1. Self Sufficiency

Keeping your own vegetable garden is the headway to self sufficiency  

Gardening gives you the valuable opportunity of growing and even trying out new organic herbs and vegetables, to give yourself a continuous supply without spending a dime at the grocery. The nutritional benefits of organic farming cannot be underestimated.

2. Self Satisfaction

Gardening is an art that brings self-satisfaction with every little achievement.

Something unique about gardening is that as you learn, grow, and get better, your passion deepens. There is nothing as fulfilling as preparing, planting, and tending to your plants until they mature. At this point, gardening is not just gardening but an art from which one draws self-satisfaction.



3. Self Esteem

The achievement of tending to plants and enjoying the produce is a great esteem booster.

A research carried out on 270 gardeners and non-gardeners by researchers from the University of Westminster and University of Essex, indicated that gardening is a great esteem booster because there was an evident change in the moods of gardeners before they got into and after gardening.

4. Self Motivation

A gardener’s self motivation comes from working towards a good yield.

Gardening is a result-oriented and motivating activity. It is one thing to plant and quite another to care for plants. Therefore after preparing your garden and sticking your plants therein, you have to keep pushing yourself to tend to the plants until you see the results

5. Improves Fitness

Gardening is an everyday activity and a unique form of regular exercise to keep fit.

Firstly, just being out, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sun is healthy and much better than staying indoors all day. Secondly, activities like hoeing, mulching, weeding, watering, and harvesting are great way of keeping fit plus you will be too busy enjoying your past time to even notice that you are working out.

6. Self environmental initiative

Organic gardening is a way of building a healthy and sustainable environment.

There are many environmental benefits related to gardening. These include keeping the environment green, enhancing natural supply of oxygen, reduction of carbon, a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, and creating a natural habitat for insects, small animals, and birds to live in. 

7. Family fun time

Gardening gives families a chance to spend quality time together.

Children enjoy gardening just as much as adults. Having gardening as a common ground in a way gives families the rare opportunity to spend quality time together and have fun at the same time.

8. A reckoning with nature

Gardening opens your eyes to see that nature is beautiful and awe-inspiring.

By spending time gardening, you get to bond with nature and discover how beautiful nature really is. This is the only way you will appreciate the natural.

9. Build Positive Habits

In gardening lies valuable life skills and positive habits that one can build.

Through gardening, you will learn and teach your children to develop a caring, patient, and responsible attitude because it takes the same to tend to plants successfully. Furthermore, because you work your garden with your hands, you develop attributes like dexterousness and hard work.