If you are out shopping for the best cordless leaf blower, there are so many choices to make. For one, they are all distinct in their right. You’ll encounter two broad categories of leaf blowers; Electric and Gas powered blowers. Electric blowers are either corded or cordless while gas leaf blowers have either handheld or backpack designs of use. Electric cordless blowers always require a rechargeable battery to function as cordless blowers.

Here, we major our discussion on the cordless leaf blowers, where both electric and gas blowers fall. The unique features brought forth by these blowers earn them a place among the BEST cordless leaf blowers, and we are going to categorize them further for better understanding.

But first, why would you need to make a choice between the various cordless leaf blowers on the market?

Why do you need the Cordless Leaf Blower?

Perhaps the best answer to this question is the coverage provisions. You want to reach every area of your lawn. It is worse when you can’t do that with a blower which will power off the moment you pull the plug. How much easier does it get with a cordless blower? You don’t get confined to the area you can cover so it can reach all areas you only drive the force.

How much weight can you handle?

Electric best cordless leaf blowers are generally lightweight. They have this design to counteract the massive weight expressed by gas blowers. They offer good mobility, and you won’t risk fatigue after cleaning for long hours.

Gas powered blowers, however, provide more power so even though they are a bit weighty, you’ll be better off with one if you are clearing large volumes of trash on vast areas.

We aim at bringing you the best cordless leaf blower, based on the best rated and highest-performing models. We have high capacity units with great power to showcase the best performance.

Quick Features Comparison Table

Cordless Leaf BlowerPricePower RequirementsCubic feet per Minute CFMMiles per Hour MPHWeightRunning Time
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX LSW20 20V battery120CFM120MPH3.7 pounds30Minutes
GreenWorks 40V G-MAX 24252 40V140CFM150CFM3.3Pounds35Minutes
DEWALT 20V XR DCBL720P120V400CFM90MPH9.7lbs15Minutes
Makita Lithium-Ion DUB182Z 18V LXT Cordless Blower 18V0-1800RPM179MPH3Pounds12Minutes
Hitachi 23.9cc RB24EAP 23.9cc441CFM170MPH8.6PoundsContinuous use with a fueled tank
Makita Commercial Grade BHX2500C24.5cc358CFM145MPH9.8PoundsContinuous use with a fueled tank

Best Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews

Best Battery Operated Gas Blowers

1. GreenWorks 40V G-MAX 24252 150MPH Cordless Blower

If you look forward to doing a thorough cleaning on your driveway, gutter, patio, the deck or garage, the GreenWorks 40V Cordless Blower will afford the easiest time. It features high power on its battery suitable for tough jobs on hard floors.

It’s possible to remove grass clippings between rows of pavements since you can vary the speed with the trigger to get to the hard-to-reach places. This way you can make cleaning less of a chore and something you look forward to doing.