“I say to myself that I shall try to make my life like an open fireplace, so that people may be warmed and cheered by it and so go out themselves to warm and cheer”


As George Matthew Adams rightly puts it, fire is always associated with warmth and cheer. It is by the fire that people find some time to bond and be around each other. That said great warmth comes with a great fire pit. Fire pits present an excellent way of warming up summer nights. The best fire pit will offer a tinge of refreshing sensation to the family or friends bonding sessions. Kids especially adore fire pits because in a way it seems like a camping-at-home adventure. What with the alluring savory aroma of roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. A warmly outdoor meeting round a fire pit on the patio has a way of opening people up to conversations or several other fun summer-night activities like star gazing. There is no better way to define the heart of a home

The Best Fire Pits 2018 – Comparison Table

UnitPriceManufacturerFuel typeMaterialHeat outputignition
Savannah GardenLandmannWoodSteelN/aManual lighting
Sun Joe SJFP35-STNSnow JoeWood Cast StoneN/aManual lighting
CobraCo SH101 Hand HammeredCobraCoWoodCopperN/aManual Lighting
AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PCAZ Patio HeatersPropane/ ButaneSteel40,000 BTUBattery operated
Heininger 5995HeiningerPropaneSteel58,000BTUManual Ignition
Outland Firebowl DeluxeOutland LivingPropaneSteel58,000 BTUManual Ignition
Endless Summer GAD1399SPUniflameLPGStainless Steel30,000BTUElectronic Ignition
BCP Extruded AluminumBest Choice ProductsPropaneExtruded Aluminum 42,000 BTU Manual Ignition
Endless Summer GAD860SPBlue RhinoLPGCast Iron Burner / marble top40,000BTUElectronic Ignition

Best Fire Pits Reviews 

Best Wood Burning Fire Pits

1. Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

This large fire pit is ideal for the family setting requirements. It absolutely complements your ambience with its classic design and its functionality is superb with a sturdy steel frame, the spark screen and fire poker add-ons.Features

  • 5 inch dimension
  • Comes with spark screen and poker
  • Allows 360-degree fire viewing
  • Strong durable steel construction
  • Four legged


The Savannah garden fire pit by Landmann is an excellent classic as far as design is concerned. It features decorative square-meshed cut outs on its frame to give you that desired ambience at night when its fire is lit.

When it comes to use, this fire pit is designed for easy use. It takes a simple layering with sand at the base, then lighting your fire pit and covering with a fitting spark screen and you are good to go. Again, attaching is four legs during set up is quite simple. A notable safety advantage is that the spark screen fits in the inside of the fire bowl so you will not have those tip-off concerns.

Steel is a durable material so you can expect this pit to give you years of service with good handling.

2. Sun Joe SJFP35-STN Cast Stone Fire Pit

Do you adore a rustic ambience that gives you the countryside feel? This one will certainly appeal to you. It features cast stone construction with 360-degree fire view which can also double up as your back porch center piece.


  • Cast stone base
  • 29-ich heat resistant fire bowl, accommodates long 21.5 inch logs of wood
  • Comes with a wire mesh screen and a 24-inch screen hook for safe screen removal

The Sun Joe 35-inch SJFP35-STN cast stone fire pit is a perfect design to match your traditional ambience. It is ideal as a center piece and with all round fire view, your chilly night-out adventures will not be the same.

Constructed with durable cast stone, this unit will give you years of service although it needs extra careful handling because this material is can crack or break.

Its wire mesh screen offers an advantage that you cannot overlook. It lets you have an open view of your fire while still protecting fire sparks from reaching you and your loved ones. To guarantee your safety, this pit comes with a long screen hook so you don’t get your fingers scorched when trying to remove the screen.

This fire pit bowls accommodates long hard wood logs for that slow and economic combustion of wood.

3. CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit

The CobraCo SH101 hand hammered copper fire pit is a contemporarily designed fire pit focus on the depth of the pit. If you are weary of shallow fire pits that burn out sooner than you can anticipate, then this one’s for you. If features sturdy copper construction that is not coated to add to its originality.


