Chainsaws are the only machines capable of felling and chopping trees into desirable lengths. If you have a couple of overgrown trees with branches hanging, the best thing is to use this exceptionally powerful machine.

Ever since their inception, we have seen their quality increase such that it’s hard to tell apart their distinct features. When you’ve decided you want to buy a chainsaw, you may be asking which the best brands are and what their best offer is.

Well, we’ve scanned the market for you and through extensive research come up with the best brands. These are the models which have lived through time being resilient and overcoming the odds while fulfilling most domestic demands.

Best Chainsaw Brand – Comparing The Models

ChainsawPriceBrandCutting DiameterPowerWeightBar Length
Black& Decker Alligator Lopper LP1000 Electric Chainsaw 4.5-AmpBLACK & DECKER4-inches4.5Amp electric current8.38lbs6-Inches
Worx 14.5Amp, 16-Inch Electric ChainsawWORX12-inches14.5Amp electric current11lbs.16-Inches
Poulan Pro 50cc 2Stroke 20-Inch Gas Powered ChainsawPOULAN PRO40-inches50cc gas engine10 pounds20-Inches
GreenWorks G-Max 20322 16-Inch 40V Cordless ChainsawGREENWORKS12-inches40V electric current11.6lbs16-Inches
Remington Limb N Trim RM1425 14-Inch 8Amp Electric ChainsawREMINGTON6-inches8-Amp electric current6.2pounds14-inches
Husqvarna 450 with Smart StartHUSQVARNA-50.2cc gas engine10.8lbs.18-Inches

Finding the Best Chainsaw Brand – Top Brands

Black& Decker Alligator Lopper LP1000 Electric Chainsaw 4.5-Amp

For over a century now, Black&Decker have graced the innovative charts for making the best tools engineered to make the work of their users easier.

Having a foundation in machine work, Stanley and Decker set out to bring you their most useful electronic equipment and being the inventors of the portable electric drill; it was just a stepping stone to a line of the most reliable machines.

They are synonymous with their Alligator Lopper Electric Chainsaw 4.5 Amp. It is designed for residential use as a portable tool to perform mid-sized jobs. It offers the best maneuverability because it is lightweight, users can work for long hours with it.

If you are looking for a practical tool for the general home use, then the Alligator Lopper by Black& Decker will offer you the best option. This is a highly lightweight machine, weighing only 8.38 lbs. As a handheld tool, you don’t want to work with the potential of earning yourself a sprained wrist.  It comes in a unique design of clamping jaws that set into a 4-inch diameter branch to cut.

Features& Operation

With it, you can do most trimming and limbing jobs and even pruning around the home as it cannot be of use on large branches. The intrinsic nature of a chainsaw is to add on safety because it does not need you to know how to operate a chainsaw. The first time you use it, it will follow the working of your hands to give you and easy operation.

Being an electric chainsaw, it comes with a cord to input into a power source. The good thing is that you can extend this with a 16gauge wire to acquire the length you need. With a 4.5 Amp electric motor, it eases the job to prune trees and organize the branches into a neat pile. After a storm, this is the tool that will make cleaning your home a much easier job. It features a 6-inch bar, most useful when reaching out to the higher branches.

Working with this machine explores a safe working space with the metal guards that cover each side of the cutting jaws. It means you’ll never use the saw on the wrong side which will make it blunt and so you might take a little longer before you need to sharpen it.


  • Innovative design
  • Affordably designed
  • Comes with a protective guard
  • Small weight makes it easier to deal with


  • It cannot be of use used in commercial work


Black& Decker gives you a reliable machine that is easy to work with for a high percentage of home jobs. Weighing just around six pounds and being able to handle a lot means saving time.

The unique style makes it unbeatable among other brands so if you want just a minimalized tool, the Alligator Lopper is your best shot.


The contemporary world has come to associate the most powerful yard and lawn equipment to WORX. Even though they’ve not been around for long, the Chinese based Positec Company behind the Brand has managed to open their branches in most influential economies, notably the United States. Their electric lawn mowers and chainsaws are known for no carbon emission because they run exclusively on electric power.

Their Worx Auto-Tension Chainsaw 14.5Amp, Electric chainsaw is perhaps their best innovation so far. It is a tool that matches the power of the gas chainsaw only that it’s not as noisy as the gas brands. It has been able to stay afloat to compete effectively against other seasoned brands.

