Smoking is an ancient method of cooking food that has revolutionized over the years, yet remains significant for its reminiscent flavor.

If you are the creative type who likes to try out different methods of cooking food, having the best electric smoker is a must.

Today the market is flooded with some quality meat smokers which I bet you will appreciate for how swift they smoke your dishes.

You will certainly come across other types of smokers such as pellet and charcoal smokers, but this is a topic for another day.

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Best Electric Smokers Summarized: Comparison Table

ModelPricePowerCooking SpaceMax Temperature
MasterBuilt 20070910800 Watts730 Square Inches275o Fahrenheit
MasterBuilt 20072115800 Watts721 Square Inches275o Fahrenheit
Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker1500 Watts504 Square Inches300o Faherenheit
Bradley Smokers Original Smoker500 Watts520 Square Inches250o Fahrenheit
Bradley Smokers BTDS76P500 Watts527 Square Inches320o Fahrenheit
Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-DCharcoal Smoker1176 Square Inches230o Fahrenheit

Best Electric Smoker Reviews 2017

If you are considering buying an electric smoker, a little guidance will go a long way in making your selection easier and a lot more fun.

We are especially glad to present to you this information-packed article about the best electric smoker review and we believe that just as we enjoyed doing our research, you will also welcome the details that come with our effort.

Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Digital Smoker

The Masterbuilt electric smoker makes our first item in the review and for the right reasons. If you are a man/woman of the people then space would be your greatest concern and this one here comes with 730 square inches of cooking space so you can smoke your meat without any space limitations.


  • Digital panel
  • 800 watts
  • 4-chrome coated racks
  • Measures 20.4×19.9×33.3 inches
  • 730 square inches cooking space
  • Side wood loading chips
  • Thermostat temperature ranging from 100 degrees- 275 degrees


No doubt, this electric smoker is among the best selling and as well one of the top rated smokers by users. The Masterbuilt 20070910 is ideal for everyone including beginners thanks to its ease of operation. What’s more, you can enjoy its spaciousness with its four chrome-coated racks for the larger chunks of meat plus, it guarantees constant smoke promising cooked, tasty meat.

A temperature range of 1000 to 2750 and 800watts of electric power is just what you need for thoroughly cooked meat otherwise you would have a hard time getting your meals ready and in turn be worried sick about tape worms.

This smoker is also affordable given its quality construction thus giving you a run for your money. An insulation panel is fitted to ensure all heat is reserved for thorough cooking. Another thing that makes it the best choice is the ease of cleaning. Never mind grease stains because it can easily be cleaned obviously with the right cleaning agents.

In short, this electric smoker has all the right features any meat smoker desires. Perhaps the only disadvantage would be the power cord which may be a little shorter for some people, but that can be fixed by using an extension. However, this model is definitely a great addition to your garden.

Masterbuilt 20072115 Electric Smoker **OUR TOP PICK**

Our electric smoker review list includes this Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Electric Smoker. As its name suggests, its digital and its Bluetooth, giving it some remarkable advantages ahead of its counterparts. It comes with a remote control so you can power your machine on or off, set time and temperature from anywhere in the house.

  • 4-Chrome coated racks
  • 800 watt
  • Remote Control
  • Side wood loading chips
  • Measures 20.9×20.1×31.9 inches
  • Bluetooth technology
  • 721 square inch cooking space
  • Built-in meat probe thermometer


This is another backyard smoker from Masterbuilt worth investing in if you love those precious moments with friends or family. It comes with ample cooking space measuring 721 square inches and be sure that you fit up to 100lbs of food and have it ready all at the same time.

The 4-chrome coated racks are removable and adjustable, meaning that whether you want to smoke full steak or just drumsticks, you are good to go. The chrome coating also ensures your meat doesn’t stick on the racks so cleaning time will be smooth sailing.

Other amazing features include the thermostat control that goes up to 275 degrees depending on what you are preparing. The Bluetooth feature is compatible with most smartphones so you can cook while doing other activities like browsing or chatting.

Once ready, you will be notified when your food is ready. You can use the control panel too, which has been designed with removable sun shades.

