Finding the best lawn mower battery is not an easy task. Small riding lawn mower batteries are not the most glamorous of parts to consider when setting up your garden tool shed, but let’s face it–without constant, reliable power that doesn’t cut out when you need it the most, there’s nothing more frustrating than the weekly lawn trim. Below, we look at some tips and tricks to getting the best lawn mower battery for your needs, and the best way to get the best from your battery.

What should I know about my lawnmower battery?

Firstly, it’s always worth bearing in mind that all lawn mower batteries are lead acid. This means they have a charge cycle you need to be mindful of. If not regularly charged, they lose their ability to charge by becoming crystallised. A maintenance charger can help you with this over the winter.

Secondly, no matter how good the brand you pick, if you don’t maintain the battery well you will get corroded terminals- and that’s no good for anyone. Keep it clear with a wire brush, and you and the mower will both be happier.

Some batteries require battery water, and if yours is one you need to keep an eye on the levels to ensure optimal functioning. It’s also essential to keep a beady eye on the battery terminal connections and not have loose wires and such. Frayed and burned cables will cause connection issues and can be a safety hazard.

Nothing, however, will compensate if you are using the wrong size of battery. Overpowering can be dangerous in case of overload, but under powering is pretty much as bad. If you’re using the incorrect type and size of battery you will do long term damage to your home equipment and pose a safety hazard to operators.

That said, it’s not always strictly necessary to have an OEM [manufacturer brand] battery. There are off-brand battery makes out there from reliable suppliers that can work as well or better than some on-brand options. However, in general, you will get poor results from most cheap off-brand batteries, and they may not be as compatible with your equipment as the original.

What are some brands that make the best lawn mower batteries?

As we mentioned above, you will often be best served by going with the OEM battery for your specific unit. However, there are many good batteries out there, and a little research will help you determine what is the best fit and will give optimal performance in your mower. Here are a few of our current favourite picks:

OEM Toro Lawn Mower Battery

This genuine Toro part is a robust and long lasting pick, and the best lawn mower battery for the Toro range. While buying a proprietary battery can seem like an unnecessary expense, this one comes in at a decent budget price and delvers customer satisfaction.

WORX 24V lead acid lawnmower battery.

Providing 7.0 amh for longer cutting power and longer runtime. When used with the intended WORX models, it is also designed for a swift and hassle-free removal. The battery has a handle for easy carrying and a visible power test indicator on top to prevent frustration. User’s praise it’s capacity, ease of use and the quality of its lifespan.

Craftsman black and lawn batteries.

This double deal has proved a consistent Amazon favourite for all types of lawnmowers that can take the brand, not just the original propriety model. These 12V batteries are also suitable for a host of other applications, including mobility scooters and some brands of wheel chair. With a spill-proof design, they offer superior performance all around.
These, and many more, lead acid batteries represent the quality and reliability you need from the best lawn mower battery for your needs, and will give a long life of service for a more pleasurable lawn mower experience.

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