When it comes to yard maintenance, a leaf blower is always part of your arsenal. Gas leaf blowers, however, were first reserved for large landscapes. This is because they are powerful tools aimed at heavy duty tasks.

But residential properties have also grown, and as we have come to appreciate growing of trees, our landscapes are now filled with leaves, twigs and other types of debris. That’s why we now gravitate towards gas powered leaf blowers because they do not restrict the run time or area of operation. When you have the best gas leaf blower, working around your landscape becomes less of a chore.

When you have grown tired of using a rake and broom for your cleaning needs, the next option is a reasonably priced gas blower to serve your needs while giving you value for the money.

Gas blowers fall under two categories: Handheld Gas Blowers and Backpack Leaf Blowers

For a quick read, here is a comparison table of the leaf blowers we reviewed.

Best Gas Leaf Blowers – Comparison Table

Gas Leaf BlowerPriceCycleMiles per Hour MPHCFMWeightCubic Centimeters (CC)
Husqvarna 125B 9527119252-stroke170 MPH470 CFM9.4lbs28CC
Tanaka 23.99 cc TRB 24EAP2-stroke170 MPH441 CFM8.6lbs23.9CC
Weed Eater 25cc FB252-stroke170 MPH290 CFM8.1lbs25CC
Makita 75.6cc BBX7600N4-stroke195 MPH526 CFM22.6lbs75.6CC
Poulan Pro 967087101 Backpack Leaf Blower2-stroke200 MPH475 CFM22lbs48CC
Echo Backpack Blower PB-580T2-stroke215 MPH510 CFM22.6lbs58.2CC

We look at the top rated gas leaf blowers which fall into either category. But first, when you are shopping for a gas leaf blower, you should tell the difference between the distinct qualities offered by the numerous models being dished everywhere on the market. Take your time on these important points before you make your decision.

Do you need High or Low Power?

The size of your yard and the volume of leaves will play a major role in helping you decide. You’ll need great power if you want to clean vast spaces on your landscape. If you don’t have a large area to cover, then you should look at the price level because a small power works just fine.

What’s the difference between MPH and CFM?

MPH stands for miles per hour. It is the measurement of the air speed/velocity of the air coming out of the blower’s nozzle. A high number indicates a high speed, and it means you can get leaves and debris out of small and tight spaces.

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute rating. It indicates what amount can be blown when the blower extends before you. This number is important when you want to stack large amounts of leaves fast.

Why does the type of engine matter?

You’ll come across the 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine. The difference is in the fuel management. The 2-stroke engine requires gas and oil mixed in a certain ratio to manage the motor performance. The 4-stroke engine carries different chambers for the gas and oil so the engine combustion chamber uses the fuel as a car engine could.

The difference with this two lies in the pricing and weight. 2-stroke engine blowers are lighter and cheaper while 4-stroke engine blowers are heavier and cost a little bit more. However, 4-stroke engine blowers tend to perform better and last a bit longer than 2-stroke engine blowers.

Finding The Best Gas Leaf Blower in 2017: The Reviews

Handheld Gas Leaf Blowers

  1. 1. Husqvarna 125B 952711925 2-Stroke 28CC 170MPH Handheld Gas Powered Blower **EDITOR’S CHOICE**

    Fall is a lovely time for enjoying the end of summer and the start of cold, freezing weather. For some of us, it means lots and lots of leaves falling everywhere on the garden, pavements, yards, etc. Wherever there is a tree, there’s bound to be leaves and other unsightly trash brought forth by the raging wind.


    Choosing a powerful blower will significantly aid in speeding up the time you clean your yard and getting it into good condition. That’s why we highly recommend the Husqvarna Handheld Gas Blower.

    Performance of the Husqvarna 125B 952711925

    This is the best gas leaf blower so far, loved for its high power, and high performance. It features a high air speed of 170MPH, which means it can blow just about anything in its path. That’s why it’s advisable you do not point the blower to people or pets.

    It can manage to stack pine needles, sticks, twigs and every single leaf that crosses its path. With the cruise control function, it becomes way easier to exert the speed you want where you’ll gain a smooth pattern of the speed movement so that you can get into all the tight spaces around the terrace.