A transparent door gives you a clear view of your food and a wood chip for adding woodchips when cooking. Different foods require different cooking periods which is why your smoker also comes with a timer for smooth time management.

Finally, the Masterbuilt Bluetooth Electric Smoker comes with an air damper and an electric ignition to make operations easy and for best cooking results.

Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

If you are looking for the best electric smoker in the market that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but still does a brilliant job, the Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker would make a good option. It comes with greater 1500watts electric power and double insulated walls for smoking overly tough meat.

  • Double insulated walls
  • 504 square inches cooking space
  • Water Pan and Wood Chip
  • 1500 watt
  • Chrome Plated Handles
  • Temperature gauge with bezel
  • Measures 17.5x20x37.8 Inches


Apart from its affordability, Charbroil is rather easy to use. Operation is as simple as setting the temperature and smoking begins. That certainly does not require much knowledge compared to others like charcoal smokers where lighting the fire alone takes forever.

With ample space, you can smoke a whole turkey and still have more than enough room for some ribs. The 1500watt heat, is sufficient for the turkey to cook evenly without you splitting it up. So warm up to a mouth-watering, crispy-on-the-outside, and moist-on-the-inside turkey this thanksgiving.

Want a mesquite or hickory flavor on your smoked food? The Char-Broil can burn just any type of woodchip. To prevent the wood from getting too hard, add some water in the liquid basin.

The vertical design makes it a less complicated smoker so it’s pretty easy managing your food while it cooks and if you have to keep checking for readiness, well and good. Its design eases the cleaning process too. Additionally, it takes into account space constraints as it is small enough to fit in your small patio.

Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

This smoker by Bradley is known for its stainless steel quality construction. For lovers of classy designs, this one is definitely a top class design that will not only yield flavor to your meals, but also add a touch of ambience to your space.

  • 520 square inches cooking space
  • Digital temperature control
  • Measures 20.2×17.5×33.5 inches
  • 4 adjustable racks
  • 500 watt- cooking
  • 125 watt- smoking
  • 250 degrees max temperature
  • Side bisquettes loading chips


This smoker operates almost similar to the pellet smoker except that it uses bisquettes. These leave a charming flavor on the roasted food and rightfully so thanks to the apple, alder, cherry mesquite, pecan, and hickory used in their manufacturing.

Each amount takes 20 minutes to completely burn in the attached smoker before you can replace them for constant temperature. Perhaps an outstanding feature is that it comes with a thermostat.

If you have been looking for a stationary smoker, Bradley Smokers Original will make a suitable option. Weighing up to 50 lbs with neither wheels nor handles, it does limit frequent movements. It powder coated exterior will certainly make cleaning fun, quick and easy.

The digital control panel is a definite plus to its operations however, you will need to keep covering it lest it stops functioning. Covers can be ordered along with the electric smoker.

The only downside conceivably, is the manual replacing of the bisquettes by pressing the wood button yet still it remains to be a great performer as far as smoking your meals is concerned.

Bradley Digital BTDS76P 4-Rack Meat Smoker


Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker is perfect for backyard barbecuing with family and friends for those celebratory gatherings like Christmas and thanksgiving.


  • Separate burners for oven and smoke
  • 4 removable cooking racks
  • Digital controls for smoke, temperature, and time
  • Internal thermostat
  • Max temperature of up to 320 degrees
  • Safe smoke-with-fire system
  • 500 watt
  • Up to 8hours of smoke


To begin with, Bradley uses durable stainless steel to manufacture its smokers guaranteeing all year round use to their customers. With its digital technology, you can control how much time, smoke and temperature you need to cook your meal which is what every dedicated smoker would need during this festive season.

Along with it comes a recipe book if you’d like to try out some out of the normal, once in a while recipes. With a maximum temperature of 280you can prepare just about any meat and its space and adjustable racks are features to reckon with if you are thinking quantity.

A separate smoke generator will come in handy when you need to eliminate acids and gases that can potentially alter the flavor of your meal. Each bisquette takes about 20mins to burn out so you will need to replace after.

