It’s all fun and merry in autumn when falling leaves add color to your yard. We may love the ‘beauty’ but not so much when they cover every inch of your green grass.

So it’s now time to clean again and again. Hiring a professional to do the sweeping may be a good idea at first, but when you need to do the sweeping regularly, it becomes expensive in the long haul. Investing in a lawn sweeper saves you money and keeps your lawn spectacular in a moment’s notice.

The best lawn sweeper will do an excellent job of picking up leaves and any twigs, debris, sticks, leaving your lawn mellow and attractive. It saves up hours of work and energy that could have been spent otherwise raking.

There are many benefits to draw from a lawn sweeper. Your back is even bound to get a free break from all the bending when using a rake.

Here we filter the FIVE BEST lawn sweepers on the market, looking at their features, performance and why they stand out. These are top-rated that have the highest recommendations based on their excellent performance. 

The Best Lawn Sweepers Reviews in 2017

5. Ohio Steel Sweeper 42SWP22 Spiral Brush 42”/22 Cu.Ft.

If you own a large property with a spacious lawn, you will greatly benefit from this lawn sweeper. The Ohio Steel sweeper is one of the best rated. Users marvel at its high capacity and its ability to do a clean job.

Leaves and debris make not only an unspectacular scene, but they also destroy the vibrant nature of grass.  So if you don’t want your grass to turn yellow; turn it up with this lawn sweeper.


With a width of 42 inches, this sweeper can quickly do the job for medium sized to large gardens. It does a great job of lifting those leaves including all the other debris including sticks and pine cones. The speed of the spiraled polypropylene brushes sees that you can even collect subtle stuff like pine needles.

It, therefore, makes for an ideal sweeper for regular deep cleaning for your home. Don’t worry about the next time you’ll be sweeping your lawn because this one does a squeaky clean job to warrant a few days off your routine in fall.

You’ll love its hopper’s large capacity at 22 cubic feet. This speaks volumes and should not be undermined. The reason being that, if you own a small property but have lots of trees you’ll need a hopper that holds up plenty of leaves, so you don’t keep making many trips to empty it.

We can say it is versatile, able to handle both small and large properties. The hitch is yet another outstanding feature. It is adjustable to fit your ATV, garden’s tractor and any other type of tow truck you wish to attach it. This is because it is a multi-height system hitch.

When it comes to the type of areas you can cover, it does not restrict you to level grounds. Instead, use it on rough terrain if it includes your home grounds. Even when you have a driveway filled with gravel but still, you need to use a sweeper to collect the scattered leaves. This model makes it possible. It comes with rubber wheels which can cover all types of terrain.

They are fitted with hardened plastic gears. Thus, they can resist wear which comes with bumping. They offer strength and durability to give you hours of service while they retain their good working condition.

This sweeper comes unassembled. You will, therefore, be needed to get it working after some screwing and fixing parts. With the availed manual, it’s just a matter of time before you figure out what goes into what. The only challenge you may encounter is perhaps installing the tension rods and the top and bottom hopper tubes.

You will be required to exercise extra caution and also wear a pair of gloves and glasses when getting the job done. Once you have the sweeper up and working, you are set for long hours without the need for repairs. You’ll love that it also disassembles easily for easy storage so that you won’t hurl a whole 42” of sweeper in your store.


  • Large capacity for heavy-duty use on the hopper
  • Strong, unbreakable brushes
  • Disassembles easily for storage
  • It has smooth operations


  • The hopper drags on the ground as you work, such that it may reduce its life


The unique features of this sweeper make it a preferred brand. It is durable with a steel construction, large capacity and is also well priced. It can withstand heavy usage on various terrains, and you’ll love the assembled build.

All in all, this sweeper beats hours of raking and is probably the best choice for keeping that lawn clean for hours on end.

4. Brinly STS-427LXH, 42-Inch 20Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

We all crave a clean home. It adds to the serene environment where you can let go and unwind. But with debris and leaves lying all over your lawn, that may be impossible.

So first, get the Brinly Lawn Sweeper for a cleaner home. It will save you time and energy. Raking may be cheaper but believe me, your back will thank you later after using this sweeper.