  • Extra deep pit for longer combustion
  • Sturdy uncoated copper construction
  • Comes with a strong wrought iron stand
  • Comes with heavy duty screen cover and a protective vinyl cover with an elastic stretch band
  • 30-inch diameter
  • No assembly required

Extra depth is a feature that you will appreciate given that some people value staying out longer without the cumbersome task of having to add chunks of wood to the fire pit. This one accommodates more wood to burn longer.  Again, such deep tubs are ideal if you need bigger fires.

For this reason, safety details have been observed during its design and to the maximum. Consider the firm mesh protective screen that allows you to view the open fire while still protecting you from fire sparks. The vinyl storage cover comes in handy when storing your pit and during the rainy season. It protects your pit from rain and debris giving it a longer useful life.

Its wrought iron stand is an asset both to its functionality and design. It holds up the fire pit to stability and compliments its traditional design in the outdoor.

Copper metal especially when affected by heat, harmonizes the fire side ambience well enough for that memorable experience.

Portability is an appreciable advantage too.

Best Propane Fire Pits

1. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit

The AZ Patio Heater GS-F-PC propane fire pit has become popular among home owners and restaurateurs for its crisp design detailed with glass beads. A CSA and ETL approval means that you and your loved ones are safe when relishing those memorable chilly winter or summer nights. In addition, it makes an excellent center piece for your patio.


  • 38 square inch table top, 28-inch height
  • 17 square inch burn area with 15ft diameter
  • 19 square inch lid
  • Burns propane or butane gases
  • 40,000 BTU heat output
  • Battery operated pulse ignition
  • Tough and durable steel construction

A 28-inch height and 38-inch table top means that this fire pit supplies heat to a wider space of approximately 15-inch radius. This goes in line with the 40,000 BTU heat output capabilities of this unit.

A noteworthy offering is its battery-operated pulse ignition system for instant ignition and better heat control.

You can be sure that this unit is the reason people enjoy their outdoor space, and this is absolutely recommended for health and well being. Plus you can expect that it will last you years because it is made of steel.

2. Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

The 5995 propane fire pit by Heininger is an awesome spectacle that will definitely make an amazing difference in your Patio, back porch, or camping spot.

It can be used as a center piece both outdoor and indoor making it quite a versatile and portable unit.


  • Outland fire bowl
  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • Comes with a 10ft hose with an attached regulator
  • 19-inch diameter
  • 58, 000 BTU heat output
  • Integrated all-weather detail

This fire pit is built to 58,000 BTU of heat output so expect it to keep your space warm no matter the space size. What’s more, it is quite simple to operate with a simple press on your lighter. It features no integrated lighter although this should not be a hassle.

If you love it clean and controlled, then this one is the fire pit for you. Propane burns clean and smoke free fire so while you are getting warm, you are not disturbed by smoke especially if you carried your infant along your camping expedition. You can also keep the heat on the low on warmer nights or increase it for more warmth on chillier nights.

To keep your propane tank out of sight, this fire pit comes with a long 10-ft hose so that it is supplied with fuel but at a distance.

You will also notice the lava rocks that come with this unit which certainly complement its aesthetics.

3. Outland Firebowl Deluxe Portable Propane Fire Pit

If you are looking for a quality built fire bowl with portability detail, this one makes a good choice. It’s a 20lbs light weight built to last you years. If you have to move around simply lid it with its cover and hold the loop at the top.


  • 58,000 BTU heat output
  • CSA safety standards approval
  • Comes with a cover/carry kit
  • 10ft hose attached with a regulator
  • Also comes with a propane tank stabilizer ring and a decorative stock set
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quick, simple, tool-free set up
  • High temperature powder coated steel construction with an enamel finish

The Outland Firebowl Deluxe fire pit is CSA certified so you are pretty much guaranteed of up to standard safety when using it.

Apart from safety details, the other most important detail in this pit fire is its functionality. It features a cover kit that doubles up as a handle when there is need for carrying it around. The cover kit also keeps the cover firm on your pit to protect it when not in use and keeps your lava rocks in place too.

This unit uniquely features high temperature powder coating on its steel bowl and a protective enamel finish that will keep your pit safe when in use and durable too.

Charm your gaze with the decorative lava rocks once you light it.

