best zero turn mower

Best Zero Turn Mower Reviews in 2017 – MUST READ

Commonly known as a Z-turn or ZTR mower, the zero turn mower, just as the name suggests, literally has a zero turning radius. Because of this, the best zero turn mower will mow your grass much faster compared to the lawn tractor or the self-propelled lawn mower. These units are designed with caster wheels to eliminate the U-turn that is common with other mowers. This … READ MORE…

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Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews in 2017 – Must READ

When grass is greener the other side, there is some serious mowing regime being observed. Lush lawns don’t just happen; they are tended to and regularly at that. Some people will have smaller perhaps less than 1/3-acre of a lawn others will have bigger lawns. The latter can be a challenge to maintain especially without the right equipment. Experts recommend that bigger lawns be mowed … READ MORE…

Best lawn mowers 2017

Best Lawn Mowers 2017 Reviews – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide – Must READ

An immaculate lawn is certainly a wonder to the eyes however, maintaining it is the greater task. But it doesn’t have to be if you are well prepared with the right equipment.

Well it may prove a little daunting for first timers but with a little patience, you will no longer have to hire someone to mow your lawn. With a good lawn mower, you should be able to work your lawn effortlessly, learning something new with each session, and having fun all the way.

Best is different for different people. While some people will look at the top rated, others will look at the best selling lawn mowers. Well, at the least we are stepping in to break up these into finer detail to help you make the best selection for your needs.

Our summary table below will give you a brief of the features of the best lawn mowers. Scroll down for a detailed review of each product and a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

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Lawn MowerTypeCutting DeckPowerEnduranceCutting HeightWeight 
Ego Power LM2001Cordless Walk-Behind20 InchesAdvance Lithium 4.0Ah 56v Battery45mins1.2-3.5inches, 5-position65.3 lbs
GreenWorks 25302Cordless, Walk-BehindDual: 20 and 10 InchesDual 40v G-Max Lithium Ion Batteries70 Mins1 ¼ - 3 1/8inches, 5-position42.5 lbs
Black & Decker CM2040 Cordless, Walk-Behind20 Inches40V Max Lithium Batteries30-45 Mins1 ¼ - 4 inches, 6 position55 lbs
GreenWorks 25022Electric, Walk-Behind20 Inches12 Amp MotorIndefinite1 ½ - 3 ¾ inches, 7-position56 lbs
Remington RM1159Gas, Walk-Behind22 Inches159cc MTD Powermore OHV EngineAt the Release of Handle Bar1 - 6 Inches Varying78 lbs
Poulan Pro PR500N21 SHGas, Walk-Behind21 Inches500E 140cc Briggs & Stratton Petrol Engine45-60 Mins1.25 -3.44 Inches, 4-Position61.6 lbs
Lawn-Boy 10732Self-Propelled, Gas, Walk-Behind21 InchesKohler 149cc XT6 Engine60 Mins1 ¼ - 3 ¾ inches, 2-Position79 lbs
Raven MPV7100Hybrid Riding46 Inches4-Cycle8 Hours1 ¼ - 3 ¾ Inches, 2-Position870 lbs
Poulan Pro P46ZXZero Turn Riding46 Inch22 HP Briggs v-Twin Pro Engine45-60 Mins1 ½ - 4 Inches, 6- Position750 lbs
Troy-Bilt TB30RRiding Lawn Mower30 Inch420cc Single Troy-Bilt Engine8 Hours1 ½ - 3 ½ Inches340 lbs

In our review today, we compile some of the latest technical innovations responsible for revolutionizing the mowing world. We hope that by the end of this read you will have a new outlook to lawn mowing and be in the best position to pick the right machine for your yard and DO IT YOURSELF!

Should you purchase a riding lawn mower or a push behind lawn mower. Gas or electric? Zero-turn technology–What is this? With so many lawn mowers on the market and so many features, choosing a top lawn mower can be a difficult task.

Best lawn mowers 2017 is a guide aimed to not only recommending mowers, but also help the buyer make an educated decision. Grab some popcorn, take a beer.


Best Lawn Mower Tires

While lawn mower tires are often underappreciated next to the more intricate inner workings of riding lawn mowers, the tyre your lawn tractor is using could have a huge impact both on your cutting experience as well as on your results. It’s vital that you maintain these properly, and that you ensure you are using the right type of lawn mower tire if you want to get good results from your expensive purchase.