    When it comes to the cubic feet per meter rating, this blower is designed to cover large areas in numbers of acres. Many users propose it because of its high ability to withstand heavy usage and give you a clean compound in no time.

    You only need an abundant supply of oil and gas if you want to continue cleaning for long hours. Unlike an electric corded blower, you are not restricted to the time or area you can cover. Clean every single inch of your yard and have the best time maintaining it.

    The functioning of this blower is quite easy. With a cord, you have the smallest start-up time possible. Since it is a handheld blower, the 9.4 lbs. of weight does not require much effort to maneuver. More so because, the air stream and the fan are engineered to be in line with the handle such that the weight is equally distributed.

    Your hand will experience relief from high pressure, giving you an easy time and eliminating strain to the wrist. You can, therefore, work for many hours before fatigue sets in.

    If you want to make a stop to either make adjustments or add fuel, tapping the stop control resets the machine to the ON mode.

    This means you don’t have to yank at the cord again to start working again. More so, the fan speed is adjustable to give you an easy time because it will not blow at your legs or feet. Another impressive feature is it can extend or shorten the blowing tube to optimize the use of this blower. It is a favorite for many users who love the firm grip it affords them.


    • High working speed
    • Unlimited run time
    • User-friendly working time
    • Withstands heavy usage


    • It does not come with a shoulder


    Husqvarna showcases high dependability according to the speed and leaf volume it can handle. The working time is excellent and the start-up time serves to improve on its performance level. Coming at a very reasonable price for approx.140 dollars this is about the cheapest high-performance brands you can get on the market today.

    2. Tanaka 23.99 cc TRB 24EAP 170MPH Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower

    Hitachi, the manufacturer behind Tanaka Handheld Gas Powered Blower, is a name we have come to relate with some of the highest ranking products. Take for instance this leaf blower. It surely lives up to its claimed qualities; that’s why it makes to this list. This high-performing blower aims at replacing your rake to effect a better-maintained landscape effortlessly.


    Performance of the Tanaka 2-Cycle 170MPH

    This blower comes off as a commercial grade blower with the ability to produce a very high volume of air. With it, you can finish clearing vast areas in a shorter time than you would with a battery powered blower which restricts time. If you live near the woods, this blower will become part of your routine in every season; you’ll always have a reason to use it.

    It does not confine you to the area you can cover since you can take on even pavements and grass lawns. This means you won’t have to invest in two different types of blowers and as such it forms an all-around best gas leaf blower.

    The air velocity on this blower is another excellent feature. At a speed of 170MPH, it shows no type of material can stand in the way of working with it. It can tackle leaves, twigs, sticks, trash and get to those unreachable spaces.

    Only make sure to keep the nozzle in one direction. Speaking of the nozzle, it exhibits a taper nozzle which creates an enormous pressure. You will have an absolute easy time with it even when blowing wet leaves. This pressure will enable you to do a one-time job without duplicating tasks or going back with a broom to pick up what you left behind.

    Working with Tanaka 2-Cycle 170MPH

    It features a large throttle lever to ease with the control of speed such that you can customize the way you work. It also helps with managing the type of materials since some require more speed than others. It’s with this blower that you’ll experience the lightest weight of 8.6 lbs.

    This is a major attraction for most users because it keeps the working for longer and they do not get tired fast. The weight distribution is seen on the position of the handle as it’s long and takes off most of the weight.

    The noise and emission levels for this blower are at a minimum level. It follows the CARB and EPA compliance, so if you live in areas where you have restrictions on noise, then this blower is for you. It’s a good thing after you have the right ratio of gas and oil since you’ll never go back. It exhibits consistent high performance, and it needs ethanol free gas to operate smoothly.

    The most impressive thing about this blower is that it provides a very long warranty for consumer use. Seven years is what you get for residential use while commercial users get two years, and one year for rental use.


