As they all say,

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away”

And if these breathtaking moments were not found at the beach, they were certainly experienced at the patio while relaxing. Sometimes with friends, family, or both or even during those quiet me-time moments. This is just how important patios are to life. They are almost synonymous to absolute relaxation.

Patios are part of life only many times they are underutilized particularly during spring, fall, or summer when temperatures go low during the night. A well lit, warmed up patio is just as good as your indoor lounge. You could cuddle up comfortably through chilly nights yet with more pleasure.

For those who don’t have enough time to read the reviews and the buyer’s guide, here’s a summary table for at-a-glance comparison of the best patio heaters we have reviewed.

Best Patio Heater Reviews 2018

Outdoor HeaterPriceFuel TypeHeat OutputMaterialIgnition
Golden Flame *XL-Series* Matte-Mocha Patio HeaterPropane46,000BTUStainless-steelRapid-spark Electronic
HLDS01-SSHGT AZ Hammered Bronze Patio HeaterPropane /Butane41,000BTUStainless-steel-
Golden Flame Square Flame CommercialPropane46,000BTUSteelRapid-spark Electronic
Thermo Tiki Premium Propane Outdoor Patio HeaterPropane41,000BTUStainless-steelInfra-red Heating element
AZ Patio Heaters HLDS032-B Patio HeaterPropane/Butane11,000BTUStainless Steel /AluminumPiezo

Why Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are ideal for your outdoor space and for all the good reasons. You may be wondering why you need one. Therefore, we felt that it is in order for you to know why they are important before you can read through our patio heater reviews for this year.

  1. They are a remedy to chilly nights

It is next to impossible to stay out to unwind when it is chilly. These handy units make it possible for you to use your outdoor space all year round without the slightest worry about the cold.

  1. Patio heaters are great ambiance add-ons

The best outdoor heaters go beyond merely warming up your space to complimenting your décor. They can be used as a center piece. Their fine design makes the space not only attractive but also inviting.

  1. They are easy to regulate

Heaters are usually fueled by natural gas, propane, or electricity. Most are designed with in- built regulators to enable you control heat output as well as switch on and off when needed. Forget the cumbersome often time consuming process of lighting wood in a fire pit. What’s more, no smoke, no dirt, and no fatigue. In fact, patio heaters offer convenience at its best.

  1. Economical

Unlike wood which you have to wait to burn out, these units are effective power savers. You get to use them only when you need them.

  1. Wide variety of deigns

Looking at a wide variety in terms of design, placement, and fuel type, patio heaters offer you endless options to choose from to meet your most specific needs. From table top, ceiling-mount, in-ground, outdoor, to portable heaters.

Types of Patio Heaters

Patio heaters can be categorized into different types based on their fuel type and placements.

Types of Patio Heaters Based on Fuel Type

There are two major types of patio heaters. The gas powered and the electric powered heaters. Gas powered heaters are two types

  • Natural gas heaters
  • Propane gas heaters

Natural gas heaters are powered from a main source of gas supply making them a little less portable compared to their propane and electric powered counterparts. However, they are easy to maintain and generally fairer in price. In addition, they produce more heat, emit less carbon, and hence are an economical investment.

Propane patio heaters on the other hand have the advantage of portability and little or no installation cost. You simply buy a filled tank which you will be taking for refill when empty.

Electric patio heaters are clean, silent, and emit no fumes. Much as they are portable, their portability is limited to where there is a power outlet. Their upside is that they are rather easy to switch on and off and heat your space faster.

Types of Patio Heaters based on Placement

  • Free Standing Patio Heaters

Generally, they have six to seven feet height and a maximum of 40,000BTU. Those powered by propane are usually compatible with the 20lbs gas tank. They also feature a broad base, some that are sand or water filled, to enhance their stability.

  • Ceiling/Wall-Mounted Patio Heaters

These patio heaters are usually mounted on walls or on the ceilings and are by far more effective in heat distribution. They are mostly electric models.

