When your yard has a blanket of fall leaves, the first instinct is to clear it up. But you don’t want to spend hours hunched on your back doing repeat jobs and wasting a whole day. An electric leaf blower gives you the power to maintain your yard in the least time possible. You don’t have to suffer from aches owing to a rake and broom.

Finding the best electric leaf blower can be a challenge. This is especially true seeing that the market has many models with admirable designs. It’s sad that some blowers have a good name but perform mid-level jobs. Instead of combing the market in a try and error quest, we get down to business and do it for you.

Here, we bring only the electric leaf blowers that matter. These brands have faced the odds, to come out at the top in performance, power, and reliability. By the end of this list, you’ll now breathe easy as you pick out your next electric leaf blower.

Best electric leaf blower – quick features

Electric Leaf BlowerPricePowerAir SpeedAir VolumeWeightRating
Toro Power Sweep 51585 Leaf Blower7Amp160MPH155CFM4.6 Pounds4.4/5
GreenWorks Corded Single Speed Leaf Blower7Amp160MPH150CFM4.5 Pounds4.5/5
DEWALT DCBL720P1Lithium Ion Cordless Leaf Blower20V Lithium-Ion Battery90MPH400CFM9.7 Pounds4.3/5
WORX TURBINE Corded Leaf Blower WG-52012Amp115MPH600CFM7.2 Pounds4.7/5
BLACK+ DECKER LB700 Corded Leaf Blower7Amp180MPH180CFM4.4lbs4.6/5

Best Electric Leaf Blower Reviews

1. Toro Power Sweep 51585 Leaf Blower

There’s a reason Toro power tools are the talk of yard maintenance today. First, this brand is well-known for the high-power their machines exude. If you are an avid landscaper, you’ll want to consider the Power Sweep for your yard grooming. It comes at a time when we want to do things efficiently, and this leaf blower will get you that manicured lawn you love.

High-Performance Properties

The Toro Electric Leaf Blower uses 7Amp which generates an air speed of 160mph. This power gets you to amass the leaves around your yard in record time. You’ll love that it can get through to different types of debris including wet leaves. It allows for varying up speed as you tackle different types.

As such, it is not reserved for the leaves only as you’ll find it useful when blowing off dust and scattered twigs on your deck in summer. You’ll also love it with light snow on your car in the wake of spring.

To say the least, this tool gets work done through all seasons. It carries the capacity to move 155cubic feet of leaves per minute. With it, you can work fast and be on to other yard tasks.

Lightweight Convenience

When it comes to working for extended hours, you’ll find the Toro Power Sweep super-convenient. This is because it carries just a subtle weight hence you can work tirelessly. It lets you escape the exhaustion that comes with using gas-powered leaf blowers. The essence of this tool is to make your life easier even as you face off piles of leaves when your home has many trees.

Little to Maintenance

The best thing about this tool is that it generates power comparable to gas blowers, but it doesn’t need half the maintenance procedures. You get to use a tool with minimal vibration plus it doesn’t collect any carbon. All you need to accomplish is wiping off remnants, and the blower works in decent condition for the longest time.


  • It generates high power to carry out large cleaning jobs
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Has high leaf blowing capacity at 155CFM
  • It requires little upkeep


  • It limits the area of use to the length of the power cord
  • It cannot take other yard accessories
  • It’s not ideal for large properties


We praise this leaf blower for top of the chart features. It has an excellent combination of ergonomics, speed, air volume, and power. It assures you of a clean yard in no time at all. If the only spare time is the weekend; you can take Saturday morning, and by noon you are sitting in a neat lawn with friends and family. Only don’t expect it to me through when you have acres of land to clean.

2. GreenWorks Single Speed Electric Leaf Blower 24012

Life just gets easy with the GreenWorks Corded Leaf Blower. Although you’ll not be able to vary the speed with this brand, it can get down to every matted leaf that threatens to damage your green grass. It comes as no surprise that this unit has the power to blower thick leaves and debris on all kinds of surfaces. This includes pavements, driveways, decks, the porch, and gutter.

Saves Time and Energy

When you have a tool exuding 160MPH and moving 150cubic feet of air in a minute, you can already tell it’s down to business. You can expect this blower to complete yard cleanup in a short time.
It is furnished with a cord lock which secures it in place. This way, you can work consistently without disruptions as you’ll not be going back to plug in. It saves you the hassle of tangled cables hence sparing you some few hours to tend to your flowers or do some grass spraying or fertilizing.

User-Friendly Design

No one likes using a tool which can potentially cause hand injuries due to vibrations, or fatigue. That’s why GreenWorks has made it their mission to give us a tool which let you leave with your health intact after the job. This blower boasts zero carbon release. If you are keen on preserving our environment, you get this tool and work without a flinch.

