When choosing a chainsaw, it’s best to consider the kind of tasks you are going to subject it, for now, and future projects. As a homeowner, it’s challenging to estimate the projects and align them to the right chainsaw.

That’s why we are bringing you this list, to help you figure out the best chainsaws for your home. You don’t have to have an unrealistic budget because you are not going to be using this chainsaw every day. Instead, it’s best if you buy the most inexpensive version of the chainsaw prescribed for homeowners.

Here are four of the Best homeowner chainsaws. They cover the budget, proper power requirements and utmost convenience for the average homeowner.

Quick Look on the Expected Features

Homeowner ChainsawPricePower RequirementsBar LengthHorsepowerWeightRating
WORX Electric Chainsaw WG303.114.5Amp16-Inches3.5HP11Pounds4.3/5
GreenWorks 20222 Corded Chainsaw10.5Amp14-Inches8lbs4.1/5
DEWALT DCCS690M1 XR Brushless Chainsaw40V Lithium-Ion Battery16-Inches18.4Pounds4.5/5
Remington 42cc RM4216 Rebel Gas Chainsaw42cc 2-Stroke Engine16-Inches22lbs3.8/5

Best Homeowner Chainsaw Reviews

1. WORX 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw 14.5Amp WG303.1

If you own a slightly large residence, say a ranch, a farm or your home stands on around 2acres, you’ll want to invest in the WORX chainsaw. This power tool is one of the best priced but carries the most useful properties for small to mid-sized jobs.

The beauty of it comes in the fact that it uses electricity, so it applies to a wide array of functions. Take it out on a hot or cold day and work on large branches, prune the small bushes and even cut firewood to manageable sizes. What’s more the power it exudes showcases great ability to handle difficult tasks like felling a tree.

Straightforward Working

It takes no time at all to understand the operation of the WORX brand. First, it comes with an automatic chain oiling system. This means you don’t have to control the lubrication level as it detects the falling levels and re-oils as you go with your work.

The constant lubrication preserves the life of the chain in that it does not rust or grow loose in a short time. Also, it has an auto chain tension, which is an exceptional feature considering that with other chainsaws you have to perform the tensioning manually.

Performance and Power

Looking at the power, this is an electric corded unit, meaning you have to be close to a plug to work with it. But this should not scare you as it has a wide coverage area. It uses 14.5Amp which is great for light tasks.

Note that electric power makes the unit lightweight and comfortable on the hands for working continuously without little fatigue. You’ll like that it runs with low noise levels and minimized vibrations.

Safety and Comfort Features

WORX has considered the consumer in every dimension. Thanks to the chain brake, you are protected from unforeseen kickback. The machine automatically kills the motor ensuring you are safe from injury.

It has Metal bucking spikes, adding to the safety levels of the unit. Even better, this tool has easy to access parts like the sprocket located at the bar nose. This way, you can lubricate it at any time. You don’t have to fuss about caring for it as it only requires proper cleaning and oiling.


  • Auto-tensioning system eliminates tight or loose working chain
  • It is affordably priced but with high-quality features
  • Can be of use in many applications
  • Includes a chain brake for safety


  • User complaints about it using plenty of oil


The WORX brand comes as no surprise as the best-selling on Amazon. The features speak for themselves seeing that it is built to cover the novice and seasoned chainsaw user. The possibilities are a ton of activities for small to mid-sized homes. It is best for light jobs so be careful not to use it on heavy-duty jobs like felling large trees.

2. GreenWorks 10.5Amp 14-Inch 20222 Corded Chainsaw

GreenWorks is at best a compact but powerful unit. Any homeowner who desires quick clean up plus many other tasks done in the shortest time should go for this model. It is designed ergonomically to ensure comfortable handling.

The primary functions are trimming and limbing since it is lightweight you can hold it for long before your hands start to feel the pinch of fatigue. As is it is electric powered it runs quieter than a gas chainsaw only that the power is comparable to some of the gas chainsaws.

Efficiency and Convenience

The source of energy is a 120V power plug, and as it is corded, you should probably go for the correct wire gauge. This spec is to ensure the machine does not heat up, damaging some crucial elements of the chainsaw. It starts easy with a flip of a switch, and it’s ready to run even in the coldest weather.

You can never go wrong with GreenWorks, seeing that it explores a heavy-duty chain with a tool-less tensioning system. This means you’ll always have the correct tension so that it is not too tight that it refuses to run or too loose that it runs slowly.

Convenience Features

Thankfully this chainsaw has an automatic oiler. You can go on with your work as the machine monitors the oil level and continuously oils in the usage process. What’s more pleasing is the oil window so you can check the level and refill according.

Although there have been isolated complaints of the window not being clear, we believe when the oil becomes stale the color affects the proper view. You should, therefore, change the oil after using the unit.

Comfortable Handling

For maximum comfort, it allows full hand wrap around. This feature is imperative when you are working in gloves as you can stabilize the unit safely as you go. The whole unit is seamless in that not part is exposed to moisture as it would be an electric shock hazard when working in wet conditions. Otherwise, the frame has a robust but light construction to increase its longevity and to work in its best condition.


  • Much quieter than using a gas-powered chainsaw
  • Lightweight and safe to work around
  • It does not produce fumes and waste carbon
  • Reasonably priced


  • It’s not economical on bar oil


The GreenWorks is excellent for many requirements. The Power makes it possible to fell small trees, trim and limb branches around the home. Anyone can use it, even those with weight lifting restriction. It is incredibly easy to hold, manage and control. It requires a small budget to acquire the unit and other than the high oil usage; you are set with an excellent chainsaw.

