The changing seasons means that all the beautiful trees will start shedding their leaves. It leaves you with quite a bounty to collect and dispose of correctly. Blowing of leaves is considered the easiest way of piling them before disposing of. Bagging is not an absolute must so buckle up as we look into ways of disposing of the fall.

As we look forward to getting rid of the throwaway attitude, starting with proper forms of leaves disposal is a good start.


Compost is an organic matter which adds value to the soil. When you collect the leaves, you have a chance to make them into something useful for your spring gardening. First, you’ll need to be aware of a few basics of compositing to get it right.

First, get a composting bin which will allow enough room for the leaves. When you have adequate space, you can now start the composting process.

  • Shred the Leaves

Using full leaves is a bad idea since they won’t decompose quickly. Use a shredder to grind them into tiny manageable pieces. Don’t worry if you don’t own a shredder. A lawn mower can do the work equally well. You’ll even have an abundance of grass clippings after you are done the shredding.

  • Add a Nitrogen Source

Urea or manure is considered the best nitrogen supplement which helps break down the leaves faster. Input the leaves in portions adding the supplement after every level and mixing the leaves. You can also add dried bone meal to the leaves as another form of oxygen supplement.

  • Keep the Compost Moist

The compost heap must be consistent with some moisture to enable fast decomposition. Make a point of visiting your heap and turning it with a pitchfork. If it shows signs of being dry, sprinkle some water to keep it cooking.


Mulch the Autumn Leaves

Mulch is unlike compost as it goes into the garden directly without decomposing. To prepare mulch, you’ll only need to:

  • Shred the leaves
  • Mix them with a nitrogen supplement in a ratio of 5:1
  • Water the heap and wait out for a few months through fall. In spring, your mulch will be ready for use.

Burn the Leaves for Fuel

If your burn piles of leaves just to get rid of them, you are missing on the benefits of having some useful fall heat. For those that burn wood on your fire pit, you can give the wood some boost and get the fire to burn even faster.

Take advantage of Municipal Collections

If you still have a huge pile waiting, it is time to consider the municipal. Always know the guidelines of your state when it comes to bagging of the leaves. Some use recyclable bags while others use clear ones. Also, for those areas which use a vacuuming truck, ensure that you pile the leaves where the truck stops to vacuum the leaves.

Other Options for Disposing Autumn Leaves

  • Sweep leaves into beds near trees and cover them with some top soil
  • Drop them at a community off-site or composting site
  • Use a commercial garden waste processing site. These sites are manned by professionals, so they’ll require a fee to do the job. The good thing is that you can also get rid of other yard waste like small branches, grass clippings, food waste that is plant-based, and other debris.

Not everyone relishes disposing of leaves but being proactive will give you a smooth time through autumn.