The weight is another admirable aspect since it is almost negligible for lawn maintenance equipment. At only 4.5pounds, you can work on your garden extensively while you skip fatigue and wrist strain.

Power Requirements

The GreenWorks blower uses 7Amp of electrical energy. This rating is most effective since it ensures continuous running without the device heating up. This means you’ll not be contending with worn out parts for a long time coming. This particular blower does not, however, come with the power cord you’ll have to supply yours with one.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can clean on all types of surfaces
  • Generates high leaf blowing speed and capacity
  • Durable construction


  • It is not supplied with the power cord
  • It can be a bit loud to other people’s liking
  • It can be time-consuming when using t on large yards in over 1acre


This device is all you need for small to moderate leaf clearing jobs. It comes in a friendly design which lets you work for extended hours with great efficiency. It doesn’t require much maintenance but works for years in the best condition. It is best for hard floors but is also exceptional with matted leaves.


3. DEWALT DCBL720P1Lithium Ion Cordless Leaf Blower

When using an electric leaf blower, many people sight the confinement to the length of the power cord as a big drawback. That’s why DEWALT designed a blower which will be electric but will not use power from a socket.

The DCBL720P1 model uses a 20V Lithium-Ion battery which discharges energy equivalent to a gas-powered blower. What’s more, it can cover a larger area than regular leaf blowers.

Key Features

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the DEWALT cordless blower is its brushless motor. This equipment delivers high torque because very few moving parts are installed on the motor. It also means that there’s less friction hence less wear on moving parts. The motor can, therefore, perform efficiently for a decent period.

Leaf Blowing Capacity

This tool generates 90MPH blowing speed to move 400CFM of air volume. It is a tool you can count on to clean your lawn and do it effectively. It enjoys a long runtime thanks to the axial fan design which works tirelessly to discharge air while extending the run time.

The best thing is that it lets you access all the tight areas that you usually can’t reach with a corded blower. Be it underneath the car, between hedges and even under flower beds.

Achieves High Flexibility

The DEWALT features a variable trigger which allows for speed control. This way, you are in total control regarding the type of clearing you are up to. Some debris requires high speed while others need just a little jab to get them off the grass or pavement. With this unit, you can get to every stick, twig, small rocks and wet leaf lying around. Let’s just say it is the real definition of versatile equipment.


  • Comes with a speed lock for efficient running
  • Comes with the battery and charger
  • Has manageable weight
  • Innovative axial fan design and brushless motor increase durability


  • It’s not ideal for heavy-duty jobs
  • Getting a replacement battery is a bit challenging, but you can ask for a spare battery when you place your first order
  • It does not have the best run time when you want it to work extensively


If you are looking for the convenience of a high powered blower without investing in a gas blower, this is the way to go. This blower has high leaf clearing capacity; it’s sturdy and is designed to last a long time. You may have to contend with a low battery after a few hours, but this is a compromise when you want to get to all the unreachable places around your home.

4. WORX TURBINE Corded Leaf Blower WG-520

With much advancement in power tools, we can’t fail to notice the WORX TURBINE. As the name suggests, you can already tell this is not just a busy body. The engineering is top notch seeing that it is fashioned with TURBINE fan technology and DYNAMIC airflow for maximum air speed and volume output. It is no wonder that this leaf blower has slowly but steadily garnered a huge following over time.

Performance Details

As this tool boasts two exceptional aspects incorporated into the design; it carries high capacity to blow leaves and perform a lot better on your yard. It can go from removing mulch from your lodged gutter to clearing grass clippings, and it even does an excellent job in piling large volumes of debris. It is furnished with a speed throttle which lets you work at the convenience of what and where you’ll be blowing.

Power Functionality

The WORX is an exceptional tool in that it can discharge 115MPH of power. This rating beats most of the gas leaf blowers. It goes ahead to exude 600 cubic feet per minute of air volume.

All these features are thanks to the airflow technology which generates air and moves it at very high speeds. It is perfect for persons who have moderate to large estates which need fast and efficient cleanup.

Excellent Ergonomics

When it comes to working with power equipment, you’ll want to achieve total control. The WORX delivers that aspect with this blower which weighs only 7.2pounds. You’ll be able to manage it with only one hand, hence saving you from fatigue after just a short time of working. You’ll be able to maneuver with it as it does not limit your movement. With a long extension cord, you can access all areas and be done before midday.


  • Achieves top blower air speed and volume
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Incorporates power airflow technology
  • Reasonably priced


  • The fan location is at the rear, and considering the high force, you may want to dress up for the job
  • The nozzle is small making it a little hard to direct the flow
  • It may appear big and challenging to control in small hands


WORX does not disappoint when they say this blower is powerful. The airflow is high considering that it is corded. It can cover large areas and is good on all types of debris. This blower is also easy to control with the speed trigger. However, the fan placement is not at the best location.

5. BLACK+ DECKER LB700 Corded Leaf Blower

BLACK+DECKER is a legend in the world of yard maintenance tools. Their model LB700 makes it to our list of the best electric leaf blowers, mainly because it proves its reliability. This blower has a special touch to every lawn it touches. It works efficiently and uses a cord which delivers the power you need for most of your cleaning jobs.

Leaf Blowing Capacity

This unit is compact, and we must say the expectations can be pretty low. But to the surprise of many, this tool can generate 180CFM and 180MPH without hassle. It is free from gas, carbon emissions and you’ll not be waking the neighbors with annoying backyard noise.
This is what you get from a name that has been in the industry and knows what you really need. It is best for small to mid-sized yards when you want to complete cleanup within a decent time.

Simple to Control

The BLACK+DECKER blower comes with a cord lock. It is an essential measure which lets you work without plugging out the cord after reaching the distance limit. It bears a small weight. This does not mean it is flimsy to the hand. In fact, it gives you the control you need with one hand. With one fine speed, it can get around delicate vegetation with ease.

Great Versatility

This tool allows for working around all the nooks and crannies around your home. Since it is a small device, it can reach out to high places when you need to clear dust on bookshelves or even clear cobwebs from wall corners.

It is an all-year-round tool since it comes in handy for indoor jobs in carpentry. And when it comes to storage, it does not take up much room. You can even opt to hang it for the next time it will be in use.


  • Small unit with a robust design
  • Achieves high blow performance
  • Shows flexibility in the manner of usage
  • Easy to care and maintain


  • You cannot vary the speed
  • Cannot cover large areas efficiently
  • Some models do not come with the cord


You always know what you are getting with BLACK+DECKER. This tool is no exception as it satisfies small and medium-sized yard cleanups with easy. It performs with excellence considering it is a small unit. The cord can be retained in the tool; helping you work with consistency.

The Best Electric Leaf Blower: Buyers Guide

Types of Leaf Blowers

When you are out to acquire the best leaf blower, you’ll be faced with different choices. Knowing the designs available beforehand will save you a great deal of time.

Electric Corded Leaf Blowers

These blowers use power extension cord to functions. The manufacturer may supply the cable or stipulate the specifications of the required cord. They are ideal for small yards mostly around the house since you have to plug into a power socket for it to function. They have the smallest weights and lowest emissions.

Electric Cordless Leaf Blowers

These models use rechargeable batteries. They offer better mobility by design. They are, however, limited to the runtime; hence they are perfect for medium-sized jobs. They are more expensive than corded blowers because of the coverage convenience.

Gas-Powered Blowers

There are two types of gas leaf blowers

  • Handheld Blowers

These models have gas engines which generate power to beat even the best electric blowers. They are efficient for large estates in that they do not have a limit on the run time. They have manageable weight and mostly require mixing of oil and fuel in 2-stroke engines.

Powered by gas but carried on the back, these blowers pack the weight and performance for commercial cleaning tasks. They are loud and require wearing ear protection. These blowers also have the highest prices among leaf blowers.

How to maintain your Leaf Blower

At the heart of fall, relying on your leaf blower is a top priority. What better way to keep it in good condition than servicing it. We have lined up a few tips to help keep your blower in high performance.

Maintaining an electric blower is easy:

  • Always turn off the blower and unplug the cord from the power socket
  • Clean out any remaining debris and dust from the frame after use
  • Use a cleaning solution and a damp cloth to clean the exterior of the blower
  • Remember to recharge it for the cordless electric
  • Store it in a dry place, most preferably in a raised position like a hook on the wall

Maintaining a Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

  • Wipe the surfaces including around the fan blades, air filter and carburetor after use
  • Inspect the throttle trigger and lock for safe working conditions
  • Check the air filter and replace it regularly
  • Change the spark plug after heavy usage like in a month of daily use
  • Use the correct fuel and oil combination
  • Remember to empty the fuel tank before storing the blower for months

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the blower have variable speed?

The Toro, DEWALT, and WORX all carry speed triggers for control. You can toggle between two or three speeds to achieve the ideal blow performance. The other two models; GreenWorks and BLACK+DECKER have one speed.

How long is the Blower’s cord?

Only the Toro Power Sweeper is supplied with the power cord. It can reach to 100ft comfortably. You have to provide the other corded blowers with the extension cord which means you can control the length and distance of reach.

How long is the Runtime?

The corded blowers do not have a limit on the runtime. As long as it is plugged in and the motor does not overheat, you are good to work over the time you want. The DEWALT however, uses a 20V lithium-ion battery. It can run comfortably for around 2hours before asking for a recharge.


We have covered the best electric leaf blowers on the market. As you can see some of them carry closely related features and it all comes to personal preferences. Whichever blower you choose from this list, you can be sure of its reliability and performance. With that, we hope you have all it takes to make a perfect choice.

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