    • Perfect MPH and CFM balance
    • Little noise and exhaust emission levels
    • Speedy startup
    • Lightweight


    • It does not come with the leaf bag


    For commercial use, Tanaka by Hitachi is the way to go. You will never complain about spending hours of yard cleaning. The balance it strikes with the MPH and CFM creates quick clearing capacity to take on even the most challenging tasks. It is also an affordable brand priced at around $200.

    Weed Eater 25cc FB25 2-Stroke 170MPH Gas Powered Leaf Blower

    3. Weed Eater 25cc FB25 2-Stroke 170MPH Gas Powered Leaf Blower

    The use of a leaf blower could not be any better with the coming of fall. Even though it is a pleasant time, you can’t help but notice the many leaves scattered on your pavement or garage driveway. To give your compound the spark it deserves; then you need to consider the Weed Eater 2-stroke 25cc gas leaf blower.


    You will first notice the lightweight it carries which means it shall not tire you as a user. As you know bending for hours with a broom or rake is very strenuous, save yourself some energy and hours with this blower.

    Workability of the Weed Eater

    As you have seen this machine bears very little weight for a handheld leaf blower. You can rise early and spend your morning tending to your compound up to the evening. This is because it will not tire you and with a correctly filled tank you can work for an unlimited amount of time.

    Although it requires mixing the gas and oil, the right ratio gives it excellent performance where the engine can run efficiently with low exhaust emission. The hand grip is rubberized to give you absolute control of the machine. And, with reduced vibrations, you can be sure to have an easy time working.

    The air speed170MPH is easily controlled with the speed throttle, and as such, you can blow on many types of debris. It can manage a lot more with a high speed of stacking up and lifting even wet leaves from the hard surfaces around your home.

    The gas power provides an extended working time where you get to finish unbearable tasks fast. With a combination of the 290 CFM rating, it’s clear to see you can take on vast areas with no problem. This blower is then capable of feeling at home on commercial properties and can be of use by landscaping enthusiasts.

    Flexibility Level

    With this blower, you are not restricted to the type of material you can blow. Hard surfaces provide an easy time working, and the pine needles or grass clippings which always make you go back to sweep will be a thing of the past.

    Another great thing working with this blower is the easy start up. Some users may have experienced a little problem working with it first but balancing the fuel compartment gets it going. You will love this blower’s robust construction which exhibits durability features. Therefore, working with it will be for very many years to come.


    • Lightweight, durable design
    • High air and volume ratings
    • Variable speed control
    • Can handle nearly all type of materials


    • It is not CARB compliant


    This is a blower which will give full value for the money. At around $100, it makes for the cheapest brand on this list, offering high performance all the same. What compromise you make, it covers in the cool design. It is also very light in weight; hence it does not cause fatigue when in use.

    Makita 75.6cc BBX7600N 4-Stroke Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

    Backpack Gas Leaf Blowers

    We now take a different turn to look at the best gas back leaf blowers which show resilience and reliable for both commercial and residential use. If you’ve never come across a backpack leaf blower, you just mount it on the back like a regular camping backpack, and you’re good to go.

      1. Makita 75.6cc BBX7600N 4-Stroke Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

      The best representation for commercial use gas blower is the Makita BBX7600 4-stroke gasoline engine. This goes for large properties calling for leaves clearing in acreage. It works for all the persons who require keeping their hotel decks, patios, driveways and even walkways in good shape.

      It can work well on gravel floors, and it can pile up every material there is lying on your compound. If you don’t want to spend hours working on a small area because of repeat jobs, then this blower will work very fine for you.


      Functionality of the Makita BBX7600

      As we have said, this is a commercial grade gas blower. It is accompanied by a large capacity engine to give you unlimited time working. This is the ultimate gardening tool for maintaining your yard to admirable levels so you may not scare visitors away.

      The 4-stroke engine is in the vehicle grade which maximizes the efficiency of this blower to very optimum. The combustion by this blower ensures smooth operation and the start-up time is reduced to 1-2 pulls on a cord. So if you can’t have the patience to keep pulling, you won’t’ start your cleaning morning all gloomy.

      The MPH of this gas blower is at 195. This is perhaps the best so far, in the case of gas leaf blowers. It means you can do quick passes over debris and stack them together fast and easy. This way, you can cover vast spaces and even save time to complete other tasks. If you are a gardener, this blower will become a part of your maintenance routines as you will see improvement in the appearance of your yard.