  • Table Top Heaters Patio Heaters 

Table top heaters have the smallest heat output capacity ranging between 9,000 and 11,000 BTUs. The propane powered ones are compatible with smaller one or two pound gas cylinders.

What to look for in a patio heater

Heat output

If you have a larger gathering or a large outdoor space, you may want to consider heaters with higher heat outputs, most probably 40,000BTU and above.

Safety details

A safer heater is definitely the best pick especially where children are. They usually come with an anti-tilt safety device that automatically shuts off the unit when it tilts. A wide base for stability and a screen guard are also factors to look at as far as safety is concerned.

Fuel type

Electric heaters are often more convenient and easy to use compared to the others. However, the choice of fuel will greatly depend on convenience and preference and these vary a lot.


If there is a factor that tops the list of most purchasers, it is price. When considering price, it is advisable to consider product offerings along the same line. This helps you to get an economical yet useful heater for your specific needs.

You may also save a few bucks by looking out for discount coupons and product offers.


Mobility is an obvious consideration if you are the type that moves from place to place. Keep in mind that propane and electric units are usually portable.

A feature to look out for in line with mobility is the wheels that come attached at the base of the units.

Our review today features some top quality patio heaters. We detail their features and benefits over others in the same space.

Where to Shop for Patio Heaters

Out shopping for a good patio heater, home improvement stores can be your big money-saver. You may want to check the following stores for both local and online purchase and if you do not land a sale, discount, offer or promotion (which is rare), you will greatly benefit from the specialty of the attendants or lower-than-competition prices.

Costco:  A great store for appliances especially during special occasions. You will end up with a wide variety of top patio brands to choose from and sales offers to go with them. Never mind if you are on a budget, there is certainly something for every budget. Check out their brand, price, fuel-type, and color categories under patio heaters for easy selection.

Lowes: Lowes actually offers rebate for selected products with higher competitor price as guarantee for an all-time low price. This aside, they offer a wide variety of patio heaters from almost all top brands which is a plus for any customer. Card clients, for instance those with 5% discount cards, get to benefit hugely from high price items. Meaning they get the best for less.

Home Depot – Home depot too offer rebates on some items as guarantee for their low prices. Again they have a wide variety of patio heaters. Online purchase is also an option for clients and most patio heaters will be shipped to clients within borders free of charge.

Enough with the guide: Here are the best patio heaters

1. Golden Flame 46,000 BTU *XL-Series* Patio Heater

Here is one powerful heater that combines a powerful burner engine with 46,000BTU output of heat into a functional and decorative stainless steel unit with powder coating to enhance durability.Features

  • Advanced pilotless burner system
  • Quick start, Rapid-spark electronic ignition system
  • Sand filled bottom weight-ballast at 30lbs
  • 46,000 BTU heat output
  • SS Burners and double heating mantel heating grids
  • Rich-mocha or matte finish
  • W/mobility wheels
  • Comes with a patented reflector hood
  • Uses 20lbs LPG BBQ tank


This matte-Mocha patio heater by Golden flame is a true definition of an advanced yet classic center piece. It’s commercially built for large outdoor space with a high heat output of 46,000 BTU.

For stability, the heater has a sand filled bottom weight-ballast for that extra 30lbs of heater stability that will leave it standing in the face of gusty wind. However, in the event of an accidental tip off perhaps due to a strong wind or otherwise, the tilt-switch automatically shuts the heater off to ensure maximum safety.

It features an easy to press, easy to start rapid-spark ignition system in what we would term as the latest and most sophisticated heater technology. A pilotless burner system is a sure way of economizing fuel given that the standing pilot is now out of the way.


2. HLDS01-SSHGT Tall Stainless Steel AZ Patio Heater

If you are looking for a tall heater with a rustic finish that’s perfect for your outdoor décor and at the same time produces a high heat output, the HLDS01-SSHGT two-tone hammered bronze comes as an ideal. It combines great utility and portability to deliver one of those memorable experiences you would expect from a patio heater.