The brushes go as far as 42 inches. Getting the work done fast and easy is possible with this sweeper. It’s capable of collecting every piece of debris including all the small sticks which get stuck in the longer grass. There is a total of six brushes which are indexed to get any height you require.

You can, therefore, maximize the picks you make as the capacity for getting all the litter gets covered with the brushes. They operate at an excellent speed, so you’ll not go repeating after every sweep.

The capacity for the hopper means you can get the work done with less emptying. It measures 20cubic feet, so it is a must consideration for you who has long lawns and many trees. It can tackle a large volume of leaves deposited in it as it has a strong construction that will not give when subjected to heavy trash. This way you will make only a few trips to empty the hopper.

Another good thing about the hopper is that it does not drag on the ground as you tow. This means the bottom does not get roughened up when it becomes heavy. It can, therefore, preserve its quality for a long time coming.

You’ll love the make which is a construction from steel. It is therefore virtually indestructible, and the frame can take lots of abuse. It can also take the outside extremities quite easily since the finish is corrosion and rust resistant.

However, you may want to constantly oil the parts if you live in saline environments. The assembling of this lawn sweeper is probably the craze. It’s effortless once you figure out the step by step instructions, but you’ll do a haphazard job when you try to assemble it from memory.

The tires form one of the attractions of this lawn sweeper. They are rubbery and ant-skid with a rugged design. You can then handle rough patches if you’ll not be picking litter from your level lawn only. The hitch is an impressive, versatile feature which is a multi-height system to fit mowers and other trucks.

When it comes to storage, Brinly has devised a clever way which is purposed for you to use the least space in the store. It is a simple folding design only experienced with Brinly products so if you have very little storage space; this is the lawn sweeper for you.


  • Robust construction to extend its longevity
  • Can take up significant volume of trash
  • Tires can handle rough terrain
  • Indexed brushes to cover different heights


  • The assembly instructions require added details for faster assembly


There’s nearly nothing of what’s not to like about this lawn mower. It comes at an attractive price and forms the best replacement for your rake. It has endless capabilities since you can collect even thatched grass and other types of trash. The unique storage and heavy duty capacity is all the more reason for you to invest in it.

Yardwise Push Lawn Sweeper Sweep it, 23630-YW 21-Inch

3. Yardwise Push Lawn Sweeper Sweep it, 23630-YW 21-Inch

Falls is a beautiful time of the year, but as you enjoy the weather, too many leaves falling on your lawn calls for attention. It’s best to get to work with the Yardwise Sweep it Push Lawn Sweeper. From one of the best manufacturers, Yardwise provides an effortless way to clean all unsightly leaves and twigs off your lawn. You also want to keep the grass receiving sunlight, so it does not only serve for the fall season, but also through the windy days.


Sweep it model is the lightest in weight we have come across. This makes it possible to push as you’ll need any tow truck to drive it around. It is, thus one unique lawn sweeper where you don’t need to be a professional to clean your yard.

It saves time spent on long hours of raking after trimming since with the push design; you can go picking up 21inches of a patch.  You’ll only need a few sweeps to cover the yard, and you’re done. The brushes have an adjustable height where at the press of a knob, you can go as far down or up according to your need.

Perhaps the best feature yet is the 26-gallon capacity on the hopper. You don’t want to spend hours emptying the hopper. Because it can take up that much litter, you may only make a few trips to the emptying bay before you are done sweeping.

The material on the hopper also calls for attention since it shows resilience. Every time it feels heavy, you’ll be prompted to empty so that you can preserve its quality. It’s important since it does not show any signs of stress; it may prompt you to input more litter.

With this lawn sweeper, you don’t need large storage spaces. It folds in a compact design which enables one to fit it into small rooms. The hopper is also detachable for when you want to empty or store. Because it is relatively small size, this sweeper will get to those spaces where large heavy trucks cannot. Thus, you get a lawn sweeper that is flexible to meet your every sweeping need.

The easiest assembly comes with this sweeper. Users indicate they have taken as little as 20minutes to get it working. Also, it has a construction from sturdy plastic, meaning it can withstand a lot of use. The handles are metallic, so you’ll not have a hard time pulling when it’s heavy.