Best Gas Fire Pits

1. Endless Summer GAD1399SP LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl

The Endless Summer, GAD1399SP fire pit by Blue Rhino is the perfect definition of sophistication. It is quite a functional unit and easy to operate. Its heat output stands at a maximum of 30,000 BTU, an ideal for small space and a small family gathering.


  • 30,000 BTU heat output
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Concealed control panel with electronic ignition
  • Slate tile mantle with steel bowl
  • Comes with a black fire glass

For those who are in love with watching raindrops while keeping warm, here is an ideal option. This unit is built for all weather with its stainless steel construction.   It comes with a black fire glass that will not only keep you safe from the flying sparks but also bring out a dulled glow of fire for that relaxing atmosphere.

Unlike other gas fire pits with hose, this one is built with gas tank and control panel space underneath. Only you won’t notice them very easily as the pit’s decorated base smartly conceals them.

Your outdoor space, this is a definite center piece. Forget complicated assembling process that you would expect from other units of the same category. This one is quick and simple to assemble requiring to tools.

Its protective cover allows for more durability and less damage when not in use.

2. Best Choice Products BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table with Cover

Best choice products have yet come out with top-quality fire pit that is as versatile as you would want it to be. It features a top lid designed to display fire when open and can be used as a center table when closed. This functionality detail is by far the most important as people pretty much enjoy flexibility from the units they buy.


  • Extruded aluminum construction
  • Designed with a door and storage for 20lbs propane tank
  • Top lid that opens to display fire and doubles up as a centre table when closed
  • Bronze hammered fire pit and glass beads decoration
  • 42,000 BTU heat output

Here’s another all-weather fire pit built for the rainy days, freezing winter, as well as chilly summer nights. Extruded aluminum is a perfect choice material for this purpose. It is painted dark brown and textured on its surface to give you the vintage ambiance and a center piece you so desire in your patio.

Some parts of the pit are better off concealed, as they more often than not have no visible aesthetic value like your gas tank. This fire pit is built with gas tank storage.

The glass beads along with the hammered fire pit are quite a spectacle with fire lighting on them, you’ll spend an entire night gazing at your fire.

3. Endless Summer GAD860SP LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl

If you are looking for a classy marble table top in a fire pit then the Endless Summer GAD860SP makes a great choice. It represents some of the best fire pit tables, its elegance further enhanced by the fake logs, and lava rocks that you will light your fire on. It is easy to use, to control, and to maintain making it quite convenient to have.


  • 40,000 BTU heat output
  • Heating area 150 square feet
  • Slate and marble tile table top
  • Comes with lava rocks and logs
  • Thin vinyl fire pit cover
  • Multi-spark electronic ignition
  • Door for easy access to gas tank
  • Variable settings for heat control

The top of the Endless Summer GAD860SP fire pit is a true definition of elegance. It features slate mosaic marble tiles and in the pit are lava rocks and logs to add detail to your flame.

A decorated base conceals your gas tank and a door is fixed for easy access to your tank and control panel.

This fire pit is ideal for larger gatherings with a 40,000 BTU heat output and an ability to warm up to 150square meters. If you are a restaurateur, you might want to consider acquiring this handy unit.

Here is a summary of the top rated fire pits we have detailed above, and what you need to know about them.


Fire pits are certainly necessary if you are going to rediscover the true meaning of outdoor boding or gathering sessions. They keep you warm during chilly nights so that you can extend your time outdoor enjoying every moment that comes.

As usual, our article doesn’t end without us picking the best outdoor fire pit in each category. From the wood fuel category, our top pick is the Sun Joe SJFP35-STN as it features nearly all the important details that add to functionality.

For this same reason, the Outland Fire Bowl makes it as our best fire pit in the propane fuel category and Endless Summer GAD860SP in the gas fuel category.

Happy selection!

Fire Pit Buyer’s Guide

Fire pits are a good source of heat plus they come with great ambience to complement the theme of your deck, as an added advantage.  With them you get to discover the beauty of family or friends gatherings in the chill of winter but with no concern whatsoever, of the biting cold. They provide a good way to interact together to reignite bonds between loved ones. In addition, your overstay in your backyard will no longer be limited by time and weather.

