Shoveling snow may not always be the ideal method of clearing snow. In fact, many people resent shoveling because of back and hand strains. Snow blowing provides an easier method of eliminating the struggles that come with snow shoveling.

This is particularly the case for the homeowner with small spaces and needs effortless snow throwing. The main advantages of a snow blower lie on the lightweight, ease of maintenance and compact design.

We discuss the best-rated snow blowers on the market today. These models offer the best options in performance, value for money and ease of operation.

Features to Expect: Best Electric Snow Blowers

Electric Snow BlowerPriceMotor PowerClearing WidthWeightSnow DepthRating
Toro Power Shovel 38361 Electric Snow Blower7.5Amp12-inches12.5 pounds6-inches3.8/5
Snow Joe Ultra 13.5Amp SJ620 Electronic Snow Thrower13.5Amp18-inches31.5 pounds10-inches4.2/5
GreenWorks 20-Inch 2600502 Corded Snow Thrower13Amp18-inches30 lbs10-inches4.2/5
Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Thrower13Amp18-Inches37 lbs9-inches4.2/5
WEN 5662 Snow Blaster Electric Snow Thrower13.5Amp18-Inches39 pounds7.8-inches4.2/5

Best Electric Snow Blower Reviews

1. Toro Power Shovel 38361 Electric Snow Blower 7.5Amp

If you are in the search for the most compact machine to ease work on snow blowing, then Toro is your best bet. It is by one of the best manufacturers meaning it comes packed with high-quality and performance properties. It is designed to work on relatively small driveways and walkways.

The construction is durable, and you’ll love that it can handle up to 6-inches depth of snow. With it, the experience of using a shovel will be a thing of the past. What’s more, you can go back to sitting by the fire because you’ll finish snow throwing in half the time it would take when using a shovel.  

Full Clearing to Enhance Performance

This equipment works on a slightly straight path where it can throw up to 20ft of snow well. It goes as far as 12-inches wide, and sinks to 6 inches. This means you can rely on it if you don’t receive stormy winter seasons. You’ll also be good with the width that indicates it is quite reliable when you have to move the snow fast in a hurry.

It is lightweight; ideal for the seniors and persons who have dexterity problems. With the capacity to throw 300 pounds of snow every minute, it suits residential properties with average sidewalks, decks, steps and even walkways.

With the 7.5 Amp of electric power, this machine operates in quiet motions. You can work with it all the time without disturbing your family and neighbors. It does not carry the emission hazard, so if you are keen in keeping the environment free of pollution, you must not bypass this model.

It comes with the electric cord lock to prevent unplugging the machine in the middle of usage. It also bear an electric start for quick start up, and it has a safety key lock to keep away unauthorized users.

User-Friendly Operations

This tool features telescoping handles; thus, it offers an ergonomic operation which eliminates back strain. You can set it at your height level to reduce bending or awkward standing positions.

The Toro Snow Blower shows exceptional reliability as you can rotate the handle to direct where the snow falls. It means you can navigate easily even extending your reach by sliding the handle up or down.


  • Easy operations for entry-level users
  • Inexpensive but full of value
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Compact and easy to store


  • It does not include the power cord
  • It has a plastic blade that may scrap gravel off the pavement


Overall, the Toro Electric Snow Blower presents a dependable machine on the highest degree of performance for its capacity. What it claims it can do is what it delivers. You should not expect to work with it in deep snow.

It functions perfectly on average sized areas, can throw large volumes of fresh snow by the minute and it has a solid build. You’ll use this machine for a decent period so bulk up for the best working time.

2. Snow Joe Ultra 13.5Amp 18.5-Inch SJ620 Electronic Snow Thrower

Who wouldn’t desire the power of a gas-powered snow blower but with the convenience of an electronic unit? This is what Snow Joe offers. Even the name speaks for the sole purpose of optimum snow throwing. It boasts a 13.5Amp motor perfect for small to mid-sized walkways, decks, and driveways.

It carries four steel blades that can cut through the toughest of dry snow. It is the industrial grade of electronic snow blades as it can withstand heavy usage and remain in good condition.

Performance and Capacity

The Snow Joe has a clearing width of 18-inches and can cut through 10-inches deep snow. This means serious working, and as you’ll see you can control the direction of the throw over 1800. Even better, direct the snow as far as 20ft. It throws an average of 650 pounds of snow each minute.

With the large wheels, it can withstand the pressure of the throw giving you stability and easy navigation. The wheels glide through the wet snow with grace, and it has a scraper blade to pave away snow while keeping your driveway free from damage.