      The air volume rating stands at 526. It is a number you will want if you need to work on plenty of leaves in a short time. If you don’t have hours to tidy your property, you need to pay attention to this CFM.

      It balances out with the MPH to bring you a machine that will do some very excellent cleaning. You will even love that it features a cruise control lever to vary the speed for easy access. It’s now possible to get to every part of a large compound with a machine that allows quick access.

      Comfort Level

      When it comes to working with Makita, you will comfortably handle 22.6 lbs.  It is a backpack design with soft padding on the shoulder straps. It will not dig into the skin, and with the cushioning of the back panel, you will also see the weight distributes evenly around your back.

      The working of this blower sees that you access the various parts like the spark plug, drain air filter, plug and oil filling port. The noise emission level for this blower stands at 74dB. It carries a high capacity muffler, and as such, it is CARB and EPA Compliant.


      • High fuel efficiency
      • Low vibration level
      • Easy restart with the automatic mechanical engine compression
      • Control functions are all easily accessible


      • Some user complaints about handling the repairs


      With a commercial leaf blower, it makes for the best gas leaf blower to tackle all types of clearing projects. It can fit all large properties with many trees and is definitely useful in the fall season.

      The pricing on this comes a bit upscale as it ranges at around $500. But, for the many years, it is going to be of excellent service, it will have lived up to its true value.

      2. Poulan Pro 967087101 Backpack Leaf Blower 48cc

      Working on your yard has never been easier. With Poulan Pro, you can take on the most tasking jobs. It shows resilience because of its robust construction, so it’s sensible to rely on it if you want to clean vast areas in a short time.

      This type of make is admirable because it can handle heavy usage and the vibrations accompanied when working will not cause any wear and tear on the parts.


      Functional Flexibility

      The functional capacity of this unit is seen on the MPH and CFM levels. They rate at 200 and 475 respectively. Striking this type of pattern is as desirable as you’ll work on all surfaces with ease. You will also work with all material since with the high speed; it’s easy to blow at every single piece of debris lying on your compound. It features a variable speed trigger and cruise control so you can quickly vary the speed when working to clean different surfaces. It’s even possible to blow wet leaves into a stack.

      When it comes to the engine performance, we can say the 48cc 2-stroke engine makes this unit much lighter than other blowers its class. The fewer parts make it easy to repair in case of functioning problems as every part is readily accessible.

      It also indicates you can maneuver to every part of the ground you are covering since it is light on the shoulders and back. The weight does not weigh you down and with the adjustable straps; your fit can be customized. Thus, different sized users will feel equally comfortable working with it.

      Reliability of the Poulan Pro 967087101

      Poulan Pro is known to support its customers and as such utilizing the pre-mixed fuel availed will extend the working of the engine immensely. It will run longer and more efficiently for many years.

      This makes for a long-lasting unit. When you purchase their pre-mixed fuel at the time you buy your machine, you will extend your warranty from the average two years to three years. With proper maintenance, this machine is deemed to last longer than it is advertised.


      • High power to blow all types of material
      • One can extend their warranty
      • Quick startup
      • Lightweight but very robust
      • Variable speed control


      • It needs extensions to balance the weight further


      The Poulan Pro gas leaf blower is yet another dependable piece. It is the lightest in weight and also very affordable for a backpack blower.

      The operations are very smooth, and you will not take your time getting it to start working. This machine also carries a method to improve engine performance and prolong the warranty by choosing the Poulan Pro pre-mixed fuel.

      3. Echo Backpack Blower PB-580T

      When it’s time to clean your backyard off all the fallen leaves, you need to make considerations for the equipment to use. Among the many choices available, there’s one that will not fail on you. The Echo backpack blower has been designed with the consumer in mind.


      Everything about it calls for attention from its attractive choice colors to the efficient performance. It gives the convenience to fulfill your landscaping needs with little effort and more excellence.

      Performance Capacity

      It utilizes a 58.2cc 2-stroke engine, meaning it is also not heavy and is, therefore, portable for easy movement. Working with such a lightweight will help you work in half the time you’d have used when working with a rake.

