We all love the sight of a clean, neatly cared for lawn. When you don’t have plenty of leaves to clear, a rake will always do the work. But it’s not always ideal when you are prohibited from sweeping the leaves out of your home into the street.

When you don’t have the choice of piling up the trash and debris in your yard, a leaf vacuum will be the next choice of equipment. It is ideal in that it can clear up leaves by shredding and getting them ready for compost.

Most leaf vacuums are set up as part of leaf blowers. They form versatile pieces of equipment to help you tackle most gardening needs without purchasing two different tools. With all the different models, you may find yourself in a bind when making a choice to take home only one of them.

But you don’t need to get yourself a headache going through them. We have done the work for you and identified the best there is.

Here, we delve at FIVE of the best leaf vacuums. They are rated high for their excellent performance. Many users gravitate towards them, and as such we are going to look at why they are unique.

Leaf VacuumMulch RatioMPHPower TypeRun-TimeWeightRating
Sun Joe 40-Volt iONBV Cordless Vacuum/Blower/Mulcher Variable Speed with Brushless Motor17:1200mph40V rechargeable battery45mins11.9lbs4.1/5
GreenWorks 40V 24312 185MPH G-MAX Cordless Vacuum/ Blower4.5 bags on a single charge185mph40V Rechargeable Battery120min with 4Ah battery and 60min with 2Ah Battery5.6lbs4.0/5
Worx Trivac 12Amp WG500 Electric All-In-One Vacuum/Mulcher/Blower10:1210mph12amps electric currentUnlimited time when plugged to a socket8.4lbs3.8/5
BLACK+DECKER High-Performance BV5600 Blower/Mulcher/Vac16:1250mphElectric-corded 12ampsUnlimited time when plugged to a socket9lbs4.2/5
Toro Super Leaf Vacuum 51618 225MPH Blower10:1210mph12amps electric-cordedUnlimited time when plugged to a socket7.2pounds4.4/5

Best Leaf Vacuum in 2017 Reviews

5. Sun Joe 40-Volt iONBV Cordless Vacuum

Nothing would please more than being able to clean up your compound in the shortest time possible. You will never go wrong with the Sun Joe multi-purpose leaf vacuum. It doubles up as a mulcher and blower too.

As a leaf vacuum, you’ll need it when you want to reduce piles of leaves into a manageable size so you can move them quickly. It will help in managing your landscape, so you don’t have to keep collecting leaves every other day.


You’ll be pleased by the small size it exhibits to allow moving around. Seeing that it is a cordless blower, you are not confined to the areas you can cover around your home. It utilizes a 40V rechargeable battery with 45 minutes run time.

This way, cleaning most areas of your home will feel like a breeze. The power it exudes runs up to 200mph. It can manage nearly all sorts of debris, from sticks, twigs and even grass clippings.

It’s easy to customize how you work. With six variable speeds, collect different types of materials according to the speed you set, so you don’t end up sucking leaves and leaving twigs behind. You will see the speed variations aid in managing the machine because some great velocity can give you an uncomfortable time.

The fan location and the handle are on the same plane to balance of the tool. It thus, reduces fatigue you would experience after 45 minutes of continuous use.

If you have problems with disposing of your trash after you pile it up, this machine will greatly help you in the mulching process. You don’t have to worry about having large compost pits and wait up several months before the quantity goes down.

It is capable of reducing the size of a load up to 1/17 their original size. This machine comes with a 16-gallon bag to immensely help with disposing of the trash. It also carries rugged wheels for better mobility.


  • It’s a multipurpose leaf vacuum
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Higher power than most cordless leaf vacuums


  • It is a bit expensive, but the durability level makes it all worth it


Sun Joe presents a versatile product. This leaf vacuum can suit many gardening needs with ease. The design is user-friendly and changing from one setting to the other is fast and easy. The mulching process can begin immediately you start using this leaf vacuum. For this and more reasons it is a must have as the best leaf vacuum you will ever own.

4. GreenWorks 40V 24312 185MPH G-MAX Cordless Vacuum

A power vacuum come blower can always be part of your arsenal for your home cleaning needs. If you are tired of hiring profession cleaners to do the job, then the GreenWorks Cordless Vacuum is the best option for you.


You will find it works smoothly to restore the appeal your yard had before fall. The design is highly user-friendly, and both you and your neighbors will never feel disturbed by the noise level.