An independent heating system allows for slow cooking, slow roasting, or hot smoking which you’ll agree with me is ideal for well cooked sweet tasting meals. Finally, the safe smoke with fire system ensures that no fire lights when smoke is produced and this is a remarkable safety feature.

Camp Chef 18-inch Smoke Vault

For those looking for something simple that does not take up much of their backyard space, this Camp Chef 18-inch is the best electric smoker to buy. It is an ideal for small families and offers quite an outstanding performance given its snap-ignition and 3 adjustable damper valves placed at the top and bottom of the smoker.


  • 2 adjustable racks
  • Water pan
  • 3 adjustable damper valves on top and bottom
  • Door thermometer (50-550 degrees)
  • Matchless snap-ignition
  • 2×18.8×17
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Removable porcelain base tray


Do not be deceived by its small size. This smoker can handle almost any amount of food thrown in it. Whichever flavor you would like to add to your food, the Camp Chef 18-inch can get the job done as well as other large size smokers. Slow and low cooking is also possible if you can afford some time for tenderly cooked meat.

This smoke vault can cook a whole turkey despite its size, and the adjustable heat controls ensure that you set the right temperature to give it ample time to cook. Given its 3 damper valves and a door thermometer, you can easily control temperature as high as 500o which you will appreciate especially of you are preparing tough game meat.

Planning to camp, why not carry this along? Weighing only 63.5 lbs, this smoker is quite portable and can fit well in your car’s trunk. Its  internal space is big enough to prepare enough food for everyone.

This is a great addition to any patio area. Assembling is quick and easy and it comes with useful add-ons like the recipe book and a rib rack.

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker

This smoker has all the features you could possibly look out for in a smoker and its price? Well, unless you really wanted it to cost more. Along with an offset smoker box and quite a roomy interior, you are rest assured that numbers don’t matter because it does pretty well with large capacity cooking.

  • 1176 square inches cooking space
  • Separate compartment for wood chips
  • 6 racks with meat hanging hooks
  • Temperature gauge
  • Can handle up to 150lbs of food
  • Heavy duty steel body for longevity
  • 2×34.5×47 inches


This model is among the many vertical smoker designs in the market that will definitely give you a run for your money. And yes, it does qualify for some of the best electric smoker reviews from users. If you are looking for a non-complicated design that will make food handling easy, this one offers just that.

The offset box allows heat to travel up the box, evenly spread to the rest of the unit, and finally out through the chimney. As this happens, you may notice some steam coming out where the grill is attached. That can be fixed by adding a temperature calk that will scale up temperatures to 500 degrees.

One feature you will appreciate about this smoker is its cooking space. There is just so much space for your food you wouldn’t believe it. With each rack measuring more than 12×12 inches, more than 6 square feet of food can comfortably fit and you are rest assured it will all cook evenly.

That is roughly equal to 10 chicken, 20 lbs ribs, and 10 lbs briskets in one smoker. How amazing this is? To top that up, there are hooks for hanging meat on the sides.

Lastly, the loading compartment at the bottom makes it easy to load wood chips.


ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

Nothing sucks like an unevenly cooked meal especially with guests around or when you are starving and you can’t afford the luxury of some extra cooking time. The ThermoPro TP20 package comes with necessary accessories to ensure that any meal you intend to prepare gets just the right amount of heat for best results.

This package includes:

  • Dual probe technology
  • No sync needed
  • Programmed with preset USDA approved temperature for various types of meat
  • Programmed with preset USDA approved doneless levels for different types of meat
  • Manual temperature settings
  • Countdown and count ups timers
  • Previous temperature and timer saving after power off
  • Probe and wire strong enough to endure up to 380 degrees temperatures
  • Review

    The ThermoPro accessories package makes it to our best electric smoker review and for all the right reasons. It makes the perfect smoker accessory gift for everyone who loves to cook. In fact, if you are stuck on what gift to get your mom, sister, aunt, or even an uncle who adores cooking, this one will make a good option.

    This unit comes with a dual probe technology, a mobile receiver which you can carry with you around the house for frequent updates.