Since it is electrically corded, you may be limited to the length of the power extension. However, it does not require any effort to start or refueling. The weight it carries keeps the machine from wavering and losing balance as it encounters dense patches.

It provides consistency since it does not become heavy as you push. The purpose of directing the snow comes to relieve the machine of strain when you have thrown so much snow right where you are headed.

Simple Maintenance

The beauty of the Snow Joe is in the way it exudes power without the need for oiling the parts or refueling. All you need is a power extension cord, and you can start working right away. Convenience is seen where it’s possible to include a power strip or a long power extension wire to extend the area of reach.

This snow blower requires little maintenance of only cleaning the stuck snow. It compactly stores, so it suits homeowners with small storage spaces.


  • It has 1800 deflector chute to direct snow stream
  • Large snow throwing width
  • Four steel blades indicate heavy duty blowing
  • Plenty of power for midsized jobs


  • One is confined by the cord on the distance it can cover


Snow Joe SJ620 is one exceptional snow blower. It is both powerful and convenient for residential properties. The direction of throw is easy to control, the wheels are rugged, and it comes with steel blades.

It is, therefore durable and set to maintain its working condition for many years to come. This model is also affordable; it will not leave your pockets dry.

3. GreenWorks 20-Inch 13Amp 2600502 Corded Snow Thrower

Enjoy this Christmas with a snow blower which is deemed for performance, simple operations, and robust design. GreenWorks find their snow blower on this list because it carries valuable features useful for most driveways and walkways.

It needs a slightly flat space to throw snow and it can work efficiently and in a short time span. It bears 20-inches of clearing width to keep the snow rolling faster. You will not spend hours in the cold when you can work fast and be on your way to some warmth in the house.

Efficiency and Reliability

You’ll love that it can go as deep as 10-inches; you won’t have the need to invest in a large blower when it snows heavily. The direction of throw stands at 20-ft, and it can clear hefty pounds of snow per minute.

Since it comes with bright LED lights, you don’t have to wait for the snow to stop falling for better visibility. You can still clear when you need to go out in a hurry, and the driveway is full of fresh, flaky snow.

The main advantage of this snow blower is in the blades which can manage wet snow, so you’ll have an all-around machine for use throughout the season. They have a construction from polyethylene plastic for your peace of mind.

Although they go deep, they are raised not to scrap wooden surfaces. However, it is recommended to minimize usage on gravel ground since it has the tendency to pick stones and debris which may shorten the life of the motor.

User-Friendly Operations

The small, sturdy construction of this snow blower ensures you have smooth operations. Even with the 13Amp power, the vibrations are at a minimum. Your hands will feel no strain, and the handles provide a firm grip.

These handles are foldable for storage or better yet, take advantage and hang it on the wall. The weight is manageable in case you need to lift it when navigating through tight areas.


  • Easy push-button startup
  • High clearance capacity for quick cleaning
  • Works equally well with wet snow
  • Adjustable chute to direct throw
  • Comes with a cord lock to prevent tripping or tangling of the cord when in use


  • It will degrade when used on gravel surfaces


GreenWorks is an ideal choice if you want to clear snow in the shortest time possible. The clearing width plus the power tell a tale of an impressive machine. You will not make numerous passes before you have a clear path for your car or your pets. The handles are adjustable, so it’s truly user-friendly.

4. Power Smart 13Amp 18-Inch DB5023 Electric Snow Thrower

When it is snowing outside, you’ll want the right machine to create a walkway for you and your pets. With a powerful motor of 13Amp, Power Smart can discharge large volumes of snow. It can quickly reach 9-inches depth of snow and paves way over 18inches wide with one pass.

With one pass, you can help your pet through the fluffy wet snow, and save it from the freezing weather. It is also great on grass paths, sidewalks, and decks.

Convenience and Proper Control

Power Smart comes with a rubber-tipped auger. The auger has a construction from steel meaning it’s durable to live through many seasons. With the rubber coating, it works smoothly on most surfaces mainly wooden and grass surfaces. It also carries an 1800 adjustable chute with a crank to modify the angle of throw.

As such you can direct the flow up to 30ft in whichever direction you choose. Since it can cut through 8-inches of hard snow, your work is made much easier.

Working with this snow blower sees that you can fully control the machine. The handles are fully cushioned to afford you a comfortable grip to ease the strain that comes with pushing the blower. It is complemented by large plastic wheels that make maneuvering easier.

This way, you can go on for hours before you start feeling tired. The large carrying handles allow manageable lifting since it weighs 31lbs. This way, you can clear other areas around the house like the porch.

Smooth Functions

With the instant start motor, you’ll not encounter troubles even when the temperatures plummet. It will not present challenges in maintaining the performance since you don’t have to change the fuel or use correct ratios of gas in the engine.

