In this post we’re going to talk about which are the best hydroponic nutrients and where you can buy them from, but first let’s start with the basics.

What are hydroponics

To give a clear definition: Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants and vegetables without the use of soil, with the aid of nutrients. The plants can be either grown in sand, gravel or just water. There are other hydrophonic methods in which you can grow your plants differently, but we’ll leave this for another time. Take a good look at this folks, as we this might be the future of gardening as we know it.

Are hydroponics healty?

Let’s get to the basics. If you give a plant the right nutrients, at the right time, the plant will grow healthy. If you compare a plant grown in the soil and another while using hydroponics, the difference will be very much visible. Hydroponics allow for healthier, faster-growing plants. With so many pesticides and poluants in our soil, it is no surprise that both food commercial companies and gardeners alike have adoped hydroponics as a method to grow their plants. With hydroponics you can control the growing medium, adjust the nutrients and pH levels. Also, growing plants all-year-long is appealing to many.

So, What are The Best Hydroponic Nutrients?

General Hydroponics Flora Series QT

Hydroponics Flora Series is one of the best hydroponic nutrients on the market. They are so effective that even NASA and Antartic Research Scientists choose them. Perfect for growing anything, from lettuce, tomatoes to peppers and onions.

The basics formulas are extremely easy to mix. The nutritional charts are ideal and yield fantastic results. Its pH are balanced.
Plus, you are able to adjust mixtures for specific plants. Honestly, for this price, I do not think you can find any better hydroponic nutrients on the market. Overall, no matter what plants you’re trying to grow, general hydroponics flora series will do its job flawlessly

General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box

As the name implies, these nutrients aren’t for a specific type of plant, but they’re general, so you can use them on everything. This kit contains everything you need to grow any type of plant. In this pack you will find a 16oz of BioThrive Grow and Bloom fertilizers along with 8 oz samples of basically every General Hydroponics liquid supplement.

In the samples are included the BioRoot, BioWeed, BioBud, BioMarine, CaMg+ & Diamond Pack–This is a great deal as it allows you to test with different packs and decide what you truly need. With amazing reviews on Amazon, these are some of the best hydroponic nutrients.

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient

These are the top liquid fertilizers for hydroponics and can be used on anything, from herbs to vegetables. This kit comes with three liquid nutrients packs: Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom–they contain all the nutrients required for the plants to grow big, fast and healthy!

Grow Big Hydro can be used for green plants.
Tiger Bloom should be used when your plants start having buds or flowering
Big Bloom can be used any time during the growing cycle, as it will heal the root systems and increase the nutrients intake.

Overall, for the low price, this is a very convenient pack and a great hydroponics growing kit.

Flora Series 3 Gallon FloraMicro FloraGro FloraBloom

Flora Series is an established brand among hydrponics nutrients, and rightly so. They deliver high quality products at an affordable price. This is another general hydroponics kit, meaning you can use them on any kind of plants. This kit will build strong roots, similate fruit development and enhance the flavor of your foods.

The following nutrients can be found in this pack: Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Nitrogen, Calcium and trace elements.