  • 87-Inch height
  • Two-Tone Hammered Bronze powder coated and Stainless Steel finish
  • Wheels for easy mobility matching adjustable table
  • Gas type: Propane and butane
  • Heat output: 41,000 BTU’s
  • Anti-tilt switch
  • Comes with a burner cover and a regulator
  • Adjustable/removable table
  • Uses 20lbs propane tank

the HLDS01-SSHGT is a propane type outdoor heater whose height will provide 10-12feet diameter of warmth. Not only that, you have yourself an extra table which comes together with this heater to compliment your décor as a center piece and a utility unit. The table is adjustable so you can remove it when you don’t need it.

If you are looking at durability, you can count on its heavy duty steel construction for years of substantial service.

A CSA approved thermocouple and an anti-tilt switch shuts the unit in case it tilts to prevent accidents. A burner cover is a handy add-on that will protect the unit’s burner both when in use and when not in use.

3. Golden Flame Square Flame Commercial 46,000 BTU  Propane Patio Heater

This is yet another of Golden Flames unit that will create an utterly charming ambiance in your patio. It features distinctive flame and heat control that will certainly turn the mood of your patio from a romantic glow to fun packed lava flo. If you treasure the resort-like tranquil atmosphere for you, your family, and friends then here is an ideal option.


  •      46,000 BTU heat output
  •      Square flame Quartz glass tube
  •      w/Rich Mocha finish
  •      Full length flame
  •      Partially assembled base (reduced build time by half)
  •      Easy to start, Rapid-spark electronic pilotless ignition system
  •      Adjustable full flame height from romantic glow to lava flow
  •      Mobility wheels for portability
  •      Gas type: propane


A combination of powerful heat output, an elegantly designed patio heater along with dancing column of flames seen through a quartz glass tube is the perfect equation of sophistication.

Flexibility is the greatest offering in this unit as it gives you the pleasure of adjusting heat, flame height, and operation time to deliver a personalized experience for your varying needs.

At a glance, the commercial square glass tube patio heater is not only built to utmost quality but also to toughness and durability. You can expect that it will give you consistent service for years.

Operation has never been easier with its rapid-spark electronic ignition system for easy lighting and an access door for quick and easy gas change. Mobility wheels make it possible to move this unit conveniently.

Again, for safety’s sake, this unit is built with an extra broad base for stability, to prevent it from tipping off. But just in case it does, an auto-tilt system automatically shuts it off.

4. Belleze 48,000BTU Premium Patio Heater, Propane

If you are looking for a brand that has not in the least compromised safety and utility details then this is it. Featuring an advanced ant-tilt shut off that automatically shuts the system off at a 30o tilt and a base with additional weight, this unit has its tip-off risks taken care of.


  • ·        One-step piezo ignition system
  • ·        Large variable heat control knob
  • ·        Anti-tilt automatic shut off mechanism
  • ·        Fillable weight bladder with water or sand for stability
  • ·        Large heat control knob for different heat settings
  • ·        48,000 BTU Heat output
  • ·        15inch heat range
  • ·        Steel constructed frame
  • ·        Propane powered
  • ·        Pilot light
  • ·        Integrated dome reflector
  • ·        High 34-inch support pole
  • ·        Wide burner and base for efficiency


For one, this unit is quite durable because it is made of steel. It without doubt has a long useful life. The more stable a patio heater the better it is at safety and service. This unit has its stability enhanced by a weight bladder which is filled with water or sand for additional weight at the base.

For your large capacity needs, the premium patio heater by Bellize is powerful enough to produce one of the strongest heat output at 48,000 BTU and will heat your patio or deck at a 15-inch radius.

It comes with several cool color options so you will never miss one that complements your patio or your favorite.

