Ion Batteries therefore if you want something different from the noisy, gas-emitting heavy pole saws or the limiting electric coded ones, this one will make a good option.  

    Lithium Battery Convenience

    Max Lithium Ion Batteries are particularly 5 times more powerful than ordinary batteries with just as good power as gas and a longer lifesapn. This makes the LPP120 a powerful cordless pole saw you’ll come across in the market. A fully charged battery will take you through 100 cuts of 1.5 inch limbs which is obviously a much higher capacity than a normal sized back yard.


    With its 8 inch cutting bar and chain, this unit can comfortably slit 6 inch thick limbs. Occasionally and with repeat cuts, you can manage 7 or 8 inch thick cuts. It also comes with a max extension length of 10 inches extending its reach to 14-ft which is by far the highest reach any pole saw can offer. However, it has a removable centre pole section that reduces its extended length to 6.5 inches. Coupled with its lightweight at just 6.3 lb, you are assured of an easy time pruning both high and low hanging limbs.

    What you’ll love

    • A long battery life enough to take you through an hour or more of pruning depending on the thickness of the limbs you’ll be cutting
    • 14 ft reach is the highest a pole saw can offer yet this is reducible to a 6.5 inch extension if need be
    • Lightweight

    What’s not so good

    • It is not designed with an automatic oiler meaning you will have to do this manually
    • Others have found it a bit highly priced but given that it uses the best battery and comes with a storage bag
    • It takes quite some time to charge the battery fully.


    This is a good bargain given its cutting power, adjustability and the general convenience that comes with cordless pole saws.  Again you can count on the fact that it is one of the few longest reaching pole saws you will find in the market, combined with its lightweight, the LPP120 pole saw by Black + Decker is certainly a great option for the small capacity or DIY mobile pruner.

  6. 6. GreenWorks 22342 G-MAX 40V 20-Inch Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, Battery and Charger Not Included

    The G-MAX 40V Lithium Ion Battery system is as powerful and works successfully with most power tools. It will take 120 minutes to fully charge, which others consider a downturn, however it will give you 45 minutes or more of runtime afterwards.

    This unit works with G-MAX battery models 29462 and 29472 along with charger model 29482. You will have to purchase a battery charger separately as this is not included in the package.

    The GreenWorks 22342 Cordless Pole Trimmer is yet another great trimmer designed with great cutting power and an innovative dual action cutting blade.

    Powerful Battery System

    Dual Action Blade

    A 20-inch durable steel blade is perhaps the best that any backyard will need to trim limbs, hedges, or bushes in a breeze. The 22342 trimmer dual action blade is strong enough to slit through 5/8-inch branches in a flash. Further on, it is designed with three multi-position pivoting head that adjusts the blade to let you trim any angle for the best result.

    The strength that this blade offers can hold through heavy use over a long time. At only 9.5 lb, you can comfortably work with this saw without the worry of straining your muscles, reaching up to 6.5 ft with its telescoping shaft.

    What you’ll love

    • The tough durable steel blade that will hold up through tough duties without crumbling
    • It comes with a 4-year warranty

    What’s not so good

    • You will need to assemble it before use
    • A battery charger is not included in the package


    Looking at blade strength, a multi-positioning pivoting head and powerful quality battery, the GreenWorks 22342 cordless pole hedge trimmer will deliver an impressive performance especially if you are looking for a tough tool for tough tasks.

    An added advantage is that the G-MAX Lithium Ion battery it uses will also drive most other power garden tools.

    Best Manual Pole Saw

  7. 7. Fiskars 7–12 Foot Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

    If you are looking for a non-mechanical pole saw for your pruning tasks, the Fiskars 7-12 ft expandable will make a great choice.

    The fact that it is a manual saw hasn’t stopped it from being a top quality tool you would count on to work effectively on your high and low hanging branches. This is one of the few manual pole saws that extend its reach high so there will be no need for a ladder.


    Adjustable Cutting Height

    The Fiskars manual pole saw has a max length of 12 ft that you can adjust to 7 ft to meet different cutting needs. Along these lines, the pole comes with a secure double locking system to give you better control and better security during your cuts. Additionally, it is lightweight at only 4.3 lb to guarantee you long hours of stainless effortless working.