This leaf vacuum can quickly switch to a blower. If you need to blow large areas, then you will want to utilize this machine. But if your lawn is scattered with leaves and you don’t want to keep going back to ensure you cleared everything, vacuuming will do a better job.

Perform the work of cleaning and collecting the debris once since you will be vacuuming into a bag. No need to use a broom anymore after you have made passes over a path. The leaf volume stands at 340CFM, so it will take a little time when you use it as a blower.

With the variable speed of up to 185mph, it’s possible to clean and give a sparkle of beauty to your lawn. You will never see a speck left behind because you can vary the speed according to what you collect. The high power can go for one hour on a single charge on a 2Ah battery.

It uses one 40V Li-Ion battery to run longer than most leaf vacuums. With the help of the brushless engine, the motor runs smoothly with less vibration. Working with it will become a favorite.

The brushless motor is a significant aspect of this machine. It is responsible for the zero emissions, and you’ll never worry about the fuel level or if you are breaking the laws on gas effusion. This leaf vacuum is also quiet. If your state does not allow the use of gas blowers which are noisy, it matches such power, but it leaves no emissions.


  • Even pattern between the MPH and CFM
  • Long run-time on one charge
  • Ergonomic working design
  • Variable speed ability


  • The battery and charger are not included in the purchase


GreenWorks always gives us excellent models. This is one of their finest designs which exude high power even on the lowest setting. Most users love its long run time, and since it makes for the leaf vacuums with the least weight, most people can use it.

2. BLACK+DECKER High-Performance BV5600

This affordably priced gardening tool will be a favorite for all your landscaping needs. If you are fond of basking in the sun surrounded by a serene environment, then spending some time cleaning with the Worx Trivac all-purpose blower will result into a better-looking yard.


It cleans in the shortest time possible. The speed it generates is high enough to complete tasks at a go, so you won’t go over passed places time and again.

When you are working, you’ll always want to be in control. You want a machine that works for you instead of spending time figuring out how it works. This leaf vacuum is easy to assemble. It can take on most cleaning jobs when you switch from one function to the next.

Change from blowing to vacuuming in seconds by fixing the set effortlessly. You only need to plug the vacuuming tube and the collecting bag to the assigned parts. No more fumbling with manuals or bolts and screws.

Working with this machine will reveal an ergonomic design also. The collecting bag is at a proper height, and it comes with a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is crucial when balancing of the load as you work along.

This means you can feel the weight of the load as you vacuum, so you’ll know when it’s time to empty. The best thing is that it is compact and it allows for one hand operations.

You’ll love the design of the angled tube. It makes collecting debris even in tight places a breeze. Reach out high up on drains to unblock the pathways or reach under bushes which harbor the most trash. The electric motor is an ideal make because the engine will run efficiently at 12Amp.

This current produces 210 miles per hour of speed, a velocity rare for a machine that runs on electricity. It can take on wet leaves on grass and other types of heavy debris.

It features a powerful impeller capable of reducing large volumes of dry leaves in a matter of minutes. In a shredding ratio of 10:1, your composting frustrations will be over in a minute. When working with a variable speed, it is valuable when working with delicate plants.

You don’t want to uproot flowers with the high speed or set off a wave of dust. So regulate the speed, as you complete different tasks.


  • Robust plastic construction
  • Lightweight and compact
  • The handles have a soft but firm grip
  • Angled tube extends the level of reach


  • The plastic impeller is a concern for persons who vacuum on gravel because of sucking up rocks


The overall make of this leaf vacuum reveals a highly reliable product. It is corded, but it manages to beat power on some gas handheld blowers on the market. It is, however, a small-scale vacuum because you can’t go over 100ft from the plug. It is straightforward when inputting different tubes to blow and vacuum. The price is reasonable for all the tasks you can accomplish with it.


Are you trying to get rid of bags of leaves and debris from your compound? Well, you’ll be pleased by the BLACK+DECKER leaf vacuum. It is capable of reducing 16 bags of leaves into one bag. It is a 3-in-1 machine that can go from being blower to a vacuum in an instant.

It has very few parts so setting up will be easy. The tube system quickly locks to the proper parts, allowing the user to exert control when cleaning.

It comes with two-speed settings to regulate the 250mph speed. Work to collect different materials lying in your yard while you continuously care for the growing plants. You can set the rate at a high or low speed, and as such you get to be in control of your machine.

