Best Lawn Mower Battery

Finding the best lawn mower battery is not an easy task. Small riding lawn mower batteries are not the most glamorous of parts to consider when setting up your garden tool shed, but let’s face it–without constant, reliable power that doesn’t cut out when you need it the most, there’s nothing more frustrating than the weekly lawn trim. Below, we look at some tips and tricks to getting the best lawn mower battery for your needs, and the best way to get the best from your battery.


Cheap Succulents for Sale

Cheap Succulents–What exactly are they?

Succulents, known also as fat plants are plants that developed the ability to retain water in their leaves in order to survive in more harsh climates. As a result, their leaves become fleshy and thickened, which gives them their much admired appearance. However, they are able to withstand very harsh and dry climates and don’t tend to do well in humid climates. Think of them like “Camels”–they do need water to survive, yet they can endure very long periouds with the little water they have stored.


Best Garden Sprayer in 2017 Reviews – Must READ

There are many garden sprayer on the market which makes it hard to find the best garden sprayer for you. However, I believe I can help, but first, let’s start with the basics.

Garden Sprayer: What is its role?

A garden sprayer is simply a device used to spray a liquid or apply pesticides, herbiciders and fertilizers on your plants. There come in different sizes, from small, portable ones to big units, connected to a tractor. We are going to talk about medium sized garden sprayers, with a capacity of one, two gallons.


Best Hydroponic Nutrients

In this post we’re going to talk about which are the best hydroponic nutrients and where you can buy them from, but first let’s start with the basics.

What are hydroponics

To give a clear definition: Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants and vegetables without the use of soil, with the aid of nutrients. The plants can be either grown in sand, gravel or just water. There are other hydrophonic methods in which you can grow your plants differently, but we’ll leave this for another time. Take a good look at this folks, as we this might be the future of gardening as we know it.