5. Thermo Tiki Premium Propane Outdoor Patio Heater

The premium floor-standing patio heater by Thermo Tikki is a high heater whose design and add-ons takes into account convenient additions like the heavy duty propane regulator, flexible hose, weatherproof head and an element cover that helps you store your unit safely. Its pilot light system guarantees you safer start-ups and shutdowns in addition to the other safety features that come with it like the anti-tip system. What’s more, if you are looking for a high ranking unit in infrared patio heater reviews, you might as well consider this heater.


  • ·        Ultra-efficient infrared heating element
  • ·        Built-in safety valve
  • ·        Comes with wheels for portability
  • ·        87-inch height
  • ·        32-inch reflector diameter
  • ·        Fuel type: propane
  • ·        Compatible with the standard 20lbs LPG tank
  • ·        Comes with an element cover
  • ·        Stainless steel construction
  • ·        41,000BTU heat output
  • ·        Comes with heavy duty LPG propane regulator, pre-attached hose, weatherproof head and element cover for safe storage


This premium patio heater by Thermo Tikki is certainly built to last. It features quality stainless steel construction with anti-rust, fade and corrosion finish so that your unit is protected from all weather conditions.  If you need a heater for commercial use, this one will serve you just right as its commercial quality, excellent design, and strong wheels for portability convenience match most commercial requirements.

Again, this is a powerful heat generator with 41,000 BTUs on the maximum with the help of an ultra-efficient, infrared heating element heating up to 15 ft range.

For quick ignition and hassle-free operation, this heater comes integrated with a single variable heat control knob and a piezo push-button ignition. Another advantage compared to other heaters in the market is that it heats instantly so there’s no point of pre-warming your space before the arrival of your audience. For safety, it comes with an anti-tip system that automatically shuts it off when it tilts over.

6. AZ Patio Heaters HLDS032-B Portable Stainless Steel Patio Heater

If you are looking for a table top heater for your small outdoor space, then the Hiland HLDSSO32 table top patio heater comes in handy. To comes with a variety of single and duo color options for you to choose from and features an excellent stainless steel finish that will certainly stand harsh weather.


  • ·        Stainless steel finish
  • ·        Several duo cool color options
  • ·        11,000 BTUs Heat output
  • ·        Gas powered: Butane or propane
  • ·        Additional weight plate for stability
  • ·        Variable heat control system
  • ·        Burner screen guard
  • ·        Thermocouple for measuring temperature
  • ·        Anti-tilt device
  • ·        CSA and ETL certified
  • ·        Compatible with the 11lbs propane tank


With the Hiland table top heater by AZ, you are empowered to regulate heat to your convenience with its integrated variable heat control system. A thermocouple is a great addition, as it will indicate the temperature at which your unit is operating. The burner screen guard on the other hand, is a well appreciated burn prevention measure on this unit.

An 11,000 BTU heat output is ideal for small family gatherings or small spaces so you are not left out if yours is a somewhat small patio or deck.

Safety is always a priority for any unit that users will acquire. For utmost stability, this unit comes with a weight plate placed at its bottom to prevent it from tilting off and an anti-tilt safety gadget that shuts the unit off in case it tips off.  Finally, any unit that is CSA approved meets safety standards therefore be sure that you will use it comfortably without worrying about safety.

7. AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-WCGT Tall Patio Heater

If you are in love with a simply designed, cool color heater with a powerful heat output, the WCGT tall patio heater by AZ is an option to seriously consider. It comes with some important safety add-ons like the thermocouple and anti-tilt safety devices in addition to a removable table for versatility.


  • ·        87-inch height
  • ·        Hammered Bronze and powder coated finish
  • ·        Comes with wheels for mobility
  • ·        Adjustable/removable table
  • ·        41,000BTUs
  • ·        Gas type: propane, butane
  • ·        Access door design
  • ·        Thermocouple and anti-tilt safety systems
  • ·        12-inch heating range


This unit manufactured by AZ Patio Heaters is a good option for high heat output at 41,000BTUs and quality design requirements. In addition, safety details have not been overlooked in its design as it comes with a thermocouple for temperature indication and an anti-tilt device that will shut off the unit in case it tilts to prevent accidents. Propane and Butane gases can be quite dangerous when a patio heater tips off that’s why it is safer to shut it off and relight it when you are sure you are out of danger.

