Maintaining your lawn in its best condition is a priority for many homeowners. But the job becomes more tasking when you have to mow on steep hills and uneven surfaces.

Most mowers on the market have a niche for flat terrains and soft surfaces. This fact means that it’s quite hard to find a mower to make clean cuts on hills ranging to15-degrees steep angle.

Here we look at two of the best lawn tractors for hills. They are probably the best you’ll ever get as they feature better traction and small turn radius. Their realistic budgets make them the most viable hill mowing machines. That is if you must use a riding tractor.

Comparing the Best Lawn Tractor for Hills

Lawn Tractor for HillsPricePowerCutting DeckGround SpeedEngineRating
Husqvarna 960430211 Pedal Tractor Mower18.5HP42-Inches7.4MPHBriggs& Stratton4.4/5
Yard Machines Riding Lawn Mower420cc42-Inch5MPH Forward
2MPH Reverse
Briggs& Stratton3.5/5

Best Lawn Tractor for Hills Reviews

1. Husqvarna 960430211 Pedal Tractor Mower 42-Inch 18.5HP

Safety is of utmost importance when mowing hills. With the Husqvarna 960430211, you can bag large volumes of grass in no time at all. This machine delivers comfort, strength, and versatility for the toughest steep areas you are up to handling.

It is the best riding tractor you’ll ever get for such an attractive price. The drive power is less, meaning that power is directed to grass cutting. This is no ordinary tractor seeing that it carries large tires with X-Trac traction.

Convenient Drive System

The tires are an exceptional feature of this mower. They provide the best traction you can get when moving uphill such that the machine does not skid even in wet areas. It has intuitive riding features such as the fast auto transmission system.

This aspect indicates it works continuously without failure so as to provide the best service in the most dangerous portions of your land. You’ll want it, even more, when you realize it has an air induction mowing technology.

Unique Mowing Technology and Maintenance

This technology allows constant air flow between the deck and the ground to ensure that you achieve the correct height of the grass. It comes in handy to make an even cut in all areas, even over tough, thick grass.

When it comes to maintaining your tractor after use, you’ll have it the easy way. This possibility is all thanks to the deck wash port which allows fast and easy connection to a hose pipe. This way, you can clean the underside effortlessly with no hassle.

Comfort Level plus Performance

Working with this unit is comfortable as it affords the convenience of keeping both hands on the steering wheel. It comes with a pedal operation system such that when your foot goes off the pedal, the engine stops.

With 18.5HP, it’s complemented by a 42-inch cutting deck. This combination allows fast, precise cuts such that you can mow on vast areas in the shortest time possible.

Also included is the 16-inch turn radius which makes it possible to navigate small spaces in smooth rotations. You can also go around obstacles like flowerbeds, trees, and bushes with maximum control.


  • Has a spring assisted fender mounted deck for smooth height adjustments
  • Carries two anti-scalp wheels to protect the grass
  • Ergonomic seat and steering system
  • It can take on several attachments like a mulch kit or a bagger


  • It’s more expensive than regular push mowers


This Husqvarna model is designed with precise properties to tackle hilly areas. The auto transmission system allows fast and safe working. The small turn radius is a sure indication of the navigation capabilities it can offer. One has the assurance of security and user-friendly working elements from the low lying seat which prevents fast exhaustion and fatigue. It carries one along with ease without losing stability so anyone without minding their physical strength can use it.

2. Yard Machines 42-Inch 420cc Riding Lawn Mower

Key Features

The Yard Machines 42-Inch riding mower is a powerful and sturdy machine. The 420cc engine displacement allows you to cut grass in an area over two acres with ease. The construction indicates well thought outdoor power equipment.

The tires are unique to riding uneven surfaces with maximum agility. The rear wheels are large; hence they can make quick soft turns. This aspect allows you to navigate to all the unimaginable areas you could ever want around your home.

Speed Performance and Navigation Capabilities

You’ll like that it benefits from a shift on the go drive system. This way you can make swift speed changes of the seven availed speed levels. It allows super control of the unit, with the convenience of topping the speed to 5MPH when in forwarding motion and reversing at 2MPH.

This tool is also keen on the turn radius, offering better turning capability with an 18-inch turn radius. It’s incomparable to using larger riding mowers which are super hard to control, let alone turn or reverse.

Durable Steel Construction

The Yard Machines riding tractor carries a robust steel constructed deck. It is, therefore durable since steel resists corrosion and disfigurations when met by any significant impact.

The two blades attached to the deck allow quick, precise cuts to ensure you get clean cuts each time. Even on the toughest turf, you can rely on this machine to deliver a neat and admirable lawn.

It also has the beauty of two anti-scalp wheels to leave your lawn untampered with after cutting. And, since it can take on a bagger, or an aerator, it is all-around to provide for carrying out various operations at the same time.

Power Performance and Fuel Efficiency

This power tool can achieve top performance by reaching full economy. It comes with an overhead valve design which affords the correct airflow to the carburetor such that the air-to-fuel combustion is maintained at the proper levels.

This means you can work for longer as fuel is used efficiently. Along with this convenience is the electric start system. You can fire up the engine with much ease as the carburetor is warmed up fast even in cold freezing weather.


  • Provides total comfort for the user
  • Simple shift of speed on the go drive system
  • It has a side discharge system but can also take other accessories
  • Steel construction for durability


  • The attachments are to be bought separately


Having a mower to handle most of your needs means you don’t have to spend money on more yard tools. This is what the Yard Machines riding tractor has to offer. You can’t get enough usage out of it as each day presents new possibilities. It falls in the inexpensive categories, and what’s more, it’s easy to operate in forward and reverse while keeping you comfortable.

The Best Riding Tractor for Hills

We firmly believe that the Husqvarna model has been designed for the hills. The operation is automatic while you can control and keep the unit in line with your demands. You don’t need to assemble the unit, just bring it down from an open crate, and start mowing right away.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Lawn Tractor for Hills

Drive System

Rear wheel drives where the front tires are small make steering and controlling a riding tractor much easier. Look for an automatic steering system for complete safety when making sharp turns and riding in very steep areas.

Tire Traction

How deep is the wheel traction? Broad and deep traction keep the unit stable in areas where the surface is uneven, muddy or slippery from snow. Wide rubber tires provide better traction than most units.

Turn Radius

The smaller the machine, the smaller the turning radius is. This means the tool can turn on tight spots with much flexibility. Look for the tool whose turn radius configures to the type of area you’ll be covering.


We have covered two of the best riding tractor for hills. We now leave it to you to make the choice of which one will work for you.

Remember to take into consideration the comfort and durability since even with their seemingly inexpensive prices in their class, the price is quite high when compared to other regular mowers. But for the purpose they fulfill, we hope they serve in their best condition for years to come.

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