3. DEWALT DCCS690M1 XR Brushless 40V 4AH Lithium-Ion Battery 16-Inch Chainsaw

When using a chainsaw, you definitely want freedom of movement and if a cord does not work for you then the DEWALT 16-Inch XR Brushless Chainsaw is your best choice. It utilizes a 40V 4AH Lithium-Ion Battery meaning you need to have a full charge to work from whichever position and area around your home.

What’s more, it does not need maintenance as you would require with a gas-powered chainsaw. You are good for the time of your life with the DEWALT chainsaw.

Unique Features

The best features for a homeowner are met with this chainsaw seeing that is has a genuine Oregon chain and bar. It is durable, easy to adjust and cuts precise cuts to grace the DIY projects you are working on.  It is best for wood work like building the children’s playhouse and better still, constructing a shed to store other outdoor power equipment.

It also benefits from a tool-less chain tensioning system and automatic oiling. This convenience does not make this chainsaw upscale. Instead, you’ll find it is on the affordable end of battery-powered chainsaws.

High Capabilities and Precise Working

It can successfully make up to 70 precise cuts with one charge. This ability makes it possible to handle difficult jobs so that you won’t invest in other tools for cutting wood and working on live handles. It uses a rear handle such you can use it from the ground level.

The low kickback chain plus the chain brake are an important aspect to keep your hands away from the danger zone. Because it is lightweight, it makes control come easy so that you can hold it for extended periods if you have to finish a project.

Comfortable Management

When it comes to power and speed control, it carries a speed trigger to control the power you exert when cutting. You can change the speed when it’s running as the trigger has a location where the hand falls.

It’s good to know that the front and rear handles are both Rubberized to absorb most of the vibrations experienced in the process. And, if you want to continue working after the first, it’s easy to replace the battery with a fully charged one so that you can complete the tasks at hand.


  • The battery can work on all other DEWALT battery-powered tools
  • It has a chain brake for maximum protections
  • It runs quietly since it does not use gas
  • It has little oil requirements


  • The automatic oiler jams some of the time


This power tool presents comfort, convenience, and reliability on one pack. The weight is manageable, and it can achieve many cuts in one charge. It is dedicated to handling many jobs according to the needs you desire. In a nutshell, expect it to serve for a long time with all the parts retaining their high-quality properties.

4. Remington 16-Inch 42cc RM4216 Rebel Gas Chainsaw

If you demand nothing less of a chainsaw, you’ll want to look at the Remington 16-Inch 42cc Gas Chainsaw. It has the power, the versatility and flexibility to meet every requirement you have for a chainsaw.

Whether you want to fell trees, clean debris after a storm, this machine is deemed to tackle all the medium-duty tasks you have for it. The bar length limits the cutting diameter so be sure no to subject it to thick trees.

High Power Plus Streamlined Frame

Armed with a 2-stroke gas engine, it generates enough torque to ease the labor and shorten the time. The design is impressive as it has a 42cc engine encased in a heavy-duty crankcase.

However, this tool does not have to bear unmanageable weight as the bar, and the rest of the body are streamlined to afford the user a snug fit when holding it. The hand wraps completely such that one can balance and keep it in control when it roars to life.

Anti-Vibration and other Safety Properties

The best thing is the 5-point anti-vibration system complemented by the heavily cushioned handles. Although you may still need ear muffs when working with it, at least your hands won’t be shaking and throwing your body out of proportion.

It carries a sprocket tipped chain and bar to keep the unit in exact precision for continuous cutting. This aspect is important when you want to buck a tree to accurate measurements.

Effortless Care and Maintenance

The rebel chainsaw is also impressive when it comes to care and maintenance. The machine requires proper ratio of the fuel and oil such that the gas is not heavily laced with ethanol. This way, you can keep the machine working in perfect efficiency.

It benefits from quick start technology to eliminate frustrations that come with starting the engine when it’s cold. What’s more, it comes with its storage case to protect the machine from outdoor elements.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Heavy-duty crankcase for durability
  • High power to handle many jobs
  • Comes with the recommended bar and chain oil


  • Some users have indicated difficulties in dealing with the weight


Remington proves itself time and again as a reliable brand. More so when it comes to the Rebel Brand, it is reliable for most residential property jobs. The elements that make it are all durable to last the user a considerable time. It is pleasing when it comes to the safety features including the heavy cushioning on the handles and chain brake. It is a stylish brand so get working on this month’s projects.

The Best Homeowner Chainsaw

WORX 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw 14.5Amp WG303.1

Many users continue to acknowledge the usefulness of this brand. For one, it is a high-end product, but the pricing presents a very affordable unit. Working with it is straightforward; it is lightweight, durable and uses less power to undertake various chainsaw needs.

Tips on Buying the Best Homeowner Chainsaw

Before you embark on purchasing a chainsaw for use at home, here are some questions you need to ask.

What work do you need the Chainsaw to perform?

Heavy duty projects require high power. As a homeowner, the intensive jobs are not so much intense to require a massive chainsaw. Ensure that the chainsaw you choose matches the power with the requirements at hand.

Do you need a Top or Rear Handle?

Again, the type of work leads you to make a choice between the two options. If you want to work from the ground, a rear handle is best, but when you need to work on a platform or a tree, a top handle will serve you well.

Which is the Ideal Engine?

You’ll encounter an electric, battery or gas powered chainsaw. Each of this chainsaws presents distinct properties ranging from the power, weight, and handling. Electric chainsaws weigh the lowest while gas chainsaws weigh the highest. This leaves you with making a choice between the energy and weight you can handle.

Wrapping Up

These chainsaws present exceptional capabilities for the urban and suburban homeowner. You’ll find any of them useful when working in and around your home. You can get any of them on a budget; just remember to keep your demands at heart so that you won’t make many compromises.

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