If you’re no longer getting the knife-through-butter results you once did from your chain saw, chances are your chain would benefit from the use of a chainsaw sharpener. The best chainsaw sharpener is easy to use and deliver precision results fast. Here’s what to look for.

Is this a DIY job?

Sharpening the chain of your chain saw may well look scary, but it’s actually a pretty simple job, and can be done in about ten minutes with the help of the best chainsaw sharpeners. So there’s no real need to take it in to a shop, although that always is an option if you need to.

What do I need to know?

You’ll know it’s time to get your chain sharpened when you notice dust coming from your cutting endeavours rather than chips. The chips should ideally be fairly uniform in size too, otherwise they may be a sign of a dulling chain. Although every chainsaw sharpener works slightly differently, by diligently following the instructions you will get a precision job that will make your chainsaw easier and safer to use.

Remember that a chainsaw which is cutting dully has a far greater risk of kickback at the operator, and that’s a serious health hazard. It’s important to be sure that you also sharpen the depth gauges as well as the chain during the process- luckily the best chainsaw sharpener tend to do both in one.

Be sure that the chain sharpener stays straight during the process to avoid pulling to one side and overfilling on the one side. It may pull itself if the wear on the chain has been uneven. File guides are worth using, even though they slow the process, as they will ensure a precision cut that’s identical on each tooth. Experts generally advise that you buy two or more chains when you purchase your unit and routinely swap between them, rather than trying to fit a new chain to an older unit- it ensures the wear patterns mesh better all around.

Now you have the basics under your belt, here’s our top picks for the best chainsaw sharpener.

Stihl 2 in 1 Easy file chainsaw chain sharpener 3/8”

Stihl are a household name in power tools, so it’s hardly surprising that they make the top list even in something as simple as a chainsaw file. This chain sharpener kit ships with two files, and is a perfect choice for a user who doesn’t need to use the sharpener daily but still needs a reliable and budget-friendly choice.

It both sharpens the chain and files the rake at the same time, so it saves a little hassle too. Users report full happiness, loving the bite and the quick responsiveness.

Husqvrana Sharpforce Chain Sharpener

Another power tool great, the SharpForce not only sharpens the cutter by the depth gauges as well. Additionally, there’s a lot of help and after-market support for this one, so if you aren’t used to using a chainsaw sharpener you’ll be able to find tuition videos and similar very easily.
While it’s not the cheapest chainsaw sharpener around, it’s a quality purchase that will last and last.

Oregon 3/16” Chain saw file.

Oregon has provided a double-cut, Swiss style chainsaw sharpener here, with less teeth per inch then competitors. It has no burrs, sharp edges or other dubious manufacturing hitches and the quality shows, with some users coming back year on year to the same product.
Users call them a well-made, aggressive file which delivers bang for your bucks.

Bottom Line

These three of the best chainsaw sharpeners on the market represent high quality at a good price, and you can’t go wrong with them.

I hope this guide has served you well in choosing the best chainsaw sharpener for your needs. If you need more tips, feel free to contact me.

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