In most homes, an interior fire pit can be built to keep warm during cold weather. Again, as the family gathers around for some heat, they can enjoy some quality time with each other. Fire pits have greatly evolved over the years with some being automated.

However, the use of fire pits started with the early man. At that point the name did not quite matter, but the need for heat did.


History of Fire Pits

The history of fire pits dates back to the discovery of fire by man. This was an important discovery that led to the various uses of heat as we know today. Back then, man used fire to cook, create warmth, scare away wild animals and for light at night. In pursuit of warmth and containing it for a longer time, man discovered various ways of conserving heat.

Some simply put stones around the fire while other communities such as Eastern Indians and Peruvians dug fire holes to cook and warm themselves. As more communities discovered fire, they developed their own unique ways of cooking and warming themselves. Most preferred underground holes, but with the discovery of metal, surface fire quickly gained popularity.

Currently, there are several types of fire it’s to choose from. With the sole purpose being production of heat for warmth, fire pits can be used both externally and inside homes. Eternal fire pits can also be used for cooking as in the case of barbeques. However, you should clean your pit after to remove grease or any cooking residue on the pit.

The Importance of Fire Pits to your Space

If you never thought you needed one, you absolutely do. These handy units are useful during summer nights and even more during the cold winter months. Here’s why you need to consider having them.

They are a great source of warmth during cold summer or winter nights.

Rather than rush indoors to tuck yourself under heavy blankets to keep warm, fire pits will provide enough heat to let you stay out in your patio or backyard during the night and have some fun.

They add décor detail to an otherwise dull space

Backyards can be drab and utterly boring sometimes needing a little spice up. A fire pit not only spices up your yard, it does bring some life given the activities that take place when it is lit.

They create warmth among families or friends

If a fire pit can give people reason to gather and have some quality time then it definitely is a source of friendliness and closeness among people. In a world where people are so busy they hardly find time to relax together, fire pits are slipping treasured family moments back in people’s busy schedule.

Top Fire Pit Brands

When looking to buy a fire pit, you will come across several brands in the market. The top two highly recommended fire pit brands are:

  1. Landmann

Landmann USA are manufacturers of high end quality outdoor living products. Their products include fire pits, smokers and grills. This 51 year old company has built a strong business brand around tough durable fire pits.

Most of their products are best-selling on Amazon and do come with a manufacturer’s warranty. For instance, their fire pits are bestselling on Amazon with great customer reviews. They come with the necessary accessories and warranty.

  1. Heininger

Founded in 1998, Heininger Holdings LLCis a family of companies specializing in solutions for home, garage, automobile, pet care and more. They have a great assortment of products and their fire pits happen to be best-selling on Amazon. Heininger fire pits come well assembled with user manual and additional accessories like a screen guard and log grate.

Heininger Fire pits are also fairly priced making them quite popular.

Types of Fire Pits

Fire pits vary in several ways based on their type of fuel, size, construction material and shape. Some of these differences are quite distinct yet still others are hard to tell. For instance, differentiating between a natural gas fire pit and a propane fire pit is not easy unless you notice the natural gas connection or the propane gas tank.

However, there are four main types of fire pits.

  1. Wood burning fire pits

Just as the name suggests, these use wood as fuel to burn. Wood burning fire pits can double up as wood burning grills, outdoor fireplace, or stone fire pit. For the best experience, go for hard and dry wood for your fire pit. These do not produce as much smoke or sparks as wet wood, which could ruin your experience.


  1. Propane fire pits

Propane fire pits are known for their aesthetic designs and stress free operation because they do not require constant refilling. A 20lbs gas tank, can burn between 4 – 9 hours continuously depending on the fire output. The most popular designs are portable propane fire pits, copper bowl fire pits, and fire pit tables.


  1. Gel fuel fire pits

Gel fueled fire pits produce no smoke or scent while burning. They are very portable and can be moved conveniently within your backyard. The most common designs are gel fueled logs and tabletop fireplace.


  1. Natural gas fire pits

Having a natural gas line installed guarantees you unlimited supply of fuel for your fire pit. There are mostly designed as sunken or surface top designs. The beauty is that natural gas is cheaper but the initial installation cost may be pricey depending on your location. Also, you have to be careful handing your pit as the burner is lowly placed.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Selecting A Fire Pit?

