Zero Turn lawn mowers are categorized as residential, light-commercial, commercial, and industrial. In our case here, we will be focusing on both light-commercial and commercial ZT lawn mowers.

The difference in all the four categories lies mainly on the horse power and deck width of the various mowers. Everything about commercial ZT mowers is big. They feature the biggest mowing decks, largest fuel tanks, most powerful engines, fastest speed and of course, the highest price tags.

Commercial zero turn mowers are mostly used by pros who spend most of their time landscaping. The mowers carry with them great features facilitating easy and faster mowing thus saving time and energy while getting perfect results and at the same time, making more money.

The market is flooded with various mowers described as commercial ZT mowers, but very few of them pass the test. This is why we have taken our time to do a thorough research and present to you the ONLY commercial ZT mowers that will do the job right and serve you for the longest time.

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers – Comparison Table

Zero Turn MowerPriceTransmissionEngineCutting DeckGround Speed
Poulan Pro 22HP P46ZXHydrostatic Transmission22HP Briggs &Stratton46- inches6mph
Husqvarna 724cc Z246Hydro-gear EZT23HP Briggs &Stratton Endurance 724cc46-Inches6.5mph
Poulan Pro P54ZX 24HP 967331001Hydro-gear EZT transmission24HP Briggs v-twin pro54-Inches6mph
Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn MowerHydrostatic Gear Transmission27HP v-twin Briggs& Stratton61-inches6.5mph

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower – Reviews

Poulan Pro 22HP P46ZX 46-Inch Briggs V-Twin Pro Zero Turning Radius Riding Mower

Poulan Pro brings you the ultimate solution for all your mowing needs as a property owner of mid-sized to large grass lawns.

If you are in line to provide professional lawn maintenance services, you’ll love working with this Poulan Pro P46ZX series. It gives consistent results, so if you are going to trim several homes, no one will say you did theirs better in some places. It’s this repeatable performance that makes Poulan Pro stand out as the best lightweight commercial zero turn mower.



When it comes to running this machine, it is ergonomically made to place everything in reach without strain. The high back seat lies low at only 15” from the ground so that it is in line with gravity to help with maintaining stability when riding at the highest speed.

As with the traditionally identifiable feature for this machine “comfort meets performance,” it carries two very efficient blades. These blades are changeable by adjusting the deck to the highest height so that the underside of the deck is accessible. Remember to check the pressure on the wheel to ensure the deck is properly adjusted.

Key Features

This Poulan Pro model offers fast grass trimming in cleaner cuts aided by the Briggs and Stratton engine. It bears 22HP that allows maximum airflow between the deck and turf such that if the grass is wet and lying flat, it will be blown to the height of the blades.

Hence it will be cut evenly in whichever direction you set the equipment. It features a foot assisted deck for better operation in keeping a consistent ground cover. The durability of this deck is seen in the 13-gauge steel reinforcement which reduces bending on the chassis. It is thus, built to last more than its fabricated deck cousins.

More versatility is in its ability for all season use. It has a large load capacity so you can attach a hitch and tow a wide variety of accessories.

You don’t have to store your mower when the grass does not need trimming, use it to transport farm tools like rollers, sweepers, aerators, etc. The wide wheels have deep traction which keeps the machine steady when pulling heavy attachments.


  • 22HP engine for superior performance
  • Accessories can be attached
  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Easy to set up


  • It does not easily cut on very steep hills


If you are looking to skip your regular riding mower to a zero-turn, Poulan Pro 22HP P46ZX is the way to go. It offers high speed to cut on mowing time significantly.

The engine is upgraded for higher performance, and the 46-inches of cutting deck makes covering areas over two acres a breeze. It is made to withstand years of heavy usage with the tendency to maintain repeatable performance.

Husqvarna 724cc Z246 23HP 46-Inch Briggs Endurance Engine Z-Turn Mower 967323903

This lawn mower represents performance and style in one massive package. If you own a piece of land in the over two acres range, then you’ll want to invest in the Husqvarna Z246 46-inch 724cc displacement with 23HP.
It is mid-size that can work equally on residential properties as well as it does on large grass lawns. When you invest in this equipment, lawn care will now be less of a chore because it of high endurance making the work less boring.


