Next in our list of accessories that will enhance your garden we’ll talk about the best bird baths. After the birds have feasted on the nectar from hummingbird feeders they will appreciate some fresh water to quench their thirst and take a relaxing bath that will help them shed dirt. This is a great addition to your garden that will attract a many various wild birds which will mesmerize you with their beautiful sights and enchanting chirping.

If you are a wildlife photographer, then a bird bath is going to be a great addition to your repertoire as it will allow you to take some great photographs from very unique angles.

What kind of birds will a bird bath attract?

Unlike bird feeders that attract only certain kinds of birds, bird baths a much larger variety of species, ranging bluebirds to owls. Yes, you’re located in the right place, even owls can be seen taking a comfortable bath at dawn.

What to look in a bird bath

DEPTH: The most important thing, in my opinion, is the DEPTH of a birth bath. Be wary—the birds can actually drown in the bird bath if it is too deep. Ideally, you want something that is no deeper than 2-3 inches at the center. If you already have a bird bath and is deep, consider buying a new one. Another low-cost option would be to place something on the bird bath to lower its depth.

Texture: Imagine you’re taking a bath. You’d like something smooth, right? Well, the same principle doesn’t apply for birds. Their feet are adapted to different surfaces, most of which are rough. The birds might have problems on a smooth surface. So, ideally you’d want something rough textured and something not too slippery. Cement will do fine.

Height: You want a relatively tall bird bath. This is important for two reasons.

-It will keep predators, such as cats at bay
-Birds are attracted to taller baths, as it will give them a great field of view and will make them feel secure.

Water: Water movement is important to attracting birds. Rather than choosing a bird bath with boring still water, try something with flowing water. This will attract more birds than just having still water.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s go onto the products themselves:

What are the best bird baths for your garden?

Gardman BA01136 Pedestal Bird Bath

This is a beautiful pedestal bird bath with an antique look and feel. Its copper verdigris effect can be often mistook as metal. However, it is made of frost-resistant resin. It is 27″ tall which will keep predators at bay. It is 2.5″ which is perfect accommodation for most birds.

Unlike more complicated models, this bird bath is very easy to install. Pouring sand into the center post is just enough.
Having four stars on Amazon, this is one of the best bird baths for your garden.

Sea Birdbath

This colorful bird bath combines the design with the functionality and does a perfect job at it. It comes in different shades of blue. It is made of glass, which means you won’t have to worry about rust. Cleaning is also a breeze. Overall, this is one of the best bird baths around and it comes at a premium price.

Bronze Resin Birdbath – Pedestal Birdbath for Yard or Garden

This one is a best seller on Amazon and rightly so. It comes in an antique style that looks like bronze. Finished in a bronze arcadia glow and made of polyresin, this bird bath height is 29.5″ which is a perfect height to keep the predators away. Its open design leaves for the grass or other surfaces of your garden to remain visible, making this bird bath blending in with your garden.
The depth is of 2.5″ which is perfect for allowing the small birds to bathe peacefully.

Gardman BA01282 Lily Leaf Pedestal Bird Bath

This beautiful bird bath comes imbued with an antique copper effect, often mistaken as metal. It is constructed like the rest of bird baths, of weather and frost-resistant resin. It has a height of 28″ and a depth of 2.5″–perfect for allowing small birds to bathe while keeping predators at bay. To add stability, fill the center of the pedestal pole with sand or water.

Kenroy Home Forest Bird Bath, Driftwood Finish

I’d give this bird bath an award as the best looking one. It has a driftwood finish, which will not only blend nicely in the garden, but it is going to be the main attraction of your garden. It is made of durable resin which will last and age well. This is not one of the best bird baths regarding functionality but it’s one of the best looking bird baths as well.


Overall bird baths are a great addition to your garden which will not only enhance its look, but will bring a large variety of birds, making your garden alive!

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