If you are considering acquiring or hiring yourself a fire pit, your choice will largely depend on your preference. However, as there are a myriad of fire pits in the market to choose from, you may have a difficult time getting the best fire pit for your specific needs.

To help you make an informed choice, here are a few questions you will need to ask yourself.

Which fuel will I prefer to burn in my fire pit

There are three main and these mostly define the different types of fire pits that we have. Wood is cheap available, yet smoky and sometimes a bit of a hassle to light.

Natural gas fire pit rather easy to use/control and has an ignition and fire control button. It is clean and economical yet requires a higher initial investment.

Propane fuel also has a high initial investment. However, it is different from natural gas in that it is stored in a tank which may prove a bit cumbersome to refill and conceal. It is also considered clean, easy to light, and easy to control fuel.

What material will my pit be made of

These materials are what go into constructing the pit. Depending on your safety, durability, and aesthetic requirements, you may go for block or stone fire pits. Block pits have more space requirements compared to other fire pits. They are an ideal where there is need for a permanent rather than a semi-permanent structure. Since they are not good conductors of heat, the top layer of blocks can be designed in such a way that it is also used as a side table.

Metals are also good for constructing fire pits. Different types of metals have different pros and cons that you need to be aware about.

Steel: Steel is malleable and is good for creating exceptional designs. It is durable too. The downside is that it is prone to rusting. Look out for powder coated steel because powder coats are good rust protectors.

Copper: this metal produces some of the best fire pits because of its attractive color and rust free property. It is also malleable meaning that it can design any shape.

Stainless steel: this material is known for its durability. It is rust free and will give years of service with proper maintenance. Stainless steel pits are a bit pricey and not readily available. All the same, you could still have it if this is what you want.

Cast Iron: A reasonably priced material that is commonly used in the construction of fire pits. It is a lightweight so you are assured of portability. However, you may need to employ a rust protection measure.  

What size of fire pit do I need?

The size of fire pit you will opt for is determined by the space of your backyard or patio and your heating needs. A large fire place bowl is ideal for larger space and bigger gatherings. However, fuel consumption tends to be on the high.

If you have a smaller space, by all means go for a smaller pit to avoid overheating as this creates discomfort. You could also go for a medium sized pit if yours is neither a big nor small gathering.

Do I want it permanent or portable?

Fire pits can be permanent, these are built permanently in or underground. Most permanent fire pits are built of bricks or blocks. Some metals too do design good permanent pits but you will need to weigh their properties before you decide to use them.

The semi-permanent is ideal for the nomadic summer night adventurer. These are also known as the above-ground fire pits, are moveable and not fixed on a permanent position. Some good examples of such pits are the large metallic or ceramic bowl pits that come with stands (or legs) and a meshed lid.

Others come deigned with rollers or wheels for portability.

Which brings us to our next question

Is the fire pit versatile enough for my needs?

While other people may need a fire pit purely for warming up, others will wrap some fun around it. Still, others will need a pit that they can easily move around with.

As we have already mentioned, there are those that come with wheels and these offer great portability advantage.

The more versatile pits come integrated with a grill gate so the fire pit will serve both warming and barbeque purposes. While for some you may not directly roast your stuffed turkey, they have an allowance base for rotisserie device so you can still use them for cooking.

The block fire places usually have a wider base at the top that serves as a bar for friends to gather around.

Ease of installation and use

Some pits are easier to install and used compared to others. For instance, wood fire pits are easy to install and use, however its operation may be a bit cumbersome because it is not considered clean. If you are ready to get your hands dirty for adventure’s sake, go ahead and have this one.

most people who have used these type of pits never really mind its downside so long as they enjoy its rustic, back-in-the-old feel with crackling sounds of burning wood and real smoke.

The metal ones or the chimeneas are not exactly difficult to install although there are designs which will need you to consult a manual in order to use them.

Aesthetic Value

Does the pit you are getting fit into your backyard or patio theme. If you are keen on aesthetics, you will need to consider how well a pit blends in your décor. After all a well blended décor enhances relaxation which is the main reason why you would even have a fire pit.

