When you have some trees, you’ll definitely encounter leaves. But many of us dislike working with the rake and broom. Your best option is to procure a leaf blower. But what if you have tight areas and your property is not as large to need professional lawn care; then you’ll need a battery powered leaf blower so that you can handle the job.

Here, we delve into the best of the best battery powered leaf blowers which also pass for the cordless leaf blowers. They rank high on the market and give the maximum value for money.

Comparing the Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

Battery Powered Leaf BlowerPriceMiles per HourWeightPower RequirementsRuntimeCFM
Black+ Decker 40V LSW36 Cordless Lithium Ion Blower120mph4.7pounds40VUnder 1hour-
WORX AIR Multi-Purpose Blower 20V Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner120mph3.5pounds20V1-2hours80cfm
GreenWorks G-Max 24322 185MPH 40V Variable Speed Cordless Blower185mph5.6lbs40V1hour340cfm
DEWALT 20V DCBL720P1 XR Brushless Blower90mph9.7pounds20V15minutes400cfm
Ego Power+ LB4803 56V Lithium Ion 2.5Ah 3-Speed Turbo Cordless Leaf Blower110mph10.3pounds56V75minutes530cfm

Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower 2017 Reviews

Black+ Decker 40V LSW36 Cordless Lithium-Ion Blower

If you want to take pride in the appearance of your land, you must be drawn to a tool that works fast to complete tasks efficiently. When looking for a handheld battery powered leaf blower, you’ll be interested in the sweeper with a great name behind it.

Black+ Decker leaf blower carries a powerful lithium-ion battery best suited to clear large areas of debris and other yard materials on all hard surfaces including garages, patios, and driveways.


Lightweight and Versatile

It’s impressive to know you’ll not keep on recharging the batteries after every few minutes because this blower carries an extended run time. It weighs just 4.7pounds light enough not to strain the wrist when tackling even the toughest jobs.

With the inbuilt scraper, you can quickly clean up matted, wet leaves plus all the stuck debris to make your work much easier. You’ll love working with this machine even more because the handle is soft and you can still use gloves when handling it.

The Black+ Decker brand comes with six power command controls, making it easy to adjust the speed so that you can prolong the battery life.

This aspect gives it the versatility of working on different types of materials. It can even blow sticks and twigs and be safely used on gutters and roof valleys. And don’t worry about the light snow covering your car; this tool can effectively dust it away.

Quiet Operation

Because this product does not use gas for running, it means it runs cleaner than its fueled counterparts. This also means the noise level is manageable at only 68dB.

The lithium battery can hold a charge even when out of the tool, so it will always be a go when you want to clean up on a brisk morning. This tool can also share batteries with other Black+ Decker tools so you may only have to invest in one battery for several tools.


  • Has a scrapper for easy cleanup
  • Quiet operation because of the battery power
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Variable speed to control the operation


  • It cannot cover grassy areas perfectly


Black+ Decker continues to shine when it comes to producing power tools. This particular design makes an excellent machine for residential properties. It works well on average jobs because the battery may not go on for hours. Nevertheless, it can tackle various materials with absolute efficiency.

WORX AIR Multi-Purpose Blower 20V Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner 120MPH 80CFM

The best thing that could ever happen to you this fall is having a versatile tool good enough to handle different types of tasks around the home. The WORX AIR will come in handy when you want to invest in an inexpensive device.

It can take on blowing leaves from the patio to drying your car after washing since it comes with eight different attachments to make your work easier. You’ll now be set for most of the jobs that require a blower around the home.


Many Attachments for Different Jobs

This product is unique to the connections it can make. First, as a blower, it comes with an angled tube to reach those tight places, especially under furniture like on the porch.

You’ll love the short tube when you want to reach areas that will be hard with the long extension such as the attic or your camper. You can even inflate/deflate your kid’s pool ball with the small tube or reach the gutter with an extension that goes up to 11ft. With this machine, you can just take it home and refurbish nearly all areas with it.

The cordless convenience of a battery lets you gain access to all areas around your home. You are not confined to a particular distance. With the 20volt max lithium battery, it achieves a long run time. Work with a high speed of 120mph and 80cfm to enable you clear different types of debris.

It does not just fit the home, if you have a workshop where you need to keep cleaning dust, then you’ll love working with this tool. It also has manageable weight so you can go on working through the battery’s runtime before fatigue kicks in.

Low Noise Levels

With the WORX AIR, you should be able to create a clean zone free from dangerous emissions. Battery power is all you need for your house tasks because it maintains the working capacity of the machine. It produces little noise and is subject to passing any noise and emission tests.

You’ll not be caught up with complaints from neighbors if you work early in the mornings all if you wait for dusk to settle in. Get your groove on and explore the many possibilities provided by the WORX AIR.


  • It can take eight different connections
  • Long battery life
  • High speed and leaf volume capacity
  • Clean and less noisy operation


  • Some users have had challenges with connecting the attachments


WORX AIR is not your typical leaf blower; it can handle nearly all other cleaning jobs. It exhibits real value for money, has a strong chassis to last you years and the battery lasts a decent time.