It sees no emissions and very low noise levels. With the foam handles, it has little vibration. This is the ultimate solution for medium scale snow throwing.


  • 650pounds per minute throw capacity
  • Oversized handles to easily carry up or down the stairs for storage
  • Powerful enough to handle thick wet snow
  • Extra wide clearance area


  • The cord limits range or reach

Some users have had issues with the large size


It’s easy to see why we all love the Power Smart electric snow blower. It has a solid construction, easy to maneuver, and comes with simple operation functions. The price is also attractive to give you full value for the money. The rubber coated auger will not scrap your concrete floors and is good on other surfaces like grass lawns and wooden decks.

5. WEN 13Amp 5662 Snow Blaster 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

It’s bad enough when you can’t get your car out of the garage because snow blocks the garage door. But WEN has an easy way to pave the way for it; offering 18-inches of width to create a perfect path.

It eases the effort of shoveling volumes of snow by making work easier on you. If you generally took maybe three hours to clear your lawn, you can now rest easy because this snow blower does the job in half the time.

High Power and Reliability

The 13.5 amp motor produces high power to work the auger at speeds of up to 2000RPM. This means it can cut through thick snow and sink deep enough to get to the full depth of the snow up to 7.8inches. With just one pass, it can shovel up over 400 pounds of snow every minute. This machine is praised for efficiency, and as you can see, you’ll not keep going back to clear some left out patches.

You can then direct the discharge to the angle of your choice so if it windy. You can direct the snow to the wind’s direction. As such it will not come back on your face when the machine propels it.

WEN helps you navigate your property with ease. The machine has 6-inch wheels that provide proper balance and better control. The make mobility comfortable, and together with the wide carry handles, you can transport it by lifting since it balances the weight when it’s off the ground.

It has insulated handles that come in handy to keep your warmth so that you’ll not be at risk of hypothermia.

Quick Access System

You’ll love that all the parts are quickly accessible. From the power bar which enables the fast start up to the rotation crank that sets the directional height of the snow thrown, it proves you don’t need any special skills to operate the blower.

Even better, WEN comes with an extension cord wrangler to keep the machine plugged in at all time. You’ll always look forward to working with the best electric snow blower.


  • Flexible multi-directional chute
  • High snow throwing speed
  • Wide carrying handles make transportation easier
  • Has a cord wrangler to prevent unplugging in the middle of use.


  • Does not have headlights


The WEN model works efficiently on medium sized walkways and driveways. It is efficiently designed to afford the user a comfortable time working. The auger and discharge system handle snow with absolute practicality.

Every dimension of this machine delivers a safe to use tool with low noise and emission levels. It requires little maintenance and will, therefore, make for an excellent electric snow blower.

Best Pick for the Ideal Electric Snow Blower

Snow Joe Ultra 13.5Amp 18.5-Inch SJ620 Electronic Snow Thrower

Power and cutting length means a lot when it comes to snow blowing. We feel strongly for the Snow Joe. It exhibits the highest level of power, consistency, and versatility. It has four steel blades, and its overall construction is quite durable.

It presents easy maintenance procedures with manageable weight to transport to other areas. The design is also ergonomic, and everyone who loves yard tools will be impressed by the Snow Joe SJ620

Picking the Best Electric Snow Blower

  • How much is the snow you need clearing?
  • What is the size of the area you need to blow?
  • How does the auger affect your blower and area you are clearing?

If you have large volumes of snow, you’ll want to go with the blower that has a high capacity to clear many pounds of snow per minute. It will reduce your working time and even save you from fatigue.

What is the size of the area you need to blow?

The space you need clearing dictates the width of the snow blower. If you want to blow snow efficiently within the first pass, you’ll need the blower with full clearing width. This way, you can estimate the size of your driveway and buy the blower that matches it.

How does the auger affect your blower and area you are clearing?

Some blades may scrap wooden surfaces or collect damaging debris. Examine the construction of the auger to see whether it has an anti-scrap panel.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Does the Snow Blower have parts to assemble?
  • How’s the blower’s performance in wet snow?

You’ll need to install the discharge chute and its control lever together with the handles. They all come with well-written manuals to take you through the process.

How’s the blower’s performance in wet snow?

These machines have some level of resistance when on wet snow, but you can manage to clear by making a few passes. Only, it will take you longer to get the perfect space.

Final Words

An electric snow blower presents unique opportunities for most homeowners. As the market keeps on revolutionizing, we hope we have narrowed down the options for you.

Remember to first consider your needs before making any compromises. There’s always a machine with the most to offer so take it slow and see yourself with a tool that works for you.

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