6.      How easy is it to install and use the pit?

Some pits are easier to install and used compared to others. For instance, wood fire pits are easy to install and use, however its operation may be a bit cumbersome because it is not considered clean. If you are ready to get your hands dirty for adventure’s sake, go ahead and have this one.

Most people who have used these type of pits never really mind its downside so long as they enjoy its rustic, back-in-the-old feel with crackling sounds of burning wood and real smoke.
The metal ones or the chimeneas are not exactly difficult to install although there are designs which will need you to consult a manual in order to use them.

  1.   Does the Aesthetic Value complement my décor?

Does the pit you are getting fit into your backyard or patio theme. If you are keen on aesthetics, you will need to consider how well a pit blends in your décor. After all a well blended décor enhances relaxation which is the main reason why you would even have a fire pit.

Fire Pit add-ons

Fire pit add-ons go a long way to build their functionality. As we have already discussed versatility, here is a list of fire pit add-ons that will help you decide which fire pit to go for:

  • A grill
  • Side table or table edge
  • Some all-weather chairs or benches
  • Choice lighting to enhance your ambience
  • Chimney for controlling smoke (but this is optional)
  • Sparks cover screen
  • Fire poker
  • Safety ring
  • Vinyl protective cover for to protect from rain, snow and wind.
  • Fire pit lid

Some Operation and Maintenance Tips

In order for your fire pit to serve you effectively whether indoors or outdoors, here are some basic maintenance tips to observe:

  • Cleanliness: It is important to clear debris, dust, and ash from your pit before the next use. Accumulated dirt is a potential fire hazard. The burners need to be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging and the gas combustion system be maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Of importance to note, is maintaining the gas lines and clean burners always.

It is recommended that you have a door or any other form of cover closing in your fire pit to avoid entry of foreign materials. If you intend to use your outdoor fire pit for cooking, be sure to clean it thoroughly afterwards. The masonry should also be cleaned to remove accumulated soot and other residue. After cleaning the masonry, you should use your fire pit in two days time.

  • Use hard and dry wood: With wood burning fire pits, green and soft woods such as pine can cause a lot of smoke and sparks unlike hardwoods such as oak which burn without producing any smoke. To make sure your wood stays dry, store at an elevated position off the ground.
  • Avoid rust on metal fire pits: Rust and corrosion can be prevented by using an approved coating on your metal fire pit. For the less pronounced rust on your pit, a little brush scrub can clear it off.
  • Observe fire safety standards: We are all aware of how to deal with fire safely. If anything possesses a potential fire threat, be keen to remove it from your scene. Do not let children operate the fire pit unless with adult supervision.

As for propane and natural gas fire pits, always make sure that the gas is not leaking. Avoid placing your gas tanks too close to the heat as they are highly combustible.

Building your Own Fire pit

Want to build a fire pit? This video will give you step by step guidelines on how to build a fire pit in just 30 minutes along with some valuable tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fire pit are there?

There are four most common types of pits; wood burning pits, propane pits, gel fuel pits and natural gas pits.

What size of burner ring is the best for my fire pit?

The recommended size is a ring of 24” in diameter with an all-round space of 3”.

Is a pan necessary and when should I use it under the burner?

Pan is highly recommended to have with natural gas fir pits as they support the burner and reduce the required fire media. However, with propane fire pits a pan is absolutely necessary. It creates a distinct border between the air mixer and fire media and prevents fuel from settling at the bottom of the burner pan.

How long does a 20lb propane tank last with a fire pit?

A 20lb propane tank will last 4 – 4.5 hours on maximum continuous output, but 8 – 9 hours with a moderate burn.

What is a venture/air mixer?

A venture is a narrow tube located between wider sections and used to measure the flow rate of exerting suction. It increases the speed flow of fluid through its constriction. This is known as the venture effect.

How do I put out the fire when i’m finished with it?

Depending on the type of fire put, you can either wait till all the wood burnt, pour water on the fire or use a shovel to remove the burning wood. In case of a gas pit, you can always turn off the gas valve.

What is a fire glass and what is it used for?

Fire glasses are used in place of gas logs in gas fire pits. They are able to withstand high temperatures without melting, burning or discoloring. They do so without emitting toxic fumes, soot or smoke.