    It will trim branches up to 1 in thick which is quite okay for a manual saw because you have to put in manual effort to have your trees trimmed. Beyond this, Fiskars boasts of quality constructed, well hardened steel blade with a low friction coating to extend its durability and boost its rust resistance. The package includes a steel pruner blade for small branches and 15-inch Woodzig saw for thicker brushes. In addition, Fiskars offers a replacement saw.

    Fibreglass Pole

    If you are looking for a lightweight yet durable material in a pole saw, then fibreglass certainly fits these requirements. Along with a full lifetime warranty, you should be good to go.

    What you’ll Love

    • Secure double locking system
    • Two quality blades to suit different applications
    • It is backed by a full lifetime warranty


    What’s not so good

    • Uneven weight distribution on the pole saw
    • Some users complained of struggling to adjust the pole but this should be more of a personal opinion


    Fiskars 7-12 ft saw is undoubtedly a top quality manual saw that comes in all simplicity, designed with all the qualities you would look for in the best manual pole saws. It is extendable, has a secure locking system, strong pole and blade as well as a full lifetime warranty. What’s more, it comes at a good price you will definitely be getting a good run for your bucks.

  8. 8. Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw with Fibreglass Handle

    Designed with a cast aluminium saw head and a fibreglass pole, the Gilmour comes as a light but tough pole saw for manual users.


    Solid Construction

    Fibreglass is a known tough material for any pole saw but it is quite popular especially among manual pole saws because of its light weight. Aluminium on the other hand is also a good material selection for the pole head because it is also tough, lightweight and will not rust given good maintenance.

    The curved pole saw blade is 16 inches in length and features a non-stick coating to deliver smooth, clean, and quality cuts.

    Enhanced Performance

    To boost its functionality, the package includes 3 6-feet octagonal poles to extend its reach to high branches. Furthermore, a hook is integrated at its end to help you bring down your cut limbs faster and effortlessly. Also included in its package is a paint brush holder that you can attach to its end if you will need to paint hard to reach areas and this versatility makes it one of the most ideal tool for small scale commercial users.

    What you’ll Love

    • Sturdy enough thanks to the fibreglass pole and aluminium pole head
    • Comes with a hook and a paint brush holder to add to its functionality
    • Best for commercial use


    What’s not so good

    • Its assembly process is a bit complicated requiring you to drill holes to attach the saw


    This is a high quality manual pole saw that will serve both personal and commercial users. Its construction focuses on strength and quality making it a good addition to your tools.

    Our Top Choice!

    Our top pick today is the LPP120 pole saw by Black + Decker. It is not only the highest reaching pole saw at 14 ft when extended; it is also quite easy to handle with a light weight of 6.3 lb.  Its unique inline power head gives you clear visibility between branches.

    Because it is a portable unit, disassembling it is a simple process. With a fully charged battery, you are sure to work through a full uninterrupted hour even with limbs as tough as the pine. Given its price, LPP120 makes a great option and not only the best cordless pole saw but also the best overall based on several pole saw reviews.


    Best Pole Saw Buyer’s Guide

    Pole saws were originally developed from chain saws since it was hard to prune on elevated heights. The initial designs had small chainsaw heads attached to brush cutters.

    They were void of any safety measures. Currently, a few standard safety measures have been incorporated in the current designs. Pole saws are used to prune off lateral branches especially those on high levels that would be difficult to reach with a chainsaw.

    Parts of a pole saw

    A typical pole saw is made up of three main parts.

    1. Power Unit – Power units have shafts and motors that drive the cutting blades. While working, it is important to keep in mind the kick-back produced by the saw. In some cases it is very minimal but it could cause your arm to twist if caught off guard.
    2. Pole – Pole can be made of fiberglass or steel. Some poles have a fixed length while others have an adjustable length; the latter is more advantageous as you can work on a variety of tree sizes. The best length for a pole should not exceed 10 inches. Anything above this becomes cumbersome to use.
    3. Cutting Saw – This is simply a small chainsaw head that is attached to the pole. The best cutting saws are those that can be fitted on a variety of pole sizes. The cutting blades vary depending on the kind of pole saw. For instance, manual pole saws have longer cutting blades compared to the electric and gas powered saws.

    Why Do You Need a Pole Saw?

    Pole saws are designed to prune lateral branches. Cutting upright growth using a hand pruner or a pair of shears is almost impossible and in many cases, will result in spear cuts.