The high speed and large leaf volume go to say you can clean various types of debris within a short period. The design also allows working in tight areas without lifting objects around the home. It is just the ideal battery powered leaf blower.

GreenWorks G-Max 24322 185MPH 40V Variable Speed Cordless Blower

If you are tired of pulling and tugging cords to get your leaf blower working, then you’ll want to work with the GreenWorks G-Max. It exudes high power and great capacity for medium sized jobs in residential properties.
Its nozzle tells a tale of efficiency and high reliability to perform a one-time clean job. If you are up to some serious cleaning when leaves can’t seem to stop falling you’ll have an easy time even when you have to work on your patio daily.


Advanced Technology Motor

The GreenWorks G-Max utilizes a brush motor that is more efficient, more powerful and enhances the performance of the tool. It can, therefore, run quietly without the release of harmful emissions.

Also, enhance the one-hour runtime by varying the speed with the turbo button and go ahead to modify the power through five variations so that you can customize the way you work and make the machine work for you. The design explores proper alignment of the elements to give it an ergonomic design, and as such you will not tire easily as you work.

This blower comes with two units so that it can work both as a blower and as a vacuum. Being battery powered it can quickly clean wet leaves and heavy debris since the nozzle exudes maximum blow power. It can mulch bags of leaves within a short period if you want to perform one job in one standing.

The switching is tool-less, same case as the assembly when it arrives without the battery and the blower or vacuum.

Easy Operations and Quick Access to Functions

It’s pleasing when you can easily start this machine with an electric switch. This convenience also adds up with the wrap around the handle that has ample padding such that you can manage all aspects of the machine fast and easy.

It comes with well-written instructions on how to use the tool and as you’ll find, caring for it is just through soapy water and cloth.


  • Reliable high power
  • Can work as a leaf mulcher
  • Brushless motor enhances tool’s performance
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Power on the mulching function is less than that of the blower system


If you love home tools, GreenWorks G-Max is capable of the toughest leaf blowing jobs. It comes with attractive features to fit most landscaping jobs, and it can excellently double up as a professional tool since it can handle daily abuse and hard surfaces with ease. Using it presents an excellent opportunity to reduce the time you’d usually take on large clearing jobs.

DEWALT 20V DCBL720P1 XR Brushless Blower

As an ultimate solution for your leaf blowing needs, DEWALT could not have come at a better time. It represents a compact machine that is easy to work with because of the maneuverability. This tool can handle pretty much most blowing jobs so get to work to transform your yard into and attractive space. Its usage continues to be one of its major attractions since both starters, and refined users can easily use it.


Strong Build with Simple Operation

When you examine the construction, you can tell the sleek body is out to give you a pleasant time working. The handle could not have occupied any other position because it strikes a balance between the rear and the front of the blower.

This feature means you can blow for some hours with excellent handling and minimized hand fatigue. The weight falls under six pounds, and it balances well on your hands.

Professionals find this tool useful because you can vary the speed according to what you are blowing. The best feature is that the speed is lockable so that it does not adjust when in use.

You can, therefore navigate through your land with to all the hard to get places since the more you vary the speed, the more you can accomplish by blowing all kinds of materials even the stubborn wet leaves and pine needles that get stuck on cracks and drainages.

Performance to Achieve Efficiency

You’ll love the consistency of this tool as it achieves a workable speed of 90MPH and is complimented by a brushless motor. It means more efficiency and long general life such that it will take years before its working becomes inconsistent and it will provide you with an opportunity to see the tool work in perfect condition. Neighbors are bound never to complain because the noise level is low you can even keep up a conversation.


  • Speed is variable and can be locked
  • Long battery time
  • Works well with wet leaves and hard materials
  • Brushless motor enhances life of the tool


  • It’s a bit pricey but comes with no compromise on quality


DEWALT do not compromise any parts of the design when bringing you a compact tool. It applies perfectly to the home environment with the power, speed, and ease of handling.

Although it appears to have a high price tag the components run with efficiency to afford quality work, consistency, and uniformity on the path it crosses.

Ego Power+ LB4803 56V Lithium-Ion 2.5Ah 3-Speed Turbo Cordless Leaf Blower

To add definition to your landscape, you must seek the tool that lives up to all its claims. The Ego Power+ LB4803 comes in handy as the right tool for the job. It has a robust body that is weatherproofed to protect the components housed in it.
This aspect means a long life of the tool and great usefulness. There’s always need to invest in the right product, and Ego Power+ LB4803 gives you what you need at a very reasonable price.


Variable Speed for Long Runtime

With variable speed between three spans, it can switch from high-low to the turbo function. It can vary from 50mph to 110mph.

