The Husqvarna brand has been around for a long time now. Their products come packed with great features aligned with substantial snow clearing. For this reason, we find the Husqvarna brand worthy of special mention in this article.

Here, we explore four of their best-selling designs that do well for the residential homeowner. We hope it is informative in finding the model that meets your demands.

Best Husqvarna Snow Blower Reviews: Quick Comparison Table

Husqvarna Snow BlowerPriceEngine CapacityClearing SwathClearing HeightNumber of SpeedsHorsepower
Husqvarna ST224 208cc 24-Inch Two Stage Snow Blower208cc24-inches12-inches6-Forward
Husqvarna 27-Inch 2-Stage 254cc Snow Thrower 961930097 ST227<254cc27-inches12-inches6-Forward
Husqvarna Single Stage Snow Thrower 961830003208cc21-inches6-inches1-Forward5HP
Husqvarna ST230P Snow Thrower291cc30-Inches12-inches6-Forward

Husqvarna Snow Blower Reviews 2018 – Top Models

1. Husqvarna ST224 208cc 24-Inch Two Stage Snow Blower

If you need the perfect machine for snow clearing, the Husqvarna 24-inch two-stage model is the go to. You’ll find it useful if you receive light to heavy snowfalls each year. It is a desirable machine seeing that it is ergonomically designed for easy handling.

You’ll always be upright when you push it, thus saves you from back pain and wrist strain. If you regularly encounter challenges shoveling snow, this is the model to consider.

Reliability and Convenience

For starters, this machine cleans various types of surfaces since it is adorned with plastic skid shoes which keep the augers from scraping the floor. Note that if stones would get into the impeller system, the quality of the throw is lessened. The skid shoes come in handy to counteract such occurrence.

With the friction disc transmission, it is even easier to change and maintain the speed so that you can work on the rough patches with agility. It gives you the control you like to see in a machine so you can make turns when covering areas in reverse speed.

Unique Features

The ST224 is equipped with the Husqvarna LCT engine. It can generate high power in the 208cc dimensions. This means it can handle any snow like the wet and dense ice which threatens to stick on the auger.

With this power, it accelerates the steel auger in high speeds such the machine can take up volumes if snow in the least time possible. You’ll notice that it rarely clogs since at the spinning speed, just the heaviest of grain would stick which of course do not interfere with the working of the auger.

Drive System

When you don’t have the patience to use a shovel on a busy morning, you’ll like that it takes just a few passes to move significant amounts of snow. It benefits from the capacity to remove 24 inches swath. It means your car will not be in the garage for long. Even with the massive weight it carries, this machine is considerably easy to push.

The wheels are propelled to afford you an easy time when rolling through the snow. The tires stand at 15 inches, giving a broad and steady base to prevent the machine from skidding in the face of slippery ice.

Working in the cold poses the danger of freezing your hands and your body in the process. With ST224, it continuously gives you the warmth for comfortable working. The heated hand grips are complemented by the in dash lighting such that you can still work when visibility is low.


  • Chute and Deflector are remotely controlled
  • X-Trac tires for the deepest traction
  • It has a quick electric start
  • Comes with a cleaning stick to unclog the auger system


  • An expert is needed for repairs
  • The impeller degrades fast when it constantly encounters rocks/stones


The ST224 is better placed in residential homes where the clearing area is within the recommended range. It is quite uncomplicated to understand so anyone can use it. However, individuals with dexterity problems may not be able to use this machine for long hours owing to the hand vibrations experienced in the working process.

2. Husqvarna 27-Inch 2-Stage 254cc Snow Thrower 961930097 ST227

As they say in snow blowing, size does matter. This two-stage Husqvarna blower is bigger than the ST224. It carries a higher engine capacity, and definitely, more work will be accomplished with it. Value addition is seen to distinguish this machine from the rest of Husqvarna brand blowers.

It is heavier for tackling complicated tasks in its work range. If you have more than two cars to clear a driveway for, then you don’t want to waste your precious time moving all that snow with a shovel.

Simplified Working System

This machine sets out to make your work easier from the time it roars to life. It comes with an electric start to save you the energy of pulling the start cord. You’ll be able to move hundreds of pounds of snow in a few passes, clearing a path, 27-inches wide for whichever reason you want.

Be it a walkway for your pets or the steps to your house. This tool generates deliberate power from the 254cc engine to save you time in the cold.

Load Capacity

Its versatile nature is efficient for all types of snow. From the lightest snowflakes to the huge snowballs that form ice, it can crush through all of them for a consistent outflow. You’ll like the remote chute and deflector that reflects you can control the tool with one hand.

From the control panel, you can direct the flow and the height of the throw. This means you can control the speed with one hand so that the drive is not interrupted when you are adjusting the outflow.

Other Reliable Features

When it comes to the actual drive system, it explores the power steering mechanism. The wheels become self-propelled to lessen the effort you’d take to push the tool through beaten paths and slopes.

With the X-Trac tires, it can ride through close-packed snow effortlessly. You don’t have to wait for the sun to come up. It is furnished with LED headlights for low light conditions. It also has heated handgrips for the very frigid weather.


