Interesting fact: The smell of freshly cut grass it’s actually a distressing signal of the lawn, trying to warn the other plants they’re in danger.

Who I am

Greetings. I am Oliver – Thank you for visiting Wonderland Gardens and reading this page! I hope you’ll have an enjoyable stay here.

Here’s more about me:

Down to the history lane…

I used to dread Saturdays as it was the day when I had to mow my lawn. Having used a cheap malfunctional lawn mower for too many years certainly didn’t help. This all changed a few years ago when a friend of mine recommended me the same model he’s been using. It was very pricey and although I’m frugal, I bit the bullet and bought it.

Fast forward now, I yearn for Saturdays. Mowing the lawn has become a meditative practice for me. Whenever I hop in my lawn mower, I feel, as Ezra Pound said, “wing’d-with-awe”. All joking aside, the difference has been enormous, and I enjoy the sound, and even the smell of freshly mown grass.

I have successfully managed to transform a garden full of wild weeds that would attract curious botanists from all over the world into a wonderland garden.

While I started with mowing the lawn, my passion for gardening followed soon thereafter. With the help of my wife Emily, we started a garden almost from scratch – learning (mostly from internet) everything from water & irrigation to compost, types of plants, beneficial wildlife and so much more.

Soon after we started gardening, and so we decided to write about the benefits of gardening.

After learning so much from the internet, we feel that it’s our duty to share back and help others.

Wonderland Gardens Project

Wonderland Gardens main purpose is to empower people to create a wonderland garden. We will talk about all the tools necessary, ranging from lawn mowers, to leaf blowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and we review some power tools as well, as they are of immense help for DIY folks who want to build something in their garden.

Have an enjoyable stay and if you want to contact us, you can do so here or at [email protected]