Performance & Operation

The more reason to work with the Z246 is that it is more comfortable to control and be in sync with the general terrain of your land. It features a dual hydro-gear EZT transmission designed for you to enjoy superior speed while remaining stable at high speed.

When merged with the 23HP on the v-twin endurance engine the power is disbursed evenly on the equipment to give a consistent cut over slightly uneven fields.  It comes with a 724cc displacement system for quick startups and keeping the engine performing at top notch. This is made possible by its power to deflect grass away from the engine, offering more longevity.

Working with this equipment is more of a smooth ride than just a regular riding mower. The clutch is electronically controlled on this high-speed machine so as to facilitate quick blade engagement. This means you’ll always get a clean cut where the grass mulching process begins immediately.

You don’t need to go back to trim the edges since with every corner you make the blades will be sure to make a fast cut. It also carries three anti-scalp wheels to protect your grass when the machine encounters a few uneven parts on the lawn.

Functional Capacity

It has a 46-inch 10-gauge steel reinforced cutting deck, offering a wide mowing area. The functionality of the deck sees that the user can access every part fast and easy.

With the spring assisted deck lift, one can acquire their height level quickly so that you can make simple changes as you encounter different types of grass levels. You’ll also love the automatic brake function which means you can make a sudden stop and it will not skid forward.


  • Smooth operations
  • Quiet running engine
  • Comes with an engine guard
  • Carries bright headlights


  • It does not have a window to show the gas level


This is performance packed equipment. It ensures total comfort for the user plus more productivity. It can minimize the time taken to mow large areas while delivering an even cut admirable by property owners and yard enthusiasts all over. Each feature is commercial rated so be sure you’re picking the model that satisfies the commercial lawn mowing need.


Poulan Pro P54ZX 24HP 967331001 Briggs V-Twin 54-Inch Cutting Deck, Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower

When you want to cut your lawn grass into a professional trim, you’ll need a machine with unassailable properties to deliver the power you need. Poulan Pro is one such kind machine with a powerful engine and excellent navigation ability.

It will set you into achieving the cut you may have only seen on property commercials. If you are in lawn maintenance to sell your property, you will want to look into the Poulan Pro.

Key Features

The high performance is made possible by the Briggs v-twin engine which gives efficiency in fuel management. It provides the comfort of knowing your machine will always give repeatable qualities with each pass it makes since it helps in giving complete control by the user.

You don’t want a machine that will cut the speed when the fuel is at a low level or when you increase the speed it jerks back and forth. The smooth running of the engine also ensures that you complete tasks in the shortest time because as you know, you don’t have one property to manage.

When operating this machine, every function is at your fingertips. The blade management is by an electronic clutch to give you the advantage of a straight cut according to where you set the height.

Speaking of the height, you should be pleased to know that it has the capacity for six height positions. You can make very low profile cuts or correct the blade level to a height that is fit for controlling the growth of weed and keeping a healthy lawn.

Comfort & Control

It gets even better when it comes to the actual control of this machine. The dual hydrostatic gears in conjunction with the levers will help you master the direction of each wheel just by making arm movements.

This means you can cut tight curves around your home and you’ll always engage the blades even when you encounter a sloping area. Another good thing is the fuel tank capacity of 3.5gallons. No one wants to keep refilling their tank midway of operation, that’s why Poulan provides the ability to work for long hours.


  • Easy change of the blades
  • It has minimal assembly
  • It can tow other machines
  • High back seat gives extra comfort


  • The seat does not carry an armrest


Poulan Pro P54ZX is the equipment that will provide full convenience at a very affordable price. What’s more, you’ll not be making any compromises on any feature.

It is an epitome of power and efficiency. The construction is from arguably solid aluminum brass that is deemed to last years if it won’t make it to a lifetime.

It will not distort when you hit something or lose its luster over time. You are in line to take home a high ranking machine as the best commercial zero turn mower you can get.

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Mower, 27HP, 61-Inch **OUR CHOICE**

If you are a commercial landscaper chances are you have come face to face with large properties that need serious lawn mowing attention. You’ll need a machine that can make your life easier as much as it can get the job done.