    With a pole saw, you will certainly reduce the time and effort you will spend up the ladder pruning high branches and risking injuries in the process. Manual pole saws are great for DIY pruners. However, if you have a large tree garden, an electric or gas powered pole saw would be the best option.

    Who Makes the Best Pole Saw Brands?


    Remington was founded in 1921 by Arthur Mall. It launched its first chainsaw in 1954 and this propelled the growth of the company as the saw was dependable and high quality. In the 1990s, Remington released innovative power tools such as the chain saws and pole saws adding gas trimmers, blowers and cultivators in the recent years.

    Remington is known to cater for the average homeowner’s needs. Their chainsaws are non-complicated, simple to use, durable, and quite affordable too.


    Founded in 2004, SunJoe started by developing an electric snow shovel. This was well received by the consumers propelling SunJoe to developing more outdoor tools such as lawn mowers, trimmers, tillers and snow blowers.

    Their products are manual, electric and cordless giving you a wide variety to choose from. Sun Joe has its headquarters in Boulevard, Carlstadt but its products are available globally.

    This brand boasts some quality built but affordable tools. It is also quite noticeably keen on aesthetics as most of its products come sleek and with color.


    Troy Bilt LLC is a subsidiary of MTD Consumer Inc. based in Valley City, Ohio. Troy-Bilt manufactures and sells outdoor power products including mowers, tillers, pressure washers and generators. Its products are leading brands and top selling on Amazon with great pole pruner reviews.

    Their pole saws are arguably some of the most solidly constructed so you can expect they will last you a number of useful years. Troy Bilt also targets homeowners on a budget hence they are quite fairly priced.

    Black & Decker

    This company was founded in 1924 by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker. They are manufacturers of power tools, accessories, hardware, and home improvement tools. Black & Decker have their headquarters in Towson, Maryland and sale their products across America with Brazil being its major market.

    Black & Decker is known to produce some of the most innovative and well designed power tools with focus on great performance and durability.


    How to Use a Pole Saw

    1. The first and most important step before you can begin your cutting task is to rid your working area of any debris and objects that can be potentially harmful to you as you work. Additionally, mark out your work area and limit movements at least within a 15 m radius.
    2. Secondly, wear the appropriate gear, check your tools and set them accordingly making sure the chain is tight and the bolts and nuts are well fixed. If you are using a gas pole saw, confirm that you have sufficient oil.
    3. When using a pole saw, let the horizontal angle between the branch and the saw be less than 60 degrees. This reduces the risk of falling timber. Start your cuts from the top side of the branch but if it is a jump cut, cut from underneath.
    4. Positioning yourself and the saw properly during cutting allows you to make easy and perfect cuts. Always hold your pole saw with both hands and make a perpendicular first cut on the branch. This directs all the other cuts as there already is a cut groove on the branch. Make a series of jump cuts to reduce the weight before the final cut.
    5. After the cut, remove the fallen branches from your working area before moving on to your next cut. Because most pole saws are not insulated, it may be hazardous working too close to electric power lines. In case you have to, liaise with the electricity company to have that particular power line cut off for a while.
    6. For a more comprehensive understanding on operating pole saws, especially to those who want to do commercial pruning, it is recommended that you take a short course on this. However, for general use, following the above guidelines prepares you well enough.

    What to Look For in a Pole Saw

    1.      Weight – Pole saws are designed to be operated at elevated angles. With this in mind, select a pole saw that is not too heavy to lift. In fact, the lighter the saw, the less strain there will be on your arms.
    2.      Warranty – Warranty on parts is a sign that the product is of a high standard. The length and nature of warranty will vary from brand to brand with some having up to 1 year limited warranty. Some companies offer a 30 day money back guarantee should your pole saw be faulty in any way. This is a key feature to look at since it shows how much the company believes in its products.
    3.      Power output – Depending on your intended task, you need to select a pole saw specifically designed for it. Extensive use goes with a high power output. For home use, a manual pole saw is well suited.
    4.      Safety features – Operating a pole saw can be potentially harmful. Some pole saws are designed with a strong kickback and vibrations that could harm or strain your arms. This is why you need one with less kickbacks and vibrations. You can also purchase additional safety accessories to enhance your safety while at work.
    5. Pole Length – The length of the pole has a direct correlation to your pruning experience. The recommended length is usually 10 inches long as anything above that becomes cumbersome to lift. However, some pole saws telescope to 15 in to make it easy to trim overhead branches.
    6. Cutting Edge – Most blades are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting. However, the blades are prone to damage when they hit the ground. They also get blunt form time to time and will need sharpening and maintenance. The downturn of frequent sharpening is that blades tend to wear out quite fast hence it is vital to go for a saw with strong blades. If you will opt for a manual pole saw, go for one with an adequately long blade. Most people prefer to have a detachable cutting head for ease of storage. These are usually compatible with several poles and other parts for different types of applications.
    7. Maintenance Requirements – Like any other tool, pole saws come with maintenance requirements if at all they have to remain in good working condition for long. . This are usually outlined in the manual but a little research can help you become more aware. Gas powered pole saws have extensive maintenance requirements compared to other mowers. Manual saws have the least requirements and are easy to maintain.

