Live Ladybugs for Sale: Where to Buy Them From?

Ladybugs for sale

Next on our series we’re going to talk about ladybugs for sale. We’re taking about live ones, of course. Their formal name is Coccinellidae and the come in different sizes ranging from 0.8 to 18mm and different colors also, yellow, red, orange with black spots on their backs.
Also called ladybirds or lady bettles, these little, seemingly harmless insects are actually predators that feed on a variety of agricultural pests including aphids–mites, leaf hoppers and much more.


Best Bird Baths for Your Garden

Next in our list of accessories that will enhance your garden we’ll talk about the best bird baths. After the birds have feasted on the nectar from hummingbird feeders they will appreciate some fresh water to quench their thirst and take a relaxing bath that will help them shed dirt. This is a great addition to your garden that will attract a many various wild birds which will mesmerize you with their beautiful sights and enchanting chirping.

If you are a wildlife photographer, then a bird bath is going to be a great addition to your repertoire as it will allow you to take some great photographs from very unique angles.


Best Hummingbird Feeder Reviews in 2017 – Must READ

Hummingbirds are cute yet elusive little birds known for their insatiable appetite for nectar. It is from their love of nectar that we can lure them to our doorsteps with specially designed feeders filled with sugary liquids. Once you’ve done that, you are assured of a clear shot or an unparalleled view of these pretty little birds all year round. In this hummingbird feeder review, … READ MORE…

Lawn Mower Tires

While lawn mower tires are often underappreciated next to the more intricate inner workings of riding lawn mowers, the tyre your lawn tractor is using could have a huge impact both on your cutting experience as well as on your results. It’s vital that you maintain these properly, and that you ensure you are using the right type of lawn mower tire if you want to get good results from your expensive purchase.