      You can never keep a yard clean if you keep going back to the places covered that’s why it’s important when you have a machine that offers high speed plus large volume.

      With 510CFM and 215MPH, it can be of use on all surfaces from yards to lawns and all the hard surfaces you can get to. The speed means it can blow all types of debris including wet leaves and grass clippings. It makes work easy for you because one pass is enough to get the job done.

      The energy to work on vast areas is tremendously reduced to just moving in one direction and using this blower to stack large amounts of leaves in a neat pile.

      Comfort Level

      If you have ever carried a backpack with narrow shoulder straps, you can tell the discomfort. With that in mind, Echo design is with well cushioned wide straps that give the user a very user-friendly time. They are also adjustable to fit different frames and not weigh the wearer down. You’ll also like the back panel design which is very airy so that you can work in the sun and you will remain fresh on your back since it allows the wind to pass through easily.

      When it comes to the noise level, it emits 70dB, which is quite reasonable for a 2-stroke engine. It carries a noise muffler to shield most of the throb that comes with operating this type of engine. It showcases quick startup ability and mixing the right amounts of oil will keep it in good condition. This is a machine meant to change your cleaning chores to fun times.



      • High CFM and MPH combination
      • Ergonomic working design
      • Lower noise emission level
      • Durable construction


      • Will overheat if you use the wrong type of oil


      If you are a landscaper, finding the right balance of speed and air volume calls for close inspection on blowers. The Echo Backpack strikes just the correct balance that many users desire. It shows high effectiveness and the low price is just another attraction.

      So which is our Pick for the Best Gas Leaf Blower for the Money?

      There’s a great difference between the gas leaf blower which gives the best value for the money, and the cheapest brand. It’s clear one of the models here will come off as the most affordable, but it does not necessarily mean it will afford you the longest working time.

      So with that said our best-valued product is the Husqvarna 125B 952711925 2-Stroke 28CC 170MPH Gas Powered Blower. As a handheld gas leaf blower, it is deemed to provide the longest working time in high condition. It exhibits high fuel efficiency, and the pricing is not exaggerated because of the value.

      If you are specific about choosing a backpack gas leaf blower, then the Poulan Pro is your best bet for the price. The working ability is as high as the Makita, but it’s more reasonably priced. So if you don’t want to spend so much on a blower go with it; and enjoy years of good performance.

      What other tips do you need to take into consideration before you take home a Gas-Powered Leaf Blower?

      What are the Care and Maintenance Procedures?

      The cleaning tasks differ for any device you choose. 4-stroke engines have more parts than 2-stroke engines. So if you are not content on keen maintenance, the 2-stroke engine may work for you. But, you will need to mix the fuel for the 2-stroke engine still.

      Why do you need to be keen on the Rules and Regulations in your area?

      Some states prohibit the use of gas-powered engine blowers, so you check if your state is one of them. You may also want to check the noise level because of the neighbors and members of your family. You don’t want to pose dangerous levels to your loved ones.

      Do you need to purchase other accompaniments with a gas leaf Blower?

      Yes, you do. Apart from the fuel, you’ll need goggles to protect your eyes from blowing sticks and twigs. You also need ear muffs for the high noise produced by these types of gas engines. Gloves will also be a necessity if you plan on working for long hours if you don’t want to end with callouses. Even for the rubberized handles, the only good thing about them is the firm grip it provides.

      Why do you need to pay attention to the design?

      This comes in the form of speed and weight function. Be keen on the ability of a leaf blower to vary the speed because you’ll need when trying to tackle different types of debris. Also, you should pay attention to the make of the backpack straps and back panel. Ensure it is made from breathable material, you can adjust it and it is well cushioned.

      Wrapping up

      By now, you should look at a model and tell if it fits your bill for your landscaping needs. We hope you get the best brand on a budget, that which will remain working in good condition for a long time. Be keen on the design, the power, and the speed levels.

      Let them guide you according to the projects you need to handle. The above models stand out. It will be a wise decision if you take one of all your yard maintenance requirements.

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