    Types of Pole Saws

    Choosing a pole saw need not be a toll order even for inexperienced users. There are four types of pole saws to choose from depending on your experience, nature of trees and size of land to work on.

    • Electric Pole Saws – These poles as their name suggests are powered by electricity. They are perhaps the lightest in weight after manual saws as they do not have any battery or gas tank attachments. They are best for working within a small to medium sized areas since the electric cord can be limiting. An electric tree trimmer comes in handy when you need to work not so far from your power source.
    • Manual Pole Saws – Manual pole saws are not powered by any mechanical power source and operate by cut on wood by moving your arm back and forth. They are best for home use where the amount of pruning is minimal. They are very easy to maintain and only require sharpening of the blades from time to time.
    • Cordless- This are powered by rechargeable battery. The battery life is 1 to 3 hours when fully charged. They can slightly heavier due to the weight exerted by the battery.
    • Gas–These are the most powerful pole saws. They feature a bigger bar length compared to other pole saws. The best gas pole saws are mostly used by professionals and recommended for use on a large area. They are equally portable and require a bit of maintenance for optimum results.

    Operation and Maintenance Tips

    • Always wear protective gear when operating a pole saw.
    • Asses the tension and compression of wood before cutting
    • Always fill the chain oil reservoir with bar and chain oil for lubrication.
    • Wipe your saw after use, especially the passages.
    • Check for damages or loose bolts and nuts before and after use.
    • Keep your chains and blades sharp always. To avoid damage to your chain, loosen it after work.
    • Store your saw in a secure place away from unauthorized use.

    Pole Saw Accessories

    Accessories are extra parts that can be added to the pole saw for efficient use. Some come together with the saw but for most, a separate purchase is inevitable. Let’s  check out some necessary pole saw attachments.

    1. Protective gear
    2.            Hearing aids – They protect your ears from the sound produced by the pole saw as you cut on branches. The sound is not so loud but can be irritating during prolonged pruning.
    3.              Eye protection – Eye goggles protect your eyes from any flying debris. Without protection, the debris can cause serious harm to your eyes.
    4. Anti-vibration Hand gloves

    Hand gloves protect your hand from harm such as cuts as you operate your pole saw. Due the intense vibrations, an anti-vibration hand glove is most recommended. It gives extra protection compared to a normal hand glove and prevents ‘white finger’ injuries.

    1. Steel capped boots

    Boots protect your feet from falling branches. The steel ensures that you even when a branch falls on your feet, you are rescued from serious harm. Make sure your boots have a strong tread on the sole for better grip.

    1. Chainsaw pants

    Chainsaw pants protect your clothing from damage and also reduce the risk of having loose hanging clothing come in contact with your machine. This prevents minor accidents that could occur.

    1. Lubricants

    It is important to lubricate your pole saw parts. This makes sure that the moving parts work efficiently. Lubrication prevents friction which would otherwise reduce the efficiency of your machine, making your work a bit hard. It is critical to oil your chain and bar otherwise your pole saw will give you operation problems.

    1. Harnesses

    Harnesses give better support than standard shoulder straps. They reduce the strain on neck and shoulders that develop after prolonged use of shoulder straps. Harnesses give excellent support to weight and still allow for full reach. They are mostly bought as accessories separate from the main machine.


    Pole saws have been designed to ease pruning on lateral branches. They reduce the risk that could occur when using ladders to reach high branches. When looking to buy a pole saw, you should be keen on type and durability. It is advisable to have a manual pole saw and either electric or gas powered; the best pole saw for your needs. This makes it possible to prune different trees.

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