If your driveway or walkway has several inches of snow, an electric blower comes in handy in the clearance process. Even better when you have the cordless snow blower design; it suggests more flexibility and high control levels.

This machine is as capable as a gas-powered blower but it is lightweight and convenient when it comes to little noise and lack of emission levels.

Looking for one, however, presents a predicament where the market has many brands that all claim to provide satisfactory results. But here, we have eliminated the hassle of finding the best product with the list below.

These are high ranking models with large clearing capacities. They present ergonomic functioning for both entry level and seasoned users.

Quick Look at Some of the Distinguishing Features

Cordless Snow BlowerPriceRunning PowerBattery Power RequirementsWeightRuntime
Snow Joe iON Cordless Single Stage 18SB Ion Brushless Snow Blower4Ah 40V32lbs50 minutes
GreenWorks Pro 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower2Ah80V33lbs45 minutes
GreenWorks G-Max 26272 20-Inch 4Ah Cordless Snow Thrower2Ah40V33lbs2-45 minutes
Black+ Decker MAX LCSB2140 Lithium Snow Thrower2.5Ah40V46 poundsLess than 2 hours

Best Cordless Snow Blower Reviews

1. Snow Joe iON Cordless Single Stage 18SB Ion Brushless Snow Blower

Ever watched snow fall from your window, wondering how you’ll get it off your sidewalk? Well, Snow Joe provides you with just the ultimate solution.

Especially if you struggle using a shovel; you can save your back with a cordless, lightweight tool like Snow Joe iON. One, it comes endowed with specific features for quick snow clearing with a sturdy build and user-friendly workable parts.

Power and Performance

As a cordless snow blower, it carries a powerful 40V Lithium-Ion battery. This battery is responsible for producing high acceleration to clean an 18-inch swath. Let’s just say you’ll need one or two passes before you get your car out of the garage.

This snow blower is necessary for areas where the snow does not storm in high volumes as it can manage up to 8-inches depth of snowfalls. You’ll be pleased with the long runtime it provides of around 50-minutes. With it, you can work not only efficiently but also for a decent time.

This machine’s capabilities do not stop on the battery; it provides large clearing capacity of 450-pounds per minutes. This is a claim you should consider highly because Snow Joe lives up to it. You’ll want to take on fast clean-up tasks, so your time is not spent in the cold.

With this tool, you get to use a directional chute that rotates over 180-degrees. This way, you can throw the snow where you want not the next place you’ll be clearing. What’s more, it throws the snow up to 20ft; just the distance you need to perform correct clearance.

Unhindered Operations

The functional capacity for this machine explores an ergonomic design. It is a very light tool, weighing only 32lbs. You’ll be able to go the full runtime without straining your hand or your back. You’ll not even need to use ear muffs since it runs silently and exhibits little handle vibrations.

As for the engine, you’ll enjoy a high performance from the brushless motor. It prolongs the battery life since fewer parts are moving. You can expect to rely on this snow blower for a long time coming.


  • High power with less weight on the blower
  • Durable construction
  • Long runtime
  • Cleans to the surface with the rubber blades


  • User complaints about the long battery charging time


The Snow Joe iON is a powerful tool for a cordless power. You can match it with the gas-powered counterparts with the power for light flakes. However, it is not comparable to the gas blowers regarding thick, cracked snow.

This tool is nevertheless ideal for shorter clearing paths, like if your driveway is 2-3 cars long. The battery life is admirable, and the efficiency is on point. In fact, it’s the only cordless blower with the highest running power.

2. GreenWorks Pro 20-Inch 80V 2Ah Cordless Snow Thrower

The last thing you want to do on a brisk morning is spend more time than you should to remove snow. But what if we tell you, it’s possible to spend the least time and energy with the GreenWorks Pro model.

You’ll be out of the freezing temperatures in no time without even realizing how much snow you cleaned. The usefulness experienced with this machine is enough to suggest it’s the best cordless snow blower.