Worx 14.5Amp, 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw with Chain Brake, Auto-Tension& Automatic Oiling- WG303.1

Key Features

Operating a chainsaw could be tricky, but with the Worx brand, they have worked out a design to keep you safe when using their machine. Being modern-day equipment, most of the functions have been automated to give the user the best pleasant time.

From the chain tensioning to the automatic oil lubrication, this is for the homeowner focused on their yard and less on working with on the machine.


Comfort Level

Using just a single knob, you set the blade to use your machine for over a hundred times without making adjustments. No more headaches of knowing how well your chain seats or if it will work for the particular job.

The chain also has a security measure that break that breaks the chain motion to shut it down in case you make a wrong turn when working. As much as you need working on safety when using a chainsaw, this machine improves the workability with it.

Care& Maintenance

In caring for your equipment, Worx provides automatic lubrication method through its inbuilt oiler. Every time you need to do the oiling manually is another time to encounter smelly fumes that could be dangerous to your health.

This machine provides just the right way out.  It also comes with a 6.75 oil supply that carries an oil level indicator.  This convenience gives you the best chainsaw brand to work on trimming trees and cutting firewood on trees with a 12-inch diameter.

Comfort with working with such a powerful tool comes with the rubber rear handle, and the front handle can fit a gloved hand. The ease with which you interact with this tool gives control to perform tasks in the shortest time possible. As such you can accomplish a lot more before moving on to their jobs.


  • Sturdy, robust construction
  • Automated functions adds to safety
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Power equals or better than gas chainsaws


  • Electric cord may confine location of work to a smaller space


The Worx unit is another unique brand that’s best for most yard clearing needs. This brand has a solid construction, and the automated capabilities make it all better. Although it cannot be of use with very tasking jobs, you’ll love it for all the mid-sized jobs around the home.

4.Poulan Pro

To the world of chainsaws, Poulan Pro is known as the leading innovator in chainsaw tech. They started off with chainsaws in 1944 as just Poulan under Husqvarna but have since branched off to the high-end of the market with the Poulan Pro brand.

When technology innovation kicked in their Poulan Pro PP5020AV gas powered chainsaw went a notch higher, offering a tool that empowers outdoor work. This chainsaw is known for its power and its dependability for many years of work. It is the equipment hailed by home maintenance enthusiasts as well as inexperienced users.

Poulan Pro 50cc 2Stroke 20-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

This affordably priced chainsaw is in a lane of its own when it comes with the unique features it showcases. It is a gas-powered chainsaw that delivers exclusive energy to the work you’ll be performing. It transforms felling, limbing, pruning and bucking of trees into manageable lots for storing and cleaning the compound.

When you can’t keep up with the vibration that comes with working with a chainsaw, Poulan Pro has just the right solution.


It comes with anti-vibration handles to help you chop up that wood for hours on end before fatigue kicks in. The handle also allows a full wrap to give you total control and steady working time. This machine also has a quick start-up that carries a spring assisted starter cord.

This chainsaw is the ultimate solution for high power jobs as it carries 50cc on its duralife engine whose air filter keeps the engine working efficiently for years to come. The power exuded on this machine combined with the 20-inches of bar length is enough to go all the way to tight places. Although you need to mix the fuel on the 2-stroke engine, oiling the chain is easy with an automatic chain oiler.

Seeing that this machine lies on the heavier side, Poulan Pro provides a travel case to ease with mobility. This brand also carries a chain brake to protect you from unwarranted kickbacks, and it has a front hand guard. It assures your safety and gives you the convenience of reduced fatigue. As such you’ll find this model as the best chainsaw brand, more do for the pricing.


  • Has the option of getting the brand’s pre-mixed oil
  • Durable frame
  • Anti-vibration handles keep fatigue at bay
  • Long-life engine


  • A bit heavy for persons with small frames


The Poulan Pro brand is a match for everyday home use. The power, anti-vibration handle and the robust make sees that it essential in tackling many complicated tasks. The weight is the major drawback which is compensated with the efficiency it offers.


This brand is exclusive to the world’s renowned Globe Tools Group. Its manufacturing operations are based in China, but its main headquarters are in the USA. It carries over a thousand patents to their tools innovation and can be linked to some of the smartest innovations in electric and metallic equipment.

Their need to transform lawn maintenance to a minor hassle, they came up with their battery-powered 20322 G-Max 16-inch chainsaws. It is attributed to performing excellently on some of the most tasking jobs of daily maintenance. Especially so when it comes to battery use, it reduces need for constant maintenance.