Within those speeds, it utilizes high power comparable to that of gas powered leaf blowers.  It is one of those machines that boast high torque to see you through most complicated tasks. It’s pleasing with such power combinations you’ll never bypass materials or go back to do a rerun with a broom.

If you don’t like working with machines that produce high vibrations, this one comes with anti-vibration handles to help you go through long hours without exhaustion.

It has a rubber mold also to help you find the right grip so that you can control the tool as you’d like when it’s in use. It even comes with a joint to insert a shoulder harness if you feel the weight is big in your hands. With the 56V battery, it’s clear to see the runtime is long and stands at 75-minutes.


The power generated by the Ego Power+ LB4803 shows high reliability when it comes to cleaning large areas. It can clean virtually all types of debris on garages, walkways, driveways and even better the drainage and gutter. It can reach speeds of up to 23000RM, so it’s safe to say this is the ultimate machine if your land is bigger than average and you don’t want to use a gas blower.


  • It has a turbo boost function
  • Varies air volume and velocity on three spans
  • It has a long runtime
  • It can achieve very high speed at 23000RPM


  • Some users cannot handle the weight of the machine


The Ego Power+ LB4803 is probably the only tool that gets close to the strength of a gas blower. It fits equally as a residential tool as much as it meets the professional landscaping world. The pricing is quite fair for the excellent power, extended life battery, sturdy body and molded handles. You’ll be safe working as much as you’ll have more work done in a short time span.

Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Ego Power+ LB4803 56V Lithium-Ion 2.5Ah 3-Speed Turbo Cordless Leaf Blower

Well, sweeping large areas of debris and leaves is not the most exciting job, but with the Ego Power+ LB4803 you can make it into one enjoyable task.

The design is robust, and it carries a powerful brushless motor. You can quickly adjust the settings to achieve the best working speed and power. It can take on all types of materials so be ready for real blowing. The pricing comes higher than the rest of the gas powered leaf blowers, and many users have mentioned it is all worth it.

Selecting the Right Battery Powered Leaf Blower: Buyer’s Guide

  • How large is the area you’ll be clearing?
  • How many tasks do you want to accomplish with one machine?
  • How much weight can you handle?

Large areas require a tool with a long run time and high power. Examining the battery charge time will lead you to deduce the run time. The power is expressed by the type of motor and the voltage capacity. Brushless motors do much better, and high volt batteries mean more power.

How many tasks do you want to accomplish with one machine?

Some blowers do more than just clear leaves and debris. They can take on other attachments like vacuum tubes or inflators, deflators, and funnels that can accomplish other tasks. Knowing your requirements will help you pick the right tool to meet your demands.

How much weight can you handle?

The weight of your tool will affect maneuverability and the time it takes before your hands get tired. Choose the weight that you can manage whether on the hands or with a harness that goes through your shoulders.

Types of Leaf Blowers

Corded Leaf Blower

Efficient for small properties under one acre as they are limited to the length of the cord

Pros: Quiet operations, runs as long as it’s plugged in, lightweight

Cons: Short area coverage, has lower sweeping speed

You can always get the full power when working with this machine. It is not limited to runtime and runs quietly without emissions. It has quick startup time and is has better handling since it carries little weight. But, it is limited to availability of power, and if you accidentally plug off, the power is disrupted.

Cordless Leaf Blower

Perfect for small to midsized driveways, garages, patios, and walkways

Pros: Durable, manageable weight, better navigation, simple operations

Cons: Limited to batteries life, some may come off as too massive

Working on average sized properties is convenient because it does not depend on cords. However, the batteries may not complete clearing up of vast areas.

Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

Ideal for large residential properties with many leaves and debris to clear

Pros: works for long hours provided the tank has fuel, robust construction, high speed and power

Cons: heavyweight, noisier, some have elevated levels of emissions

Don’t worry about all the debris lying on your land. You are ready to go with this type of blower. You are not limited to the cord or battery, but they can take a toll on you because of the weight and the noise levels. Some are not allowed in emissions restricted areas.

Backpack Leaf Blowers

The much more convenient form of the gas-powered leaf blowers

Pros: mounts on the back, heavy-duty, professional use

Cons: High emissions, much more expensive

If you are a professional landscaper, this is the ideal leaf blower for you. It packs tremendous capacity for blowing on every material. It works at high speeds so it can clean up over an acre in a short time. You’ll want to wear ear muffs because the noise level ranges highest among leaf blowers.

Walk Behind Leaf Blowers

Recommended for vast areas with large volumes of leaves

Pros: Have wheels for navigation, can handle rough terrains, eases large workloads

Cons:  Some blow only in one direction, may have small wheels,

You just have to steer this machine into the direction you want the leaves cleared. They are for large, heavy duty jobs like in wood areas. They are available from the smallest entry levels blowers to the large commercial designs.

Wrapping Up;

Acquiring the right tool depends largely on your needs. Be sure to identify what it is you really want from a leaf blower so that you can tell the power requirements. With the list above, we hope you can go into the market with full confidence because you know what the different designs have to offer.

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