You know how annoying plastic handles get as they bend awkwardly. The other good thing about it is that it does not require power to propel the brushes. Pushing it is all the energy it needs to fill that hopper.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • It is environment-friendly
  • Very affordable


  • It’s hard to lift wet leaves and debris


This is the best buy if you are looking for a cost-effective method of cleaning your lawn. For a good price, you get to own the best push lawn sweeper. It works perfectly on dry leaves, and though it may present an issue in picking wet leaves; which is common for all lawn sweepers, you’ll get the much value for your money.

2. Agri-Fab 45-0492 44Inch Lawn Sweeper

So you are tired of sweeping after you mow? Well, don’t fret too much; Agri-Fab has just the right solution for your exact need. This 44inch lawn sweeper is ideal for attaching to you mower so you can collect the cut grass in the process of mowing.


It’s the best time saver for yard care, allowing you to do one super clean up in a matter of hours. It fits vast lawns which may need a few trips. With it, you can make the least passes over your lawn.

The most distinctive feature of this sweeper is the patented offset hitch. It can either set at the center or the side. This way you can do the mowing at the same time collect the leaves. The hitch is a multi-height adjusting system meaning you don’t have to worry whether it will fit your tractor or not. You can, therefore use it with any tow truck you choose because it can accommodate most heights.

With the adjustable height for the brushes, this is the most convenient to pick all types of debris. It can even pick up pine cones and thin sticks since it can go as low as the height required to complete such collection.

The brushes also reveal a high level of resilience where they can withstand lifting even sharp objects like pine needles. They are efficient in the speed to thoroughly do one sweep for 99% cleanup of debris. With reinforced brushes, the spinning remains smooth. The gear method allows the free spin which makes it more efficient than other sweepers.

The hopper forms most of the conversation among users. Its low-lying design has a large capacity of 25cubic feet. It takes so much yet it does not stress or show any signs of giving. When it comes to emptying, it allows for one hand operation where you can dump while still seated on your tractor.

The dump lever is a flexible make which makes the emptying simpler and quicker. Seeing that it lies low, you can sweep even on a windy day because no leaves can make it out after they get into the hopper.

Setting up this sweeper takes up the least time possible. The manufacturer requires you to input a few clevis pins and fasten only two nuts and bolts. Among the heavy duty lawn mowers, this is the easiest to assemble yet. This type of assembly comes to save the day when it comes to the storage.

It enables collapsing of the whole frame such that it occupies space half of its size. No tools are needed to collapse, so save room for storing other equipment like the mower.


  • Sturdy construction assures durability
  • Easy to set up
  • Hitch folds and hopper collapses for compact storage
  • Uses rubber wheels for covering rugged terrain


  • Instructions need more details for easy assembly


This is the most versatile lawn sweeper we have encountered. Its ergonomic design allows one hand operation, and the adjustment system covers the brushes and the hitch.

The construction is robust to serve for many years. With the semi-pneumatic wheels (made from dense rubber) you can cover almost any terrain you choose. It is a great investment in comfort so save your back and get to work.

1. Agri-Fab 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper 45-0218 **EDITOR’S CHOICE**

You may want to save some time collecting the twigs, leaves, and debris covering your lawn, but you don’t own a tow tractor. This is where you’ll need the Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper. It best suits small yards where you want to get to all the areas which cannot be covered by the large sweepers.


There’s no need to reach for the rake when squeezing the leaves out of narrow hedges. This sweeper can save that much time.

The push design is convenient to make fast passes in small areas. It covers 26inches width, so you don’t have to make a lot of repeats as the leaves collected in one scoop is rather pleasing. The brushes spin at the adjusted height for maximum collection.

It has a knob for adjusting the height. You’ll always collect every piece and every type including, thatched leaves, pine cones, and needles. It’s incredible how much you can pick using such a small width.

The hopper for this lawn sweeper is a minimized size of 7cubic feet. That’s why it’s ideal for small homeowners because if you need to sweep a large area, you’re going to make a lot of trips. The filled hopper is strong not to give when lifted off the sweeper for emptying. It’s pleasing to see that you easily hook and unhook the hopper when it’s in use. This method assists in storage because it collapses to half its size.