    As long as you are familiar with the right temperature for different meals, the USDA approved preset thermometer and doneless levels with negative or negative 1 accuracy which is just about what you need for correct cooking, will come in handy. Alternatively, if you opt for the manual route, use the manual temperature settings, countdown and count ups for control.

    The package includes stylish oven mitts that you can safely use to handle your food. These quality mitts fit everyone, so you don’t need to worry about the size.

    Here is a summary table listing the best electric smokers and their features.


    A meat smoker is an asset if you love healthy food or if you are planning to move away from the not-so-healthy deep fried fatty food. Smoking enhances flavor and preserves your meat too.  The best food smoker will be easy to operate, maintain, and of course deliver some great taste for your meals.

    Finally, the best electric smoker to buy in 2017 is the MasterBuilt 20072115 electric smoker obviously for its digital features that have gone a long way to enhance its operation. MasterBuilt has manufactured some of the top rated smokers that you will need to watch out for this coming year.

    Coosing the Best Electric Smoker in 2017: Buying Guide

    Types of smokers

    If you still don’t already own a smoker, it is good to know the different types available including their pros and cons. The four main types you’ll find in the market are:

    1. Electric smokersJust as the name suggests, these tools require electric power to operate, so there is no using them whenever there’s a blackout. Another con is that like any other hand-made equipment, it can break. However, as long as you have warranty or have purchased the best electric smokers in the market you can have it replaced. What makes electric smokers stand out is their ability to maintain heat for a long time until food is properly cooked.
    2. Propane smokersThey work almost the same as electric smokers except that they require propane to function. You have to be certain there is enough propane in the smoking grill, so your food isn’t partially cooked. Similar to the electric smoker, it can also break but you never miss readily available spares.
    3. Pellet smokersThese function differently from the two above. An element called auger feeds the stove –like component with compressed wood pellets. A thermostat is used to regulate how much wood pellet is required at a given time. They are also quite pricey compared to the rest.
    4. Charcoal SmokersThese are the most popularly used because they use firewood which is readily available. However, you can guess how exasperating it can get when lighting firewood. Another disadvantage is that you have to keep checking your meat lest you find it totally burnt.

    Other times the heat may be too little to cook your meat well. As if that is not enough, the price of charcoal isn’t encouraging either. All in all, the results are worth the tussle.

    Importance of Electric Smokers

    Weekends are a time to relax and unwind after the hustles and bustles of the week. But what happens when your family or friends come bashing in the name of a surprise? You won’t send them away or sure as heck leave them hungry. This is where an electric smoker comes in handy and here’s why?

    Programmable – If you have ever smoked your meat using firewood or charcoal, you’ll definitely appreciate this convenience. Simply set it and place your fish or salmon, and when you will be back, you’ll find it ready and tasty as ever.

    Hassle Free – No more trouble lighting charcoal, constant refueling, and having to deal with dirt and smoke. It takes a simple switch and you are good to go.

    Variety – the electric smoker won’t limit your diet. You can smoke fish, beef, salmon chicken, pepper, sausage, bacon, cheese, even nuts without much trouble.

    Flexible – you don’t need to be in an open space to smoke your favorite. These units are handier in rented apartments where you are not allowed to use charcoal or pellets.

    Moisture cooking – If you’ve tasted thoroughly cooked meats that have retained a little moisture, you will definitely love these units. How about savoring every flavor of soft succulent smoked beef? Well the electric smoker, through regulation of temperature will allow you do just this.

    Healthy – smoking food is a good way of keeping healthy. It is nothing compared to fat loaded deep fried food. What’s more, you let your food cook slowly, surely, and thoroughly.

    Essential Electric Smoker Accessories

    Now that you are acquainted with different types of smokers let’s move on to the various parts in an electric smoker since they are our primary focus. Covering all regions would take the whole day so for today we’ll just familiarize ourselves with 5 of them.

    Heating ElementThis is a crucial part of any electric smoker model. It is among the regions responsible for producing the heat so if it’s dead; your smoker’s as good as dead.

    Grease absorbentIts use is quite obvious, but just in case, grease absorbents suck up all the grease and oil from whatever is being smoked so the bottom of the smoker remains clean after use.

    Top and bottom GrillThis is where you place your meat for smoking. Place some on top and some below.

    Power supply cordIf the power supply cord isn’t there, how else will you start the smoker?

    Thermometer infrared roasterThe best electric smokers on the market come with a thermometer, so your meat comes out right. You don’t have to keep guessing whether it is ready or not.

    Factors to Consider When Selecting an Electric Smoker

    • Temperature – While an electric meat smoker can automatically control the internal temperature, other models that use rheostats are now available. However, experts advice that the best ones are those with a thermostat.
    • Caveats – Caveats help regulate heat inside the combustion chamber by releasing any excess heat and smoke. While this is happening the heat inside stays uniform, so all the meat inside is evenly cooked.
    • Heat Structure – If you are looking for a meat smoker for instance, you’ll need one that allows heat from the bottom to the sides. Pro-smokers, on the other hand, prefer those that allow heat from the top to the sides.
    • Ease of Cleaning – obviously, hygiene is a factor you can never overlook where what goes to your stomach is concerned.
    • Ease of Use – you wouldn’t want a smoker that will trouble you so that by the time your meat is cooked, you’ve lost appetite.
    • Affordability – this is what determines whether you have the smoker or not. Select one that will give you a run for your money.

    Handy Operation Tips

    • Vertical food smokers are quite efficient compared to their horizontal counterparts. However, during the cold season, they tend to lose heat a lot faster. The horizontal ones are good for all seasons but they have greater space requirements.
    • Get your smoker ready for work by seasoning it the very first time you will be using it.
    • For success with flavoring, season your meat with marinade, spics, or dry rubs and let it stay all night for better absorption.
    • A water pan dipped with your favorite aromatic ingredients placed under the heat source is good, as it will release steam to tenderize your meat and flavor too. Different wood chip choices can be used for this purpose.
    • A meat thermometer inserted right to the center of your meat will let you know whether your meat is ready, judging by its internal temperature.

    Maintenance Tips

    Hygiene and proper maintenance are what it takes for your electric smoker to give you years of good service. Here are some quick maintenance tips you may want to consider.

    • At every first use, heat your smoker and cool it to burn off any dust and manufacturing residue.
    • Seasoning is a good start off too. Seasoning means covering up the interior of your smoker by applying cooking oil and heating your smoker so the oil seeps on every part of the metal. This way, there is no contact between your food and the metal surfaces. It is a good rust protection measure too.
    • Keep your vents open when seasoning your smoker to prevent a buildup of creosote.
    • Regular inspection helps you identify rusty spots. When you notice them, you know that it is time to repaint your smoker but you will need to scrub it off first.
    • Always leave your smoker clean after every use to prevent molds and poisonous substances from growing.
    • To get rid of stubborn grease, soot, and fat from your smoker grates, heat them up in high temperatures in your oven.
    • Always check for clogs on your vents.

    5 Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Smokers

    Does an electric smoker work better than the wood or pellet smoker?

    Preferences for smoker types differ from user to user. While other users will appreciate the convenience of non-manual operation in electric smokers others will prefer building their fire and tending to their wood as they smoke their meals. Others still would prefer an in-between convenience offering which you will get from pellet smokers.

    Is it all right to use charcoal in an electric smoker?

    While most people have used woodchips to produce smoke, others use charcoal but purely for achieving a smoke ring. However, wood chips are the better option as far as smoke production and flavor are concerned.

    When smoking meat, should the vent remain open or closed?

    Opening and closing your vent depends on how much smoke is in your smoker. Open the vent for some smoke to escape when there is excess smoke and close it up when there is just enough smoke.

    After adding wood chips, when is the right time to put in your meat, before or after the chips start smoking?

    There is really not much difference what time you put your meat in after adding wood chips. However, you can try both ways and see which one of them works best for you.

    What’s the difference between cold and hot smoking?

    Cold smoking is suitable when you simply want to preserve food rather than cook it for consumption. It uses low temperatures over a long time and this can be achieved by wetting the woodchips used in the electric smoker. Use dry chips for hot smoking.

    I hope this guide has helped you in choosing the best electric smoker that will make improve your garden.