It works for your cleaning needs in a friendly manner. You will maintain an upright posture, and your wrist is fully protected from twisting. The 9pounds exhibited by this machine distributes evenly to afford you a pleasant time when working.

The BV6500 motor head uses 12 amps to produce high power. This power can suck all types of debris including grass clippings, pine needles, leaves, twigs and even wet leaves. You are not limited to the surface you can clean. Work on garages, sidewalks, decks and grass yards.

It can operate on both hard surfaces and gardens equally. You will rarely experience blockages when working with it because it has a high-impact metal fan which keeps it from clogging. This is the reason it’s the first choice as the best yard vacuum.

Most gardening machines require you to use ear muffs because of the high noise levels they emit. However, with this machine, the noise is subtle at a safe range of 68dB. It is possible to keep up a conversation when you are working.

Although this is a corded leaf vacuum, you will see constant usage since it carries a built-in cord retainer that keeps the machine plugged in at all times.


  • Uses a turbo nozzle to blast all sorts of debris
  • Built-in cord holds the tool in place
  • High power does not confine you to the surface of use
  • It has tool-free operations


  • The suction tube may sometimes suck up heavy debris and clog, but it’s easy to unclog by pulling it apart and setting it back


Your search for the best leaf vacuum should be over by now. With a convenient machine that’s exhibited by the BLACK+DECKER, you can experience the most pleasant time when cleaning your compound. You don’t have to stop growing trees, just breeze the leaves away.

1. Toro Super Leaf Vacuum 51618 225MPH Blower

If you love appealing and sophisticated tools for your gardening, Toro Super Leaf Vacuum will be your best attraction. It makes to the top of our list since it exhibits high-performance from the speed and excellent capability to mulch from 10 bags to one bag of leaves.


Its abilities are expressed in the sharp blades which are capable of cutting through sticks and twigs to leave your yard beautiful and neat.

This machine uses 12amps electric current to generate speeds up to 210mph so that you can collect every type of material lying in your yard. The rate can vary between two settings so you can vary the speed to tackle the different areas on your property.

It helps you control the machine whether you are blowing or vacuuming. With a quick-release latch design, convert the blower mode into a vacuum in seconds.

When working with this machine, you will have maximum maneuvering with the long cord availed. You can cover more areas than typical electric-corded blowers can. With a soft grip on the handle, it prevents slipping in the middle of use. You also loop it in your hands to lock into position, so you work continuously.

This machine features a power surge protector for the motor. It is a reliable engine that balances the volume and velocity of the wind speed coming from the nozzle.

Clogging and jamming of the blades may never be experienced with this machine. It comes with a uniquely designed fan that keeps the flow smooth in the suction tube. The fan also plays a role in preventing it from overheating after hours of use.

The wind power it creates is capable of sucking up dirt and debris from rock cracks and is a useful tool when unclogging drain systems in your gutter. Therefore, this is an ideal choice as it is the top-rated brand on the market.


  • Tool-free conversion from one function to the other
  • Equal balance between the speed and volume of air speed
  • High mulching power in the ratio of 10:1
  • Fan design keeps it from clogging


  • It requires a securing cord to keep it plugged in when working


Having a machine go through thousands of individual evaluation processes and come out with the highest rating proves Toro is the best leaf vacuum. It has great power and switching from one mode to the next is tool free. Its ability to mulch loads of leaves gives it the appeal to work on large spaces with ease.

How to choose the Best Leaf Vacuum: Buyer's Guide

After reading through what the best leaf vacuums have to offer, the lines between the most supreme might still be blurry. So let’s look at some things to note when examining the models on the market.


How much weight can you maintain before fatigue kicks in? Your ability should guide you before you even look at the power.

Power and Noise Levels

Are there restrictions on noise in your area? If not, how much noise does the machine emit? If you cannot handle high levels of noise, you will be prompted to choose devices with lower power.

Mulching Capacity

What is the volume of the leaves you want to mulch? Look at the mulch ratio before you choose your gardening vacuum.


Will you need tools when switching between functions?  Go with a machine that clips the vacuum or blower to the machine without tools.

Wrapping up

We believe you can now make a choice with confidence basing your information with the above list. Keep in mind the area you want to cover and the power plus speed combinations.

The price does not always reflect what you get when it comes to the best leaf vacuum so choose wisely. Never settle for less if you are working on a budget, leaf vacuums are very inexpensive so take your time.

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