When it comes to the mobility, this lawn sweeper carries rugged wheels with a construction from sturdy plastic. Thus, you can cover some parts of your home with uneven ground. The wheels are also wide measuring, 9.75×2.25 inches. They give the sweeper plus hopper a stable base so that it may not topple over when carrying heavy litter. The stability is, therefore, important for longevity purposes.

The assembly is straightforward. Only little assembly is required because you only need to fasten the hopper to the sweeper and you are a go to start working. It’s lightweight; you may not need extra hands when putting the parts together. The instructions are well written on this one;  a step by step set-up will save time. You can now tell the strong construction is a must have since it can withstand abuse from heavy usage.


  • Rugged wheels
  • Collapses for storage
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable construction


  • The hopper is a bit small for persons who need sweeping large amounts of debris


In a nutshell, this push sweeper is the perfect choice for cleaning up small lawns which do not have a lot of litter to pick. It is inexpensive, and its construction proves it’s worth more than the price.

The collapsible frame makes it an attraction among users, and since the brushes can pick up pine cones and bubble gum balls, it’s quite tough to pass.  Weekends may rather be spent pursuing hobbies we love, so you better save as much time as you can with this sweeper.

Choosing the Best Lawn Sweeper – Buyer’s Guide

As we have seen, lawn sweepers vary widely in design and the few modifications each has, makes it incomparable to the rest.  Some have constructions from metal, others plastic. The hoppers may lie very low on the ground or above ground. Let’s just say all the features they carry, make choosing the ideal sweeper a daunting task.

How does a Lawn Sweeper Work?

It uses brushes that continuously rotate to comb through the grass picking up debris and leaves. These brushes are located on a shaft which causes the rotations experienced during sweeping. Some lawn sweepers come with height adjustment capabilities.

When the brushes are too low, they may not move properly, and when they are too high, they may not collect everything. The right height is crucial when you want to maximize the uses of the sweeper.

What considerations to make before Purchasing your Lawn Sweeper

  • The Capacity of the Hopper

You may want to consider the volume of leaves and area you’ll be covering when using a lawn sweeper. An area with many trees means you need a hopper with the ability to carry many cubic feet of leaves. If you own vast gardens, it’s best to look for the largest hoppers so that you won’t make many trips to empty the hopper.

It’s also important that you check on the material that makes the hopper. The make dictates the longevity for if you dump heavy debris on it, the stress it encounters may contribute substantially to its wear.

  • Type of construction

Is it primarily made of metal or plastic? Although sweepers made of plastic are lightweight and easy to use, their durability will never match their metal counterparts. Metal is resilient to breakage and damage from the weather. It is also able to hold up heavy debris to help with covering large areas in less time.

  • Width of the Brushes

This is just like the hopper; when you have many areas and many leaves to collect, a wide sweeper comes in handy to ease the job, so you don’t make many returns. Consider where you’ll be using your sweeper. If you need to cover small spaces, there’s no reason to spend so much on a wider than necessary sweeper.

  • Assembly & Storage

Nearly all sweepers come unassembled, but some are simpler than others to assemble. You may want to read other people’s experiences when joining their lawn sweepers, before making a decision. The type of assembly also dictates the way you are going to store your sweeper. The easier it is to assemble the better for you when it comes to disassembling for storage.

  • Mobility

The type of Wheels is what you want to look out for in this section. They make your work easier when covering uneven grounds. The material which makes them garners the difference.  Rubber wheels are popular because they can withstand rough areas. Plastic not so much but if you have a smooth lawn; there are no restrictions when choosing a sweeper with plastic wheels.

In Conclusion:

Lawn Sweepers are useful for all seasons and therefore come in handy to save you time when you need to collect leaves and debris every other day. Remember to examine the features of the lawn sweeper you desire so you can save yourself some heartache when you are alone trying to figure the best lawn sweeper for you.

Hopefully, with this list, you can familiarize yourself with what to expect and make the best choice from one of the listed options.

And, do not leave your sweeper outside. The scorching sun and rain play a significant role in depreciating even the top lawn sweepers.

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