Husqvarna is one of the best global manufacturers of zero turn mowers; this is one of those models that exhibit real power to handle over three acres of grass while providing a way to cut the time you’d usually take. The Husqvarna MZ61 is what you want to consider if you want to provide expert lawn care.


Performance Features

This ZT mower is powered by the v-twin endurance series by Briggs and Stratton. To say this is a powerful engine is an understatement. With 27HP of propulsion, it can tackle everything you throw at it, and because it is a zero turn, you’ll have more maneuverability.

The strength it showcases gives a consistent cut throughout your lawn such that it can make it through tough and thick grass and still manage to cut evenly. It features a super-sized fan that complements the engine’s performance by promoting the correct combustion of the fuel. This means more efficiency is experienced and your engine is the run to last longer.

With Husqvarna MZ61 ZT, you get to work with 61-inches of cutting deck. This is the best attraction to it because, with a large area, you want to make one pass over a wide area so that you can move on to the next lane, subsequently reducing the time you take on acreage.

The deck has a construction from 11-gauge steel sheets which are virtually unbreakable. It can take bumps with grace and deliver you a professionally done lawn. You’ll also have the pleasure of complete control of the deck height from the ergonomically designed seat that gives better access to the user’s interface.

Efficiency Level

This model features a hydrostatic gear transmission system. It gives you more reason to work for long as it allows a high degree of navigation on your property. Each rear wheel has its engine, and as such, the machine can make 1800 turn so going around tight areas like trees or paths is met with flexibility and convenience. The levers are crucial to exert control on each wheel independently. These wheels are all rugged to beat muddy and rough patches, and it comes with an anti-slip foot pad.


  • Foot pan can be detached when cleaning
  • Durable cutting deck
  • Highly efficient engine
  • Comfortable seating for position


  • It needs constant care to keep the bolts tightly in place


There’s never a better machine to work with than Husqvarna MZ61. All its dimensions are specifically designed for the commercial property pros who want to keep the appeal, neat lawns give. It carries three industrial grade blades, and it does not need an expert to assemble. With it, you can maintain the correct grass height that boosts better grass growth.

Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Buying Guide

Seeing that these mowers have a niche in landscaping enterprises and commercial grass mowing, it is crucial that you choose the equipment built for the job. Here are a few tips to take you through what the best commercial zero turn mower should entail.

High-Performance Engine

The stronger the engine is; the greater the mower’s grass devouring strength. This means that you will be able to mow as much grass as possible within the shortest time and be able to move on to other tasks.

Full-Suspension for better Comfort

Most people who go for commercial zero turn lawn mowers mow for long hours, and it’s only fair if they get a comfortable ride all the way. With a full-suspension, you will have a smooth ride, and your mower will also cut better. You will have a consistent cut and be able to reduce shock significantly thus fewer repairs.

The mowing deck design

Even as you go for a larger mowing deck, consider the design as it plays a major role when it comes to actual performance. Cutting Decks designed to have a sloped front give a consistent cut as they push the grass up. Also, you will find lawn mowers in this category that feature a revolutionary cutting system allowing greater airflow discharge thus enhanced cut quality


Can you attach accessories to your machine?

Yes, it’s possible to bring along some yard equipment and tow them with these mowers. However, you have to attach a hitch as they only come with a hitch plate. The load capacity for the four models is up to a maximum of 200 pounds. However, your hitch should guide you on the stress the machine can take.  

Does the mower come with mulching blades?

The Husqvarna models offer mulching blades as a separate kit, sold independently of the machine. For the Poulan Pro models, they come with 3-in-1 blades that cuts, discharges and also get the grass in fine mulch.

How high will your machine cut?

All the models carry the same heights; you can vary the deck in six positions from a height of 1.5” to 4”   for all Husqvarna models, including the Poulan Pro brands.

Does the seat come with armrests?

Only the Husqvarna MZ61 carries armrests. The other models have high back seats, so you’ll find them comfortable without the arm rests.

Wrapping up

If you want to advance into the best commercial lawn mowers, then you have the best picks laid out here. The features presented by the above machines are specific to properties over two acres because they have high power to beat the need for maintaining expansive grass lawns.

They all offer unmatched performance, but the prices vary sharply. They are all high-end products and require a small learning curve. When you get the hang of it, the machine that you choose will offer its true value for money in the long run.

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