Reliable Battery Power

It uses an 80V battery which requires 2.Ah power to produce long running time for up to 45-minutes. This tool comes in handy for you that love spending some time with a power tool.

Even better the essence of this cordless blower is to eliminate the distance confinement that comes with an electric corded snow thrower. If you have tight spots that you need cleaning, then this snow blower proves navigation is very much viable.

You’ll want to experiment with different types of snow like hard crusty snow. This is because it generates high energy capable of handling tough tasks. It can clear a 20-inch path efficiently and cut a height of 10-inches. This is unlike some battery-powered blowers that compromise on the working capacity. It also has a brushless motor to support consistent work and better still to afford you long life to the motor and keep it proper working condition.

Effortless Care and Maintenance

If you keep wondering about how to care and maintain this machine, well you won’t even spend much of your precious time looking into the parts. One it has fewer elements, and second, you will need to just clean out the left over snow on the running parts for the next time you’ll be using it.

If you are keen on the environment, pick this one to enjoy an emission-free machine with little to none noise levels. More so, keep it running for long with the low vibration handles even when you have two batteries.


  • It has the convenience of not mixing fuel
  • Requires low maintenance levels
  • High power with minimal handle vibration
  • Durable plastic impeller


  • It has some degree of difficulty when working on wet snow


You’ll want to consider this Specific GreenWorks product. The machine can clear a relatively broad area and work efficiently to the floor. It has plastic blades, so you can use it on different floors be it wooden or concrete paved ones. You get to gain full money value, seeing that it can last years at and comes at a very affordable price.

3. GreenWorks G-Max 26272 20-Inch 40V 4Ah Cordless Snow Thrower

Many are times we wish we had a tool that is good enough for the snow covering our yard. That’s where the GreenWorks G-Max comes into play. When you want to clean a large path of deep snow, shoveling is no longer an option.

With the G-Max, you can achieve snow clearing in less time and better efficiency. Getting to work with this model puts you in line to deliver high power and easy functional controls.

Lightweight Design with Brushless Motor

You will see that the machine allows maximum high power with the 4Ah 80V battery. It means the capacity to work consistently with no down time. If the day is warm and the snow becomes wet, it may seem challenging at first, but with this machine, you’ll be done by making a few passes over the area.

Coming with a brushless motor goes on to say it is also lightweight because the power passes fast through to the auger hence it doesn’t need extra energy to propel the machine.

Bearing in mind that it can throw up to 20ft, the effectiveness comes in because the chute rotates so that you can blow it in the direction you want. This aspect is crucial for those windy days when the snow may easily blow back on your face which is dangerous.

The machine also affords a wide clearing path of 20-inches so expect to work on many areas which need immediate access points. The GreenWorks G-Max comes with telescoping handles to fit different heights; in the process, it eliminates muscle fatigue on the lower back.

Convenience and Reliability

It gets even better since it has LED lights for low visibility times. Because it has silent running, you can rise early or go further into the night to work on your lawn. The straightforward control panel makes it easy for you to monitor the machine.

It also comes with thick, rugged wheels that make it easy when maneuvering through the rough, uneven areas around your home. The grasp it has on the surface ensures it does not just glide, but you can get the resistance and balance you need on sloping parts.


  • It requires few parts to assemble
  • It has user-friendly operations
  • Handles different types of snow
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Few concerns regarding the weight and length of the unit


To say this is a quality machine is an understatement since it produces large clearing power. In fact, this power tool is capable of replacing a gas-powered blower without the noise, fuel mixing, and emission inconvenience.

The design is also durable by the brushless motor which has fewer maintenance requirements. Overall, the GreenWorks brand plays the role of an efficient and reliable tool.

4. Black+ Decker 40V MAX LCSB2140 Lithium Snow Thrower

Everyone needs the convenience of a fast and dependable tool. You can never go wrong with Black+ Decker products, seeing that it is a legendary brand. Many users have evaluated their cordless snow blower, giving it high recommendations.

This particular model speaks volumes about its snow clearing capabilities with the powerful motor carrying the larger part of the discussion.