Hammered bronze enhances its aesthetics while the powder coat finish not only adds to its classic design but also adds to its life by protecting it from harsh weather. However, steel construction keeps it through long frequent use.

An extra table comes in handy when you will need it on the heater otherwise, you can simply remove it and use your heater without it.

Feel free to move around with it because it comes with wheels making it a portable unit.

8. Palm Springs Hammered Bronze Commercial Outdoor Garden Patio Heater

The commercial hammered bronze patio heater by Palm Springs comes with several versatility features for utmost convenience and ease of use. Consider the high performance stainless steel burners that will not only produce quality flame but also last you years. It also uniquely features a burner hood for even distribution of heat in your patio or deck.


  • ·        41,000 BTUs
  • ·        CSA approved
  • ·        115sq.ft. heat range
  • ·        One-step piezo ignition
  • ·        High performance stainless steel burners
  • ·        Anti-tilt safety valve
  • ·        32-inch diameter hood for heat distribution
  • ·        Hammered, powder coated bronze finish
  • ·        Comes with 28mbar regulator and hose
  • ·        Compatible with 28mbar pressure gas and a 20lbs propane tank
  • Comes with wheels for mobility
  • Adjustable heat control between 5 and 13kw


Say good bye to chilly outdoor nights with this powerful patio heater that produces 41,000BTUs of heat at a range of 115 square foot. For effective heat distribution, it comes attached with a burner hood.

A well hammered copper and stainless steel finish blends in shine and cool for an enhanced patio décor.

A wide base ensures that your unit is stable enough while the anti-tilt valve takes care of any tip off uncertainties by shutting off the unit the moment it tilts. Wheels are a good addition if you will need to move it from place to place.

9. AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

A stable unit that offers you the convenience of greater heat distribution through its hood and dependable stability with its wide sand filled base. The Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater is not only a décor to behold but also a handy tool.


  • Powder coated bronze finish
  • 46,000BTU heat output
  • Piezo, one-step ignition
  • Anti-tilt safety valve
  • Wheels for mobility
  • Sand filled base reservoir
  • 18ft diameter heat range


This powerful heater by AmzonBasics delivers by far the most powerful heat output at 46,000BTUs compared to others. Along with its hood, it offers great heat distribution to a diameter of 18feet.
A sturdy sand filled base creates a low center of gravity for utmost stability. If you are nowhere near sand, water will fill the reservoir giving the unit equal stability. In case it tips during strong winds, the anti-tilt safety valve automatically shuts off the unit.

This unit comes with a hassle-free piezo ignition system that only requires a single press of the button to turn on your heater. Its design takes into account varying heat requirements and so the variable heat control knob is important for this function.

Its two-wheeled assembly makes rolling smooth and easy on the surface so you can comfortably move it from place to place.

While steel is known for toughness and durability, bronze powder coating is an important protection against harsh weather as well as a décor complement. This unit has both so you have yourself all these benefits.
Patio heaters offer almost similar services to fire pits only they require little maintenance and are more often portable. They feature an ignition system, burner, and sometimes a hood for the burners.

While their function is all about warming your space during those chilly nights, the best patio heaters are also great add-ons to your décor. If you never really knew the value of your outdoor space, you need to acquire one of these heaters. They will help you extend your life beyond your indoor walls as well as help you make more use of your patio or deck.

As always, our review doesn’t end before we have our best pick.

Our best patio heater award today goes to Square Flame Commercial (Rich Mocha) Quartz Glass Tube Patio Heater by Golden flame, more because of its functional and aesthetic design as well as a high user-rating in several propane patio heater reviews.