  • Carries plastic skid shoes to adjust the height of the auger system
  • Allows one hand operations
  • It’s easy to unclog with the clearing stick
  • Does not need fuel mixing


  • It needs constant maintenance of the nuts and other tight areas when used frequently
  • Acquiring parts is a challenge after the warranty period


This power equipment is an impressive design. It is for all the homeowners with long walkways plus driveways. You’ll find it gives you the opportunity to work in all the harsh winter conditions. The handgrips will keep you warm so beat it working consistently.

If you have weight pushing restrictions, we suggest looking at other models. This particular style is a heavyweight. Although it is equipped with power steering, you’ll still need to push it when the engine is off.

3. Husqvarna 21-Inch 208cc Single Stage Snow Thrower 961830003

When you want to accomplish a lot with a compact machine, you are looking at the Husqvarna ST131. It is easy to maneuver, lightweight, and best of all; it exudes high power. It is evident to see that you will have the best time when relishing the perks of winter.

There are so many reachable areas since it can fit into tight areas around the home. Do you have hard or soft surfaces? Use the single stage Husqvarna to see changes in the way you remove the grainy and fluffy snow.

Great Versatility

If it’s not the 208cc engine, then it is the 4-cycle driving force. These two elements provide the working power for kicking through complicated tasks. It has one drive system that is the auger but is efficient for the work capacity it is intended for. You’ll like the wide clearing width of 21-inches.

It comes down to the way you use the capacity it affords. It also cleans down to the pavement and because of that; you can use it on the sidewalk or the patio and garden. It focuses the energy to produce clean surfaces in one or two passes.

When you don’t expect heavy snowfalls, consider this model to put you in a state of preparedness. It can comfortably sink to 6–inches in the highest intake height.  It has no learning curve as you only need to manually control the direction and level of the throw so you are set for smooth working. This tool works consistently, provided you have a full tank.

Throw Capabilities and Self-Propulsion

You can go on for hours without exhaustion seeing that with the 8-inch ply rubber wheels, it can glide steadily. It continually expands your options by the throw distance over 20ft so you can move all the unwarranted snow to the areas you want.

It comes with ergonomic handles, adjustable to your height. These handles carry a safety clutch to control any form of kickback that you would experience in the handling process.


  • Large navigation wheels
  • Affordable for a single stage blower
  • It has no obstructions in achieving the maximum intake height
  • Carries rubber auger for snow clearing on all surfaces


  • It is not self-propelled
  • Plastic chute may breakdown when it encounters rocks constantly


The single-stage Husqvarna model is what you need if you receive reasonable amounts of snowfalls. It lives up to its claims such that all the properties add up to what it means to do. You don’t have to understand power machines to work with this design. It is straightforward in all its dimensions.

For beaten paths with gravel, this machine will not work for you. It is not ideal with the rubber auger to subject it to heavy snow as it will degrade in less the time it was prescribed for.

4. Husqvarna 30-Inch ST230P 291cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower

A machine that defies the harsh winter climate is what this model brings forth. It showcases more power, large capacity, more capabilities for the toughest snow clearing jobs. You have to invest in it to see the clearance capacity come to life. Who doesn’t want to make a 30-inch path for their car?

Power and Performance

It realizes the need for a working machine that is uncomplicated to use. Backed by the highest quality parts, it comes with a 291cc engine to drive the steel, serrated auger with consistency.

With it, the hard snow that keeps sticking on your shovel is just a passing wind on this tool. It mixes the snow with air to fragment it into small chunks for smooth outflow.  It can scoop up 30-inches and throw to over 35-ft. It just helps you get snow moving.

The engine power also allows powering through the big snow blocks or the piles lying at the end of the driveway. It is mostly useful when you need to clear a path fast enough to let a car through, especially during an emergency. It exudes ridiculously high torque power at 14.5 pounds/foot to punch through thick and dense snow up to 12 inches deep.

Controls and Drive System

Looking at the console, this tool comes with the best style. Seeing that it has smooth control levers of the chute and deflector, it makes the adjustments you need is very effortless. It is furnished with an aluminum gear box to achieve complete control of the machine’s movements. It is extremely rugged for the big jobs that call for a lot of impact against the tool.

You will love the power steering system that comes in handy when the surfaces are sliding out of control. The 16-inch snow wheels grip into the floor to provide you with the ultimate gliding power.

They lock into the position enabling the reversing and turning in excellent motions. It even carries an onboard cleaning stick so that you can have uninterrupted drive.


  • Comfy ride with heated handles
  • High power for the toughest jobs
  • Simple remotely controlled parts
  • It has an electric start button


  • Muffler does little to quiet the running
  • Some replacement parts are hard to find


This machine works well on long runways and driveways. It is a heavy-duty product for the large snow moving jobs. It is also a commercially viable machine as some users validate its use in parking lots and large garden parties.

But when you want to go all out plowing snow off the street, then this will not work for you. The capacity warranties wide but limits to 30-inches. It requires walking behind it, so it is not also good for the physically unfit person.

Our conclusion after the 4 Husqvarna snow blower reviews:

We believe with the ST224; you can spend time moving snow with ease. The engine power, handling, and pricing all add up to the best snow blower. Most people will find it effortless to push and operate. You can expand your reach with the ST224

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