Durable Construction

Being brushless just like the other models above, Black+ Decker ensures the moving parts are very few. This feature suggests low friction experience; therefore, it produces less heat. With it, you can be sure of the longevity as it resists wear and tears from fast moving components.

As the power enhances the performance, this tool affords a relatively long runtime and less battery charging time. It powers with a 40V battery with 2Ah power requirements.

Come to think of the startup time, and it gives you relief to know you’ll never have to deal with a cord when the temperatures go beyond the -100 Celsius mark. An electric start with a push button provides instant startup, so it’s ready to work when you are.

The other important feature is the rotational chute to control the outflow of the snow to the area you like. You’ll want to throw the snow to the parts you’ve not cleared so having long distance ability will ensure it gives you such convenience.

Safety with High Efficiency

This model also carries an anti-jam rod to keep the machine working without clogging. It produces high acceleration for carrying out great snow crushing with the steel auger. This aspect means it can run smoothly for long so you can also explore its capacity on varied types of snow.

It also comes with rubber blades to keep your smooth surfaces free from scratching and damage that comes with cleaning down to the floor. It is suitable for walkways, driveways, grass lawns and wooden decks. You’ll always have the assurance of having floors retain their spark after winter is gone.


  • Comes with the batteries and charger
  • It has an electric startup button
  • It runs for long with the spare battery provided
  • Requires easy assembly


  • Comes off as a bit heavy to the seniors


Black+ Decker lives up to its claims. The power, clearing capacity, and battery life indicate an efficient model. Although it seems heavy on the hands, the alignment of the parts ensures it balances off against your body.

You will comfortably use it as it has silent running and no emission. With the user-friendly working system, take this machine home for years of good service.

Best Cordless Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON Cordless Single Stage 18SB Ion Brushless Snow Blower

The advantages of using the Snow Joe model are endless. It has the longest runtime and an efficient functional system.  Investing in this model ensures you get real value in that it will last many years needing the least care practices.

You can work on different surfaces and clear a wide area. You don’t need to have a working experience to use this model, meaning you’ll be ready to clean as soon as it arrives on your property.

Making a Choice of the Best Cordless Snow Blower

  • Which specific features should you be on the watch out for?
  • What is the comfort level required?
  • Have safety features been put in place?

The clearing capacity and intake height should be among the first things you examine on a cordless blower. A large property will require wide area coverage. You’ll also want to check whether you can handle the weight or better still if it carries the advanced brushless motor to keep the weight at a minimum.

What is the comfort level required?

This feature includes the handle, control panel, and the navigation wheels. A comfortable cordless snow blower has adjustable handles, the controls are easily accessible, and the tires are robust and sturdy. These features mean you’ll be able to monitor the tool as you would like, providing the maximum comfortable time.

Have safety features been put in places?

Seeing that this is a power tool, you’ll need some level of security to operate the machine safely. Look at the rotating discharge chute which gives the tool the direction of the throw. The power at which snow is thrown out could easily injure persons and pets in the way. Also, do not forget to check if all the safety shields are in place.

Frequently Asked Questions about snow blowers

Will the snow blower work on a wood deck?

Yes, it will. Reasons being that all the machines showcased here carry rubber or plastic auger/blades. They do not scrape the floor, so you have a green light to use it on the wooden deck.

Note also, that they do not work well with gravel surfaces since they collect stones and debris that may cause the auger to spin inconsistently, reducing its life.

What category of snow blowers do the cordless designs fall?

All the above models are single stage snow blowers in that they have one auger and you’ll have to push the wheels when navigating. The good thing about them is that they have easy weight to reduce fatigue.

In Conclusion:

If the ordinary electric-corded snow blower is not doing it for your home, the cordless design is a must have. With the list above, you can quickly pick out a cordless blower so that you are no longer confined to the distance of an electric cord.

Only make sure to examine your product thoroughly so that you keep the compromises at a minimum. We hope you find it useful and invest in one of them for a pleasant snow clearing time.

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