GreenWorks G-Max 20322 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Efficiency Level

Make each experience better and unique with this GreenWorks brand. This machine is for the homeowner who needs occasional use of a chainsaw, perhaps a few times a year or season. As a gas chainsaw, it provides just the right power to take care of small-to-mid-sized jobs with optimum efficiency. If your need lies between the cutting of wood and trimming branches, then this is the chainsaw you should take home.


As a cordless chainsaw, you’re not limited to movement, and as such, you can move around your property with ease. It’s especially handy on tall trees where you’ll need total freedom with a machine that is also lightweight. The good thing is that it readily starts, unlike the gas chainsaws that require more hand power to pull the cord to start.

Unique Features

You’ll be impressed by the brushless engine which makes it easy to maintain because it does not have many parts that operate within it. It can go on for long hours without breaking down, and that means better efficiency. It follows a quiet operation which results in fewer hand vibrations, so you’ll work with it more before you feel tired and worn out. Seeing that it weighs only 11.6 pounds, it won’t stress your hands.

The ease of working with this machine extends to the tool-less tensioning plus the electronic chain brake. It shows high reliability with the translucent oil tank that provides automatic oiling and an efficient means to tell you when it’s time to fill up. It comes with a professional-grade bar length of 16 inches to give you an effortless time when covering all the small spaces.


  • It has a low kickback chain
  • High acceleration
  • Powerful for a broad range of tasks
  • Low noise levels and little hand vibrations


  • It does not come with the battery and charger


For light to mid-sized works, the GreenWorks brand offers power that combines efficiency. It cuts quicker and easier as with one charge it gives a longer run-time to handle a large load.

The innovative features on this battery-powered chainsaw show a leap in the right direction. It assures you durability, a long time running and the opportunity to acquire a toll at a fair price.


The Remington brand is a reputable company with just the name Remington. The craftsmanship started way back in 1921, but the real deal was exhibited through the innovation of their designed that captured the demands of loggers. It since grew to a line of other tools including other chainsaw models, blowers, cultivators and gas trimmers.

As their commitment to yard work increased so was the need to design a compact tool that fulfills a broad range of tasks with one tool. This saw the innovation of the Limb& Trim Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw. It is known to deliver as much power as one needs to tackle most light-duty jobs. The construction is solid where most users are satisfied with the longevity it offers them.

Remington Limb N Trim RM1425 14-Inch 8Amp Electric Chainsaw

Working around the home does not need much specific training to work with a tool. The Remington RM1425 is one such brand that promises compact ability for even inexperienced users. This one is a favorite for residential owners that do not need much work to be done on the few trees growing around their home. As a corded chainsaw requiring only 8Amp current, it can plug into most sockets to draw a small amount of charge that can get tasks done in a less time.


Working with the Remington Brand

This is ideal for limbing trees and bushes with a diameter of 6-inches which is most likely growing in your home today. If you need to increase the girth of your fence, then trimming the branches with this chainsaw will oversee the onset of better growth and a thicker hedge. It works right out of the box without the need for assembly, just plug it in, and you’re set for a smooth sail.

As many users prefer a handy tool to work on without fatigue, the Remington RM1425 weighs 6.2 pounds. It takes time before you tire when working with such weight. The 14-inch bar length and an outer chain tensioner make acquiring the correct pressure a breeze. Also, this equipment carries an integrated hand guard that gives a powerful hand grip while giving you a safety space to work with your machine.


With Remington Lim& Trim, it requires little maintenance if any. No need to mix or to regularly wipe parts off grease accrued on the various running part. It has a quiet running so you can work at the convenience of the time you choose. Oiling is the unique feature of this brand. The oil supply system is automatic, and the refill will be timely because you can see through the oil level.


  • Does not require assembly
  • No startup time
  • Little maintenance is needed
  • Silent operation


  • Has little maneuverability


With slightly less power, the Remington RM 1425 has managed to outshine some of the more expensive brands. It offers high-quality service and can last a great deal of time regarding years.

It requires less maintenance but don’t push your luck with the heavy-duty jobs. If you need more work done on your farm, powerful equipment, probably a gas-powered one will be a better match

1. Husqvarna

Husqvarna Group is known as the pioneer in this industry. They date as far back as the 17th century, founded in Husqvarna Sweden.

The group first followed with a line of products from a rifle factory to power cutters in 1968 as their iconic model that they draw from in today’s manufacturing process. Having gone through many transitions, finally, in 2013 their chain of chainsaws launched.

Husqvarna owns many brands by extension, but their most remarkable model was their 18-Inch Husqvarna 450 50.2cc Gas Powered Chain Saw with Smart Start. It is a heavy-duty chainsaw with significant capabilities to take on slightly hefty felling jobs with explosive power. This is the landowners’ choice for general tree cutting.

Husqvarna 450 with Smart Start 50.2cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

For good reason, this brand is the most efficient to bring down many trees with the least effort. It suited for larger projects, and as such, it feels at home equally in residential properties as well as in commercial work.

This is not the most sizable brand, but it can take care of managing an after storm, bunking logs, limbing and most useful for chopping wood. It suits bigger projects as opposed to the small trimming tasks by electric chainsaws.


Power& Performance

The power it exhibits is aided by 3.2HP X-Torq engine that gives the blades a high speed to withstand trees that have taken some few years width with them. Its signature feature is the smart start because it carries an anti-choke engine for smooth running. The fuel passageways are always kept clear resulting into more efficiency. When it roars to life, the unique air filtration system keeps the engine performing effectively such that the combustion is at the right ratio, resulting in low fuel usage.

Safety Features

Safety is considered in the ergonomic design which features a constant chain breaker. This prevents the machine from causing injuring if ever kickbacks. Also, with a snap-lock cylinder, fuel spillage is prevented, and you’ll have a machine that works for you. It can take bars from the length of the 13 inches to 20-inches. This convenience boasts better covering in unreachable areas with as shorter bar. Another impressive feature is the throttle lockout which means you will never turn on the machine unintentionally.

For chainsaw operators, the risk of developing the vibrating hand syndrome is high. That’s the reason the handles on Husqvarna 450 carry dampening units. They reduce the vibration effects to a high percentage, but you’ll still need to wear a pair of gloves. It does not require much assembly, so it does not need much experience to work with it.


  • It’s not heavy for a 50.2cc chain stew
  • Low vibration handle
  • Quick startup
  • One can extend the warranty period from two years to four.


  • It cannot withstand heavy daily use


The extended abilities of this brand push it to the upscale products. It may be the highest price on this list but is among the best chainsaws that are quite affordable when you delve further into what else the market has to offer. It has high speed, efficient fuel usage, and excellent engine performance. It, therefore, meets the demands of the home as it has little emissions and follows a safe construction.

The Best Chainsaw Brand – Buyer’s Guide

Your daily land maintenance applications may drive you to need a chainsaw. However, it’s not like walking into a picking a shoe size. A lot goes into the considerations to take home the perfect choice. Here is what to keep in mind before you trade your hard-earned money with a chainsaw.

Gas-powered vs. Electric Chainsaws

Take into consideration is your application needs to get an idea of whether you need a gas-powered or electric chainsaw. If you plan to work where trees are dense, you may need a gas chainsaw; one because of the power and two because of the areas you can cover.

Electric chainsaws are good for minimal jobs where you don’t need high power for big jobs. Another version of electric chainsaws is the cordless design. These use batteries which may add a significant amount of weight that can make it hard to work with for long.

How much weight can you handle?

As much as weight is concerned, it will affect the way you navigate your land. Gas chainsaws carry significant weight, so it’s best to identify your strength before you compare other characteristics of the chainsaw you want to buy.


How well does the design of the best brand keep you safe? It’s imperative that you go through the security measures of a chainsaw. Some are very manual and may prove hard to use without coming off as dangerous units for newbies. As much as you want to be safe, know your skill level and identify the chainsaw that matches your level of experience.

Bar Length

The longer the cutting area, the larger the tree size your chainsaw can cut. If you’ll be felling hardwood trees it’s best to go a longer bar, unlike when using your saw on soft trees.


What is a smart start?

This is a choke control method applied to the fuel when starting the machine such that it prevents an overflow making the chainsaw start faster with a few pulls on the cord.

Which other Equipment will you need?

Working with chainsaws requires that you apply protective measures. Always ensure that you have a pair of gloves preferably anti-vibration ones, long sleeved shirt, full-length trousers and a head protection unit when felling trees.

Does the machine come with the Accessories?

Most of these brands do not come with the oil, fuel or batteries to power them. However, they can all be bought independently from each of the manufacturers.

What file size is needed to sharpen you Chainsaw?

The Poulan Pro brand will do well with the 7/32 sharpener. But for the other models, look for the chain size on its sides to guide you on the sharpener.

In Conclusion;

Even with big names behind the best brands, you may still find yourself in a bind when making a choice. With the above list, we hope you can skillfully tell where to look for a reliable option. These brands are fit for domestic usage, and as far as safety